Best Garmin Fenix 6 Review and Fenix 6X Review

Garmin firmly has established itself as a leading global brand in the GPS technology field. When you want to harness the power of GPS tech for virtually any purpose, Garmin GPS products often are leading the field in development and quality products. Two Garmin GPS golf watches are great examples: The Fenix 6 and Fenix 6X Pro. Let’s start off with a Garmin Fenix 6 review of what makes it an outstanding golf watch.

garmin fenix 6 review

Garmin Fenix 6 Review of Features

The Garmin Fenix 6 Pro really turns the golf GPS Smartwatch into a true multisport device that delivers a lot of functions. The general design has a black round watch face set into a very sturdy and attractive stainless steel bezel that might be powder coated or a polished stainless surface. While in normal watch mode, it shows the time with hour, minute and second sweep hands It also shows your heart rate and date.

When you want to use it as a golf GPS watch, you switch on the golf mode and the Fenix 6 Pro automatically loads the correct golf course map based on your GPS location. The initial map loading will take a couple of minutes to sync with the proper satellite and load the entire GPS map. Once done, it automatically loads each hole you are about to tee off on when you reach the first hole and exit the green on each hole throughout the round.


  • Highly accurate GPS maps of 40,000+ golf courses.
  • Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and ANT+ cloud connectivity.
  • Streams music and works as a fitness monitor.
  • Rechargeable battery gives 10 hours per charge.
  • Topographical maps of hiking trails and ski resorts.


  • No touchscreen.
  • Very high purchase price.

The Fenix 6 gives you the middle, front and back distances to the green with the GPS tracking continually adjusting your location as you move across each hole. A hazards view gives you detailed distance information on bunkers, sand traps, water hazards, layups and doglegs. All of that helps you to shoot lower scores while avoiding danger areas and setting up the best approach shot and putts.

A shot-tracker function tells you how far each shot that you hit went, while a manual electronic scorecard and golf bag track the distances for each golf shot. It also offers club suggestions based on your average distance with each club as affirmed by the shot-tracker. After you play a couple of round of golf after initially buying the Fenix 6, the shot tracker will tell you the average distance that you get with each club. When you have a golf shot that equals the approximate average distance, then the Garmin Fenix 6 Pro review of your average distances per club will suggest the best club to use.

Garmin Fenix 6 Review: General Design and Dimensions

The Fenix 6 is about 1.7 inches in diameter and about a half inch thick with a 1.3-inch round LCD display set inside the stainless steel bezel. The outer edge of the bezel has a power button on the upper right and a button for backing out of menu options on the lower right. That button also doubles for use as a lap counter.

The left side of the watch face has three buttons with the top one used only to illuminate the watch so that you can read it in any light conditions. The middle-left button launches the menu and lets you toggle up while but bottom button lets you toggle down through menu choices. The power button on the right side doubles as the selection button for choosing the menu item that you want.

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you up to 10 hours of power while in golf mode. An included USB cable handles the charging duties from a USB port or AC adapter. The cable also lets you download map updates and upload scoring data and download songs that you can stream on the multifunction golf watch.

garmin fenix 6 pro review

Solar Powered Garmin Fenix 6X Pro Review of Features

A Garmin Fenix 6X Pro review of additional features shows it gives you the incredibly cool advantage of solar power. A solar-powered golf GPS watch that also works as a multisport fitness watch? If it works well, why is this obvious advantage not more widespread?

You could keep the rechargeable battery at peak capacity while playing a round or two of golf – or at least slow the drain so that you can get more rounds between conventional charges. But the solar charging system in the Fenix 6X Pro really elevates the already impressive Fenix to another level entirely.


  • Solar power.
  • Detailed GPS maps of 40,000+ golf courses around the globe.
  • Shot-tracker suggests best clubs to use.
  • Garmin Connect Golf App included.


  • No hole flyover views.
  • Very high purchase price.

Whether you want one for its very cool features and accurate golf course data or you want to be among the first to have a solar-powered GPS golf watch, the Fenix 6X Pro is an outstanding tool for lowering your golf scores and impressing your friends and playing partners with its solar power capability.

The Fenix 6 and 6X Pro both do far more than standard golf GPS watch duties. You get topographical maps of ski resorts, hiking trails and maritime routes. You can store and stream hundreds of songs while enjoying your favorite activities. And the heart monitor and fitness tracker enable you to use the Garmin Fenix 6X Pro and Fenix 6 virtually every day of the week for a wide range of activities.

Why Should I Buy a Garmin Fenix GPS Golf Watch?

A Garmin new Fenix golf watch does a lot more than simply tell you the distances to the green and hazards on each hole, like its counter part the laser rangefinder. The GPS watch does all the great things that you want in a tournament-legal design with a high degree of accuracy. The shot-tracker provides caddie-like suggestions for making the best golf shot, and the Fenix 6X has the added benefit of solar power capability.

Both models include the Garmin Connect Golf App that you can download free onto your Android or iPhone and get full-color hole flyovers and other great information on every golf course in the Garmin library. You can zoom in on hazards, greens and other course features to get the best data to make the best shot.

The golf app also enables you to communicate live with your friends and playing partners on the same golf course or anywhere else in the world via Garmin Connect. You can share live scores and a whole lot more while enjoying one of the world’s favorite pastimes as well as yours.

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