Best Driver for Under $300 | Srixon Z785 Driver Review

A Srixon Z 785 driver review of features shows you can adjust it to make it an ideal driver for your golf game. The ability to personalize your driver and match your playing style and needs makes the purchase price even more user-friendly. The Srixon Z 785 makes it a bit easier to do, though, by dispensing with moveable weights and sticking mostly with adjustable loft and lie angles.  And with a price point under $300, it is our best driver for under $300.

best driver for under 300

After all, there is a lot of high tech that goes into designing and building modern drivers using carbon fiber and composite materials. Computer-assisted designs maximize energy transfer at the moment of impact and give drivers a much larger and more forgiving sweet spot. Even poor drives often travel far and generally straight with all of the great tech that greatly improves the performance of modern drivers. But the cost to obtain them is beyond what most golfers sanely will pay.

Enter the Srixon Z 785, which does away with the costly fine-tuning that mostly adds cost to drivers instead of giving their owners significantly greater ability to hit longer and straighter drives. Unless you are a highly active touring professional, odds are the many fine adjustments that some premium drivers provide their owners will not make a significant difference in your game.


  • Lighter and faster head design.
  • Carbon fiber crown.
  • Better power transfer at MOI.
  • Adjustable hosel finely tunes loft and lie.


  • Only available in two loft angles.

Instead of fooling around with the center of gravity and moving internal weights around, Srixon takes care of all of that at the factory. The larger sweet spot and more aerodynamically designed head already give you plenty of power and great driving ability. Instead of fixing something that is not broken, you can make the adjustments that really affect your drive the most. Those adjustments are the lie and the loft, which mostly affect the flight trajectory.

Carbon Fiber Crown Reduces Dead Weight

You need to generate good club speed and make solid contact with the ball to send it far from the tee with your drive. The lighter and stronger the club head, the more likely you will accomplish that task and have a good approach shot to the green. The crown can be a problem on many drivers because of its size and weight that do not add to the physics of your swing. A heavy crown is dead weight and slows down your swing.

Srixon uses carbon fiber crown on the Z 785 to reduce dead weight and increase swing speeds. An aerodynamic design and a lower center of gravity produce much longer and better drives. You should see longer and straighter drives with the Z 785 in part due to the ability to generate greater speed on the downswing.

Specially Contoured Club Face

A Srixon Z785 driver review of the club face shows it is designed to give the driver a larger sweet spot and limit the effects of missed hits by controlling ball spin better. A drive that gets more of the toe or heel than you intend can travel still in a relatively straight path and make the fairway more often than not. Other drivers usually cause a bad fade or draw on the ball that will leave you with a bad lie or put the ball in a hazard when you do not hit the sweet spot on the drive.

The Z 785 and its contoured face take care of that problem by straightening out the bad hits more so that you still can land on the fairway with a good lie and reasonable approach shot to the green. The Srixon 785 gives you a very generous sweet spot and with the specially contoured face counteracting the occasional missed hits.

Best Driver for Under $300: Srixon Z 785 Review of Adjustments

The Srixon Z 785 review shows you can adjust the hosel that enables you to adjust the lie angle by up to 4 degrees. The Z 785 comes with a neutral design that does not counteract natural fade bias that most amateur golfers possess. More experienced golfers and professionals who hit cleaner drives and generally do not push the ball with a natural fade bias caused by their swings will find the Z 785 to be especially beneficial due to the adjustment potential.

Time spent at the driving range with the Z 785 is especially beneficial when you use the time to adjust and find the best hosel and club face angles. You can add or subtract up to 3 degrees of angle in the hosel which can have dramatic effects on the ball flight. You could choose a consistently low, medium or high trajectory that best fits your golf game and helps

Because you can adjust the hosel, it is a bit stronger, thicker and heavier than the hosel on the Srixon Z 585, which has no adjustment and comes with a draw-bias design. The hosel on the Z 785 is one that Srixon says will be more beneficial for golfers who really want to finely tune their game and need to improve the results of their drives.

Better Strength to Weight Ratio

Srixon chose titanium Ti51AF for its Z 785 driver’s head, and that gives it greater strength while also reducing its weight. The Ti51SF titanium is an especially strong and lightweight metal that gives the club head a low center of gravity and better energy transfer at the moment of impact. The improved physics means you can send the ball farther with better launch characteristics and better swing speed.

Srixon engineers say a Z785 driver review of its performance shows it is 8 percent stronger and 1 percent lighter than the Ti-64 titanium previously used in Srixon drivers. The newer material makes the driver’s head much stronger and lighter. A D4 weight helps to give the driver a familiar feel that is more traditional and helps you to make good, solid contact with the ball.

A neutral design enables more skilled golfers to put English on the ball as needed to draw and fade shots as intended. Otherwise, the Z 785 does a fantastic job of enabling you to make good, solid contact and get longer and straighter drives that add up to lower scores after each round of golf.

Thinner and Lighter Cup Face

The Srixon Z 785 comes with a high-tech titanium cup face is 10 percent thinner than on prior Srixon drivers. A thinner and lighter cup face translates into better energy transfer at the moment of impact and greater distance from each drive.

The Z 785 also has a thinner perimeter than prior Srixon drivers. The thinner and lighter perimeter and cup face made from the Ti51AF titanium gives you up to 3 mph more ball speed than prior Srixon drivers. That kind of improvement certainly will add distance to your drive while the contoured club face helps to keep it straight and hit your target.

Srixon Z785 Driver Review of Specs:

Volume: 460cc
Loft: 9.5 and 10.5 degrees
Lie: 58 degrees
Length: 45.25 inches
Swing Weight: D4
Shaft: Hand Crafted HZDRS Black
Grip: Standard

Two Loft Angles and Hosel Adjustments

Srixon intends for the Z 785 to work generally well for virtually all golfers right from the start. It is a classic driver design with a neutral bias that helps to provide straight drives when you address the ball properly and use a correct swing. The Z 785 a relatively simple driver that benefits from modern materials, design and enough technological innovation to improve most people’s golf game.

It starts with two loft angles in either 9.5- or a 10.5-degrees, which produce long drives with a good amount of control over ball spin. An adjustable hosel uses Srixon’s proprietary adapter system. The system enables golfers to adjust the hosels and lie and loft angles for better results. you can finely tune the driver to give you exactly the correct lie and loft angles that best help your game with straighter and longer drives to the center of the fairway.

Even if you have a bad shot, the specially contoured face and neutral bias design will help to straighten out your shot and give you the best results. The adjustable hosel and subtle changes to the club face angle will help you to send the ball farther and straighter and speed up your playing pace by enabling you to avoid more hazards while making more fairways and greens in regulation.

Why Should I Buy a Srixon Z 785 Driver?

The Srixon Driver Z785 review shows you are getting a very modern driver that does much of what the very high-end competitors offer for much higher prices. Instead of charging you an arm and a leg for a driver that might give you another 20 or 30 yards on your drive, Srixon’s Z 785 gives you a relatively affordable alternative that enables you to hit the ball farther and straighter from the tee. Instead of laying out enough cash to buy a new set of irons, you spend a reasonable sum to truly improve your game with a great new Srixon Z 785.

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