Best Driver For The Money | Wilson Launch Pad Driver Review

Having a good ball flight is essential to playing a good game of golf. It is no secret that every golfer wants to get that perfect high swing at a rapid speed, to feel the power with which the Launchpad hits the ball. 

This is what Wilson’s Launch Pad driver will make your experience. It will be no surprise to say that it is the best driver for the money currently available in the market for golf equipment. A set within the golf equipment is incomplete without a sturdy driver, which is a modern club that every golf player’s equipment set should have. 

Wilson Launch Pad Driver Review

So here is a detailed review of Wilson’s latest release, the launch pad driver, curated to give you longer and higher swings.

Combatting the Slice

Wilson’s Launch Pad driver is made to provide you with a solution to the slice, which is every golf player’s worst nightmare. You may wonder why? But, the answer is simple, it gives every golfer an amateur shot making them feel disheartened that they have no grip on the sports. 

There is nothing more frustrating to see a shot swinging straight towards the fairway’s middle only to see it change its direction completely. The slice is one shot Wilson Launch Pad Driver aims to rectify because it has been known to cause many potential golf players to quit the sports altogether.

best driver for the money

Addressing Players with a Slower Swing

Wilson’s Launch Pad Driver is explicitly designed for players who have a slower swing time allowing the player to hit the ball slowly and then pick up speed as it is launched in the air. This is one obstacle that the brand Wilson has successfully turned around by making it one of their main selling points with this golf club. This is because they have accepted this flaw of the design by having the deep weight created so that the golf ball will move towards the left of its regular route.

However, for those that can make perfectly straight and fast swings, this driver isn’t for you.

Specs of Wilson Launch Pad Driver

·       Grip: Wilson Staff microlite

·       Shaft: UST Mamiya Helium

·       Designed for: Men

·       Lightweight design with a moderate hosel offset

·       Face technology

Physical Appearance

This golf club is made using graphite which is apparent in its shaft grip. The shaft, head, and grip all amount to 272 grams which is relatively easy to hold and swing around because it is 30 grams lighter than other drivers. This lightweight feature allows the club’s head to sing faster, creating a much higher launch angle and distance.

The UST Mamiya Helium shaft is also lightweight at nearly three-fifths of 100 grams but still retaining stability in the stiff flex. This Wilson Launch Pad driver also has an offset hosel which comes in only two sizes of the loft; 10.5 and 13. 

The oversized metal head also comes with a close address but, you don’t need to worry about how out of place it would look because it is not apparent. The sleek dark grey finish of the club would ignite confidence in you so that even a first-time golf player does not shy away from giving it a try. While the white design on it makes it stand a class apart when it is in your golf bag.

When it comes to improving the speed and angle of the swing, it comes with an alignment aid, and the arch present at the crown’s back will enable the golf ball to swing in the right direction. To reassure you of your swing, it also gives a metallic cracking sound as soon as the metal head touches the ball, so you know you gave a proper swing.

It is designed to look sleek and stylish when you grip it with your hands at the end of the day.


The Wilson Launch Pad driver is designed for golf players looking to increase their clubhead speed to increase the distance of their swings. However, its main advantage over other drivers is its anti-slice ability. This club performs the best in the hands of a right-hand player because once the ball is swinging, it will not be moving in the right direction.

By moving the weight towards the club’s heel, the gravitational impact moves towards it, so it closes on the face. By having the face offset to the right, the brand Wilson allows the golf players more time to square the clubface. 

If this wasn’t enough, the launch pad driver also has a 2-degree upright angle, allowing the player to swing the ball towards the left course. The driver also has a closed clubface which is meant to increase the performance because every golf player has struggled with an open clubface. To disguise the close face feature, they have made the bulge of the face more prominent.

Overall, its performance is far better than other club drivers available, and it supposedly succeeds the Wilson D7 model. The swings are also much higher. A lot less effort is required to swing it, and its design framework ensures that the ball will naturally curve towards the left instead of the right. This will also successfully make you avoid the pitfalls of the slice.

Final Thoughts

It would not be wrong to say that this is Wilson club’s ‘most forgiving face,’ and we mean that figuratively! It is no secret that the brand Wilson used the term ‘Launch Pad’ for their new set of wood and iron clubs. So the club is definitely playable by not just men by women and by people who have a hard time giving a fast straight swing.

So if you are tired of your amateur shots being disrupted by the slice and want an instant solution to the slow swinging pace, then the Wilson Launch Pad driver is the perfect fit for you. It will make you feel like a professional golf player with its physical features and the power-packed performance that it delivers.

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