Best Driver for High Handicapper 2018 | Callaway Rogue Driver Review

A golfer with a high handicap could spend countless hours at the driving range fiddling with swing dynamics in hopes of getting a bit more distance and better accuracy at the tee. Or that golfer simply could invest in a better driver that takes his or her natural swing and enables greater distance and accuracy from the tee.

Best Driver for High Handicapper 2018

That is where the Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver review of its features shows the driver truly excels. You get a larger sweet spot, lower center of gravity and a more forgiving clubface with the 2018 edition of the great Callaway Rogue driver.

Jailbreak Technology Improves Efficiency

The Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver review shows it includes the then-new Jailbreak technology that makes the club head much more efficient at transferring energy to the ball at the moment of impact (MOI).

The Jailbreak Speed Frame enhances the COR value and MOI effect when the clubface meets the ball so that you can get more ball speed and greater distance from your drive. You do not need to adjust your swing dynamics to produce longer and straighter drives. Your current swing will produce better results with faster ball speed and a more forgiving clubface that helps to correct poorly hit balls.

If the ball catches too much toe or heel from the driver, the more forgiving sweet spot will correct by slowing down the ball spin and enabling a straighter flight path. The enhanced COR value and improved MOI effects mean you get a better launch speed with an ideal loft angle enabling the ball to travel farther down the fairway.

A high-handicapper needs to get as much distance as possible from his or her drives, and the driver than enables you to send the ball in a flatter trajectory and gain more roll at the end is ideal for high-handicap golfers. What normally might be a 250-yard drive suddenly can push 270 or 280 yards with a more controlled flight path, more ball speed and additional roll down the fairway.

That additional ball roll also helps to ensure the ball stays on top of the fairway and leaves you with the best possible lie. A good lie and greater distance from your drive is sure to help any high-handicap golfer to shoot lower scores and earn a lower handicap.

Redefined Speed Step Tech

Another great feature that comes with the Rogue driver is the Speed Step technology that lowers the center of gravity and increases head speed on your downswing.

Rogue Driver Review of Pros and Cons


  • Improved clubhead, speed and COR value for longer drives.
  • Large sweet spot and greater control on mishits.
  • Better ball roll downrange improves ball lie.
  • Wide selection of graphite shafts.


  • Proper shaft selection requires help for high-handicappers.
  • Cost might deter some golfers.

Flash Face Tech Enables Greater Drive Control

A Rogue driver review of its club head shows Callaway’s Flash Face technology gives it a larger sweet spot and optimizes the effect of the Jailbreak Speed design. The Flash Face tech helps to make the Rogue driver a great long-distancing driver with a large and very forgiving sweet spot. You get greater control over the bad shots that often make or break a hole or even an entire round of golf. At the very least, it will help you to shoot lower scores and lower your high handicap.

The Rogue driver’s specially contoured club face counteracts the effects of a mishit and helps to straighten out the drive so that you still can land the ball on the fairway. The Flash Face is built from exceptionally lightweight titanium, which gives the driver a ripple effect that maximizes COR value and improves MOI. The Rogue driver transfers more of its energy to the ball while still qualifying for R&A and USGA tournaments.

While you mostly are looking to lower your high handicap and shoot lower scores, the technology truly does help. Callaway says its European Tour golfers are seeing an average ball speed boost of about 3 mph. Others say they are getting up to double that speed gain on the drive and having much better results.

As a high-handicapper, you do not need to worry as much about significant increases in ball speed, although that is what you can get with the Rogue driver. You are more concerned with the ability to better control your drives, and the lower center of gravity and better ball speed off of the tee all help with that.

You get longer and straighter drives that enable you to set up better approach shots to the green. At that point, improving your short game becomes the greater challenge to lower your handicap instead of long drives.

Callaway Rogue Driver Reviews of Specs

Volume: 460cc
Loft: adjustable 9, 10.5 and 13.5 degrees
Swing Weight: D3
Length: 45.5 inches
Shaft: Graphite

Best Driver for High Handicapper 2018: Triaxial Carbon Crown

The Callaway Rogue driver review of the driver head shows it has a triaxial carbon crown that reduces weight while adding strength to the club. Lower weight and greater strength greatly lower the center of gravity. Callaway accomplishes this by using a composite of carbon materials that enhance the COR value while reducing weight and adding strength. The triaxial carbon composite is incredibly strong and lightweight, which helps to keep the driver’s weight down and makes it more comfortable to use over 18 holes – or more.

The lower center of gravity helps you to make better contact with the ball more consistently and avoid topping it with the club. For a high-handicap golfer, that means fewer errant drives at the tee and almost immediately will lower your average scores and total handicap. You get a lot more forgiveness with the Rogue driver while preserving its ability to send the ball far.

Callaway says the Rogue has the largest triaxial crown of any driver that it makes. That gives the driver a much larger sweet spot and makes it very forgiving on mishits. All of that helps high-handicap golfers to make better use of a the Rogue to improve their drives and lower their scores.

Enhanced Draw Control

The Rogue driver also enables owners to adjust weights for better fade and draw control. Most high-handicap golfers suffer from a natural swing bias that causes the fall to fade toward their dominant hand. Right-handers will see the ball fade more to the right while left-handers have a tendency to push the ball to the left of the fairway. The swing motion and resulting ball spin is what makes it happen.

Callaway enables you to customize the head to better fade or draw bias and hit straighter shots. The driver can control the ball spin a lot better while enabling you to customize it for your exact needs. That means more fairways hit and lower scores at the end of your rounds.

Wide Range of Shafts Ensure Best Results

The Callaway Rogue draw driver review of its shaft shows you get a lot of options for many of the leading graphite shafts on the market. You can choose varying lengths and stiffness so that you can get the absolutely most comfortable swing and best MOI results. You can choose premium shafts ranging from 40 grams to 70 grams in weight to help the driver weigh a perfectly comfortable amount for your drive.

The premium shaft options include the Aldila Synergy or Quaranta shafts, and the Project X EvenFlow and Project X HZDRS Yellow. Lengths generally range from about 45 inches to 46 inches, but you can customize them for your exact preference. Your choice of grip helps to ensure the best feel and greatest comfort while you are at the tee to inspire confidence that you will feel during the swing, hear when the driver contacts the ball, and see when you get a longer and straighter drive more often.

Why Should I Buy a Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue Driver?

The best driver for high handicapper 2018 Rogue driver by Callaway makes it possible to rapidly improve your golf game and lower your high handicap much more quickly. The right driver will help you to hit longer and straighter drives while landing on the fairway more often. The Callaway Rogue driver and its improved COR value and MOI effects enable you to hit the fairway more often and make driving a more consistently good part of your golf fame.

When you can count on your drive going longer and straighter more often, you can focus on the short game that comes into play on every hole. While you will need the Rogue driver on any Par 4 or longer hole, it will not affect your game on Par 3s. You still need to focus on improving the short game to drastically lower your high handicap.

With the Callaway Rogue driver delivering consistently good drives on longer holes, you can spend more range time perfecting your short game and greatly improve your overall game while lowering your handicap. That kind of fast improvement will help you to enjoy the game more, which is what it ultimately is all about.

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