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Simple, accurate and affordable is the combination that makes the Garmin Approach S10 a real winner. A Garmin Approach S10 review of its features shows you get access to more than 41,000 maps of regulation courses located around the world. That means your favorite 18-hole courses should be included. If not, give Garmin a call and let them know, and they can handle the rest.

garmin s10 review

The GPS golf watch automatically loads the golf course you are playing when you turn it on and get ready to play. It will take a couple of minute to sync with the appropriate satellite and load the correct map. Once done, the Garmin Approach S10 will autoload the hole you are playing and show you the middle distance to the green in large gray numbers with smaller gray numbers indicating the front and back distances.


  • More than 41,000 course maps.
  • Accurate to within about a yard or meter.
  • Includes electronic scorecard.
  • Includes Garmin Express and Garmin Golf apps for cellphones.
  • Very affordably priced.


  • No overhead view of the hole.
  • Cannot manually place the pin.
  • Watchband is permanent, so no replacements if it breaks.
garmin golf watches like the garmin approach s10 are pretty accurate golf gps

While in gps golf mode, the Garmin Golf Watch S10 review of the hole shows you the hole number in the upper left corner of the display with the par score next to it. The Garmin Approach S10 continually updates your GPS position as you walk across the hole, with course details and a two-dimensional rendering of the green shows your approach angle and the relevant distances.

Post Round Data

Unlike some other golf watches, one of the fancy features is a manual electronic scorecard that lets you enter your score after every hole for each golf game. You can share it afterward by uploading to the internet via a USB connection. 

Once you complete one hole and exit the green, the Garmin Approach S10 uses the GPS coordinates and automatically loads the next hole so that you have the proper data before you step up to the tee.

garmin approach s10 is one of the expensive golf watches that fits comfortably with up to three rounds of battery life

Hazards, Layups and Doglegs Data

A Garmin Approach S10 golf watch review of functions shows it gives golfers highly accurate information on the hazards, layups and doglegs that can add strokes to your score. Instead of guessing the front and back distance to nearby bunkers, doglegs, sand traps and water hazards, a quick check using the hazards function gives you the exact distances to the front, middle and back.

Because the Garmin Approach S10 continually adjusts your location on the hole, it also adjusts the approach angles when giving you the distances to your targets. 

So the distances to the hazards are the ones you see while looking straight ahead toward the flag or to either side. That helps you to know how far you need to hit the ball to clear the danger zones and get the best lie for your next stroke.

Simplified Green View

When making an approach shot or teeing off on a par 3, a two-dimensional rendering of the hole tells you its shape while showing the exact middle, front and back distances. You cannot manually place the pin, and it does not provide information on carry distances. 

garmin approach s10 accurate distance for those in the golf industry

There also is no slope compensation (unlike laser rangefinders), which makes the Approach S10 golf watch legal for R&A and USGA tournaments.

GPS Mode

Like other GPS watches, the Garmin Approach S10 continually updates your GPS position as you walk across the hole so you know how far you are from the green at all times. It automatically updates the distances to the green and adjusts the angle of approach so that you see exactly how far it is to the middle, front and back.

General Build and Dimensions

The lightweight and affordable Garmin Approach S10 GPS watch is made of durable black plastic with a durable screen that resists water. The rectangular watch face measures 1.6 inches tall by 1.4 inches wide and is 0.4 inches thick. The viewing screen is about 1.2 inches tall by about an inch wide and uses a simple 128×128 DPI, monochromatic display.

the s10 golf gps watch is a great value normal watch for the average golfer with touch screen to show total distance

A silicone watchband is very comfortable and adjustable to fit most any size wrist. The watchband is built into the polymer case holding the GPS golf unit, so you cannot replace it if it breaks or you just want a different color band.

This affordable golf watch gives you four elliptical function buttons with two on either side. One turns on the watch and lets you select items from the menu. The other three let you scroll up or down and back out of menu options. That kind of simplicity makes the Approach S10 a very intuitive lightweight GPS golf watch that any golfer can use easily and fully understand.

garmin approach s10 with direct sunlight readable screen and high resolution display

Long Battery Life

An internal and rechargeable lithium battery provides excellent battery life with about 10 hours of power while in golf mode, which is plenty for two full rounds of regulation golf. It charges quickly via an included USB cable, which also lets you upload data to the internet and download updated GPS golf maps from Garmin.

Garmin Express Manages Data

The Garmin Approach S10 includes the Express software program for Windows-based computers and a Garmin Connect account. The Express program loads onto your desktop computer or laptop and enables the Approach S10 to communicate and exchange data with Connect. A USB connection lets you download updated golf course maps and any updates that might be available for the Approach S10.

garmin approach s10 manual pin placement on golf courses

Garmin Express also lets you upload your golfing scores and stats from the Garmin Approach S10 GPS watch to Connect, which then stores the data and makes it available for others to see as you wish. The Connect program supports other GPS functions, including GPS marine charts for boating,

Garmin Watch App

In addition to a Garmin Connect account, the Garmin Approach S10 also gives you a free Garmin Golf App download that you can use on iPhones and Android devices. 

The Garmin Golf App transforms cellphones and table devices into exceptionally useful golfing tools that fully complement the Approach S10 with color views and flyovers of every hole on every golf course in the Garmin library.

Why Should I Buy a Garmin Approach S10 GPS Golf Watch?

If you want accurate data that helps you to land the ball on the green with easier putts so that you can lower your average score and handicap without spending a lot of money, then the Garmin Approach S10 GPS golf watch is addition to your golf gear. 

For about the same price as very affordably priced laser rangefinders, you get exceptionally accurate GPS mapping data on more than 41,000 golf courses located around the globe.

Your favorite regulation 18-hole golf courses should be included, and Garmin can add them if they are not. If you travel a lot and love to try out new golf courses, the Garmin Approach S10 is a fantastic tool. Even if you play the same golf course most of the time, it still gives you highly accurate range data that let you shoot lower scores.

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