Best Driver For Under $200

A driver is a must-have club for almost every golfer, and the right club gives every sports player a leading edge with their competition. Whether you’re trying to improve your personal best or shine at a tournament, having the best driver for under $200 in your bag may as well be the kryptonite for the course. 

The Tour Edge Bazooka 470 is an all-new offering by Tour Edge that helps golfers perform their best for less. Read more about the best driver under 200 to see the top choice to add to your golf bag as well as all of its fantastic features in this tour edge bazooka review.

best driver for under $200

Tour Edge Bazooka 470 Review

Coming in at an affordable price point between $110-$120, the Tour Edge Bazooka 570 definitely gives a huge bang for your buck.

The new release features an all new shape that will be great in your next round. Golfers praise the top level quality in this build for an affordable price. The precision it’s built with means that you can hit balls at a consistent distance and speed.

It presents beautifully, with the first impression typically being of the large amount of face material that you will be able to craft your swing with.

The shaft on the driver is the longest compared to any other type of club. This gives it considerable force when someone pulls back for the swing. The head of the club is also the largest of any other in the bag.

During a game of golf, a knowledgeable golfer chooses their driver to help the ball cover considerable distance. Whenever they need to cover a large span of space with a single swing, golfers grab their driver and carefully plan their shot.

best driver for under $200

Picking a Driver

The components and design are important considerations when selecting the best driver. Looking at the complete package of the driver is important as well as the three main components.

First, a large head, like the Tour Edge Bazooka 570 Driver features, is something that most golfers prize. A common idea is that a larger head will help launch the ball over longer distances, and provide a greater area for launching.

The loft is also important and might be the feature to look into the most. The Bazooka line has multiple loft options to accommodate all skill levels and golfers.

Looking into the trajectory is also a great option. Make sure that the club provides the trajectory that you need, whether it’s lower or higher. This club provides an ideally high trajectory with low spin and height.

Proprietary Features of the Tour Edge Bazooka

  • The Variable Face Thickness technology adapts as you swing and can improve any variability for straight shots packed with power. It also has a deep face which helps any hit-misses.
  • The club also has a rear fixed sole weight. This build makes for a deeper center of gravity. Players of all skill levels get a boost in launching the ball. This feature will reposition the weight back from the face and away from it. This low and deep center of gravity will give assistance to hit the ball at first strike, creating less spin momentum and a high trajectory.
  • The titanium metal is a light and durable material. It is strong and also resistant to any damage, as well as super transportable to every game. The total weight of the club is only 2.3 lbs.
  • The eye-catching crown and head make the game fun. The modern black head is easy to track and also looks impressive. The bright yellow details have a lightening bolt embellishment and the model number. The matte finish is amazing for helping to reduce glare and has a distinctive design. The entire club features the signature black PVD finish to help protect from weather and lower glare.
  • The Bazooka 470 is a signature club for helping to improve game play. It is ranked higher for forgiveness for better scores and performance.
  • Lifetime Warranty: The 470 Bazooka by Total Edge is covered by a lifetime warranty. You can be assured in investing in this product

What is a Golf Driver

A golf driver is a club in the “wood club” category. It is considered the #1 wood club. In the past, nearly all golf clubs were made out of wood. However, modern drivers are normally made with any variety of materials including graphite, titanium, steel, or some mixture of materials. The construction of it is considerably hefty, and it is one club that is easy to distinguish when compared to the other types of clubs.

These modern advancements and options make golf much more exciting. Having access to top-of-the-line equipment at competitive prices is a sweet spot for any smart golfer. There is so much variety out there, and advancements in technology mean pulling out a sleek driver like the Tour Edge 470 will certainly draw attention to your taste in sports equipment and style.

The Tour Edge Bazooka 470 is expertly designed at an affordable price point. The titanium finish provides a reliable build and lightweight design which is essential on the course. Engineers collaborated with athletes and golf experts to create a must-have club that combines the best of form and functionality to make this essential driver.

Size of Driver

A large driver is normally preferred because the bigger surface area of the head is more likely to make a solid impact on the golf ball. The contact point with these types of clubs points are normally much larger and golfers enjoy being able to put force behind the swing and focus on the torque rather than the precision that smaller club types need.

The club size of the Tour Edge Bazooka 570 is plenty large enough to make contact with the ball, with a generous design giving a large “sweet spot.”‘

The titanium head gives a definite advantage over wood and steel heads, as these manufactures are always the largest. More room equals more force behind your swing, and a course sweeping tee-off that will put you ahead of the pack. If you have a high handicap, the large titanium head is ideal for your game.

best driver for under $200

Other components to look at:


The loft is the angle that the driver’s head sits at. Careful consideration and construction were used in the optimal loft placement for the driver. It is the right angle for a sweet launch on every drive.

When you are playing, the dominant factor in performance is the height of the ball, and the right loft angle can help you position your game that way. You can select your ideal loft angle depending on your personal needs. If you already know your preferred driver loft, it gives a huge benefit.

The Tour Edge driver measures 10.5 degrees. This is an ideal driver angle for a regular player. With this angle, it is uncommon to hit the ball at too high of an angle. You will be able to hit the ball at an ideal height– not too low and not too high– using this grade.


Feel the quality of the shaft of the Tour Edge Bazooka 570 Driver. The shaft is ultralightweight, making it easy to carry around. Depending on the flex, the shaft weighs between 55 grams and 57 grams. The lightweight shaft can help create a higher speed as you can get a stronger velocity and help you perform the perfect closure on your swing.

The right flex is a crucial element to your driver. Too stiff and your hits might not get the height you need and fly too low. However, the right amount of stiffness can give you the high-powered, fast hits that fly to their mark.

You can choose the flex on your shaft. The Senior flex option is ideal for 250 yards. An accurate flex means that your game will have greater precision.

Moment of Inertia

The moment of inertia is another feature that should be looked at. The MOI is also called the forgiveness of the club. This refers to the propensity for the club to twist. If the club stays steady and does not twist then the strike will be more likely to be centered and straight.

When a club is engineered to have a high MOI or forgiveness, then the game will be more successful and easier to play. Many golfers have noted how much easier it is to hit the ball when they upgrade to Tour Edge’s newest driver offering, the Tour Edge Bazooka 570.

Center of Gravity

Knowing the club’s center of gravity gives players a competitive edge when they are on the course. You may see it abbreviated as the “cg.” The 470 driver has a low center of gravity. This makes it ideal for aiming and launching balls with more precision. Its low and rear-oriented center of gravity help to create the perfect balance for a higher and further ball launch. The mixture of low spin, as well as high launch, makes for better scores and performance.

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