How Far Does the Average Golfer Hit a Driver?

How Far Does the Average Golfer Hit a Driver? There’s no definite answer to this, and you cannot find a single driver distance good for an amateur, average or pro golfer.

However, However, the most suitable answer is that an average golfer can hit an average distance between 195 and 205 yards with a driver. According to USGA and R&A, an amateur male player can hit around 216 yards with a driver; golfers with as low a handicap as 21+ can hit an average distance of 177.

For women golfers, the average distance is 148 yards. For pro golfers, the distance hit with a driver can go anywhere up to 320 yards. However, you must remember that there’s no point in comparing yourself with the pro golfers.

Yes, you should practice with the driver to improve your play, but your focus should be on your game improvement, not comparing the distance you covered with others.

Let’s discuss the average driver distance further, in the light of the different factors influencing it and the characteristics of the drivers!

Characteristics of the Driver that Affect Distance

Clubhead Designs

A driver with a big head with sweet spots is for amateurs who don’t hit the ball precisely at the same spot every time. The driver is more likely not to turn when you hit it directly on the heel or toe. The larger the sweet spot, the straighter and longer the ball.

Driver Loft

Lofts vary from 7 degrees to12 degrees. A lower loft gives a lower ball flight, with the club being unforgiving. Likewise, a higher loft means a taller ball, more forgiving, straighter and more further.

A golfer having a handicap between 16 and 18 should go for a 10-12 degree angle. Lower angles are for pros. Most lofts are indicated in half grades, like 9.5, 10.5, etc., and that’s because the loft makes a big difference.

The Average Distance with a Driver

We often see golfers covering completely crazy distances when it comes to drivers! But what is the average distance? You should already know that we are talking about distance, which is at the ball’s fall.

It is not a question of making a drive that rolls the ball 100 meters on dry ground! The drive is measured by the carry, without rolling or rebounding.

how far does the average golfer drive the ball

So to be more precise to know the distances and identify which category you are in, below is a summary table:

Club speed Club exit angle Ball speed Distance to carry
95 km / h 16-18 ° 145 km / h 120 meters
110 km / h 16-18 170 km / h 155 meters away
130 km / h 16-18 190 km / h 180 meters
145 km / h

Average amateur man

16-18 215 km / h 210 meters
160 km / h

Scratch player (index 0)

16-18 240 km / h 238 meters
177 km / h

PGA Professional Average

14-18 265 km / h 260 meters
193 km / h

Professional heavy hitter PGA

12-14 290 km / h 283 meters

Now that you know those numbers, you can identify in which category you fall. A distance beyond 200 yards is a good distance with a driver. It will roll about 15/20 meters to allow you to reach 220, even 230 meters, which is more than enough in general!

If you think you are hitting harder than that, follow the following steps:

  • When you are at the start, locate a tree, bush, etc., behind you.
  • Take out your “binocular” and measure the distance between you and the landmark.
  • Hit a drive or two, and when you’re happy with the result, go to your ball and measure the distance from the cue point to your current location.
  • Remove the distance initially taken between the start and the mark. You will surely be less than 250 meters away!

Try this, and you will see that 230 meters are already a long time for a full track drive!

Tips for Playing a Driver Well!

 Shoulder Alignment

The first tip for improving your golf driver hit is to pay attention to your shoulder alignment. The common mistake that most players make is that they place their shoulders above the ball. This is wrong if you aim to achieve maximum distance.

how far does an average golfer hit a driver

The shoulders must always be aligned with the lower part of the body to make a good throw-in with the driver, whatever the ball’s position.

The Position of the Ball Relative to the Breastbone

The second tip concerns the position of the ball relative to the breastbone. Experts say that the ball’s position must be to the left of the spine for the club to hit with an upward angle of attack.

 The Angle of the Spine Behind the Ball

Finally, the last piece of advice that is very important in achieving maximum distance with a driver is keeping the spine behind the ball, during the movement and after the strike.

In short, to perform a good driver, you will have to be attentive to the position of your shoulders, the position of the ball with the sternum and to keep the spine behind the ball until the end of the movement. All you have to do is go to your favorite course and practice your drivers!

If you are having difficulty improving your golf driver or (any other stroke) the best solution is to take golf lessons. You will see your progress very quickly!

 How Far Does the Average Golfer Hit a Driver Final Thoughts!

We hope this article has answered the question, How far does the average golfer hit a driver? Although there are no definite distances, and many influential factors play their role while hitting with a driver, there are some average distances for golfers to identify their level of play and improve accordingly.

Do not forget to share this information with your golfer friends and let us know if you tried the experiment and achieved more distance!

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