How Do I Increase My Swing Speed?

How do I increase my swing speed?  Practice will help you improve your swing by generating more speed with the rotation of your body. The upper body twist will give you a more profound swing that helps build speed and power on impact. Practice with heavy clubs to internalize the workings of a good swing, and be sure to choose the right ball for incredible distance and precision!

Let’s discuss it in detail, explaining everything you need to know about swing.

What is Swing, and Why is it Important?

In golf, the movement that precedes the strike of the ball is the swing. It is an essential part of this sport as it generates all the determining strokes for the results of a match.

Mastering the spin and hitting the ball at the right speed is a world in itself. There is not a single technique that can do that. However, some tips can help you to perfect your posture, technique and ultimately increase your swing speed.

There is a misconception that getting more distance requires more strength. Indeed strength is the fundamental building block of improving golf swing speed, you’ve to work on it. Unfortunately, trying to swing harder will not help you gain speed (it will increase your chances of injury anyway). For example, wider separation of the feet can help you feel more comfortable on the ball, but this position often translates into a more aggressive swing with the arms and torso. Not to mention precision, this is wasted with aggressiveness.

how do i increase my golf swing speed

The swing basics require you to keep the head to the right and, at the same time, straighten the body. You will obtain the force using a strong base and well attached to the ground, working on a balanced position.

Let’s take a look at the key points you need to know:

Always Warm Up with Weight Before Hitting

The essential aspect for improving golf swing speed is strength and flexibility. As game progresses, you will feel more fatigued, and your swing rotation will slow down. This happens when you do not work on your strength. As all scratch golfers know, It is recommended to warm up before the real shot, practicing shots without the ball a certain number of times if you do it with two clubs, even better, because it increases the weight.

Take Advantage of the Inertia Generated in the Final Blow

When you turn while you hit the air, you accustom your body to the dynamics of rotation. If you do it with a higher weight, you experience a better blow because the inertia will increase. When push comes to shove, your actual rotation will be faster, and you will get a higher golf swing speed. Just what you need to increase your distance and therefore make the holes shorter!

how do i increase my club head speed

Another essential point is to learn to release all the speed you can at the right time to take advantage. It’s about the right time for the right impact.

When you see tour players, it is appreciated that the moment of maximum speed is always very close to the ball. Everything seems slow until the moment of impact arrives. This is because the last accumulator of energy they release is their wrists. So, release your wrists at the right time to increase your speed and hit it further.

Work on Your Posture

Align your upper torso, knees, and feet on top of each other (sole and heel support the weight, toes should not bear any weight during the swing!). The posture is correct if the weight is balanced on each foot and your butt is sticking out more than normal. What largely determines power is the shoulder roll on the backswing. For longer and more precise swings, keep your spine straight. Also, make sure to keep your right shoulder low during the backswing!

You also have to work on your arms and head position to increase your swing speed. Do not stretch your arms to reach the ball but hang them comfortably without tension. To get the whiplash effect, you need to be relaxed. Keep your head in a stable head position to hit the ball in the best way. Keeping these postures will help you keep the consistency and increase the distance, ultimately improving impact quality.

Follow Through the Swing

Don’t stop swinging when you’ve hit the ball. Follow the movement and fully extend your arms as soon as you hit. You will notice the sensation that the arms are moving away and pulling you. This helps you improve the speed of your swing.

Increase Your Swing Speed

Your wrists work as levers on the swing. A firm grip prevents the swing’s power from transferring from the body to the club, so hold it lightly during the shot. The speed is transferred from the swing to the club with the help of the hands acting as levers.

Also, if you are a senior player or have some mobility limitations, the use of your wrists can be a great ally. The wrists break during the backswing until there is a 90-degree angle between the shaft and the left arm. The position is maintained before impact during the descent when all the swing speed is transmitted to the club. Thanks to the last acceleration movement made by the wrists and hands to return to their starting position. It takes time to learn to perform this movement correctly.

how can i increase my swing speed

Also, consider your body rotation. Your upper body should rotate 90º while your hips only rotate 45º. The difference between these angles is what creates torque and power in the swing. Practice this body rotation, trying to keep your hips fixed to help you achieve the optimal attack position to generate speed.

The legs are the great propellants of the swing, so try to keep them in the correct position during the backswing. The weight is concentrated on the right foot while you raise the club, and just before impact, transfer it to the left foot.

How Do I Increase My Swing Speed Final Thoughts!

In conclusion, to improve your swing speed, practice with heavy clubs, rotate your body while staying anchored to the ground, extend your arms well on impact, and continue the movement after you hit the ball. The correct posture, follow-through, change of weight, and more practice will help you generate more speed.

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