Best Driver for Tall Players

Best Driver for Tall Players: Big Tall Juggernaut

They make clothes for big and tall people for good reason – big and tall people generally have big and tall legs and bodies. The same concept applies to golf, where standard driver lengths of about 45 inches is not the best driver for tall players. The solution many tall golf pros have found is to get custom-length shafts, which is costly and time-consuming.

While that is fine for touring pros, avid amateurs with tight budgets have a more affordable solution in the appropriately named Big Tall Juggernaut Driver. You get your choice of three long shaft lengths with a downright illegally oversized clubhead that displaces 515cc. The Big Tall Juggernaut does not hide its illegal status, so do not blame the manufacturer when you cannot use it in USGA or R&A tournaments.

best driver for tall players

But when you are playing a round of golf with your buddies for fun or enter local events that do not ban the Big Tall Juggernaut driver, it becomes that absolutely best driver for tall players. Here is a much closer look at what makes it truly special.

Thanks to the laws of physics, taller players have a distinct advantage over shorter players. That advantage is a longer and wider swing arc that generates more club speed that in theory translates into harder hits on the ball and longer drives. The problem for taller players is a wider and faster swing arc, but the Big Tall Juggernaut takes care of that problem very nicely.

Club Control Is the Key

When you are taller and have a wider and faster swing arc, any minor mistakes you might make become more pronounced. A moderate push for a golfer of average height and swing would not result in as bad of a lie as the same swing from a taller golfer. The laws of physics ensures the clubhead that travels faster and hits harder will transfer mishits to the ball even more when you get too much heel or toe.

best driver for tall players

Best Driver for Tall Players Pros:

  • Massive head volume.
  • Very large sweet spot.
  • Affordably priced.

Best Driver for Tall Players Cons:

  • Cannot use in R&A or USGA events.
  • You have to buy a legal driver, too.

A lot of taller professional golfers specifically choose drivers with shorter shafts than golfers who are under 6 feet in height. The shorter shafts help to control bad hits better than longer shafts. While shaft length can be a significant problem, the Big Tall Juggernaut overcomes that issue with a much larger volume head matched to a longer graphite shaft.

That helps taller golfers to make good contact with the ball and get excellent drives – but not in R&A or USGA sanctioned events. You cannot use the Big Tall Juggernaut in those golfing events and possibly in local tournaments and similar events, too.

Illegally Oversized Head

The 515cc driver head on the Big Tall Juggernaut gives you one heck of a large sweet spot and a massive clubface with which to make solid contact with the ball. The driver is made from lightweight and massively strong titanium with an aerodynamically designed head for exceptional swing speed and incredibly solid contact at the moment of impact (MOI).

A 200-gram swing weight packs a heck of a lot of punch that can add dozens of yards to your average drive distance. A 10.5-degree loft angle works perfectly with the illegally oversized head and massive weight to give excellent distance without too high of a launch trajectory. It is a great combination of a massive sweet spot.

Big Tall Juggernaut Driver Pros:

  • Massive head volume.
  • 10.5-degree loft is ideal for long drives.
  • Very large sweet spot.
  • Affordably priced.

Big Tall Juggernaut Driver Cons:

  • Cannot use in R&A or USGA events.
  • Only one loft angle.
  • Closed face could make draw shots worse.

The incredibly oversized driver gives tall golfers a very large and forgiving sweet spot. That is very important because tall players also are going to get more swing speed and better MOI on solid drives that make squarely connect the ball. The enhanced MOI and COR values from the larger and heavier driver head ensures the ball will go a lot farther than with your regulation driver.

That is why you cannot use it in sanctioned events – which will not be a problem for most golfers. You do not buy the Big Tall Juggernaut driver to win tournaments. You buy and use it to impress your friends while having fun with massively huge drives on your just-for-fun golf outings.

Closed Face Ensures Solid Contact

Because the 515cc head volume exceeds legal standards by about 65ccs, it needs a closed face to help ensure the clubface squares up properly to the ball. A closed clubface improves the MOI and helps to send the ball on a much straighter path than standard clubface angles.

The Big Tall Juggernaut Driver comes with an about 1-degree closed face. That closed position helps the oversized head to squarely contact the ball and reduce and help stop the ball from fading in the direction of your dominant hand.

The closed face could make draw shots worse given it is designed more to counteract the natural slice effect most golfers have. The closed face also is designed to ensure good, solid contact with the ball squared up nicely against the sweet spot. So when you mishit the ball with too much heel with a driver that has a head that is as large and heavy as the Big Tall Juggernaut, a bad draw shot could become much worse with the driver’s closed face.

best driver for tall players

Three Long Shaft Lengths

A simple solution to addressing the needs of taller golfers would seem to be giving them a longer shaft. Unfortunately, that one-size-fits-all approach does not work in the real world. That is because even tall golfers have widely varying bodies. Some might have long legs and relatively normal arm lengths. Others might have long arms and a tall trunk but legs with a relatively normal length.

Ultimately, the one measurement that really matters is the distance from the wrist to the floor. That is the practical position that the driver will take with any golfer and fully affects how an individual golfer must address the ball while gripping the driver.

Whether tall or short, a golfer whose wrist-to-floor measurement is 36 inches or less does not need a longer shaft on a driver. Those whose measurements exceed 36 inches generally will find a longer shaft can provide greater benefits – including a faster swing speed and longer drives.

The Big Tall Juggernaut offers long graphite shaft that measures 46 inches, an extra long shaft that measures 47 inches, and a very long shaft measuring 48 inches in length. The longer shafts enable faster swings with a more natural feel to them.

The graphite shafts provide a good bit of flex that helps to moderate the swing speed a bit so that you can keep that huge driver head under control. With up to three lengths available, the best golf clubs for tall guys is certain to have the ideal length and structure to suit their respective needs.

Big Tall Juggernaut Driver Specs

Volume: 515cc
Head weight: 200 grams
Lie: 58 degrees
Loft: 10.5 degrees
Face Angle: 1 degree, closed face
Shaft Length: 46, 47 or 48 inches
Shaft Material: Premium Extra-Long Graphite

Even the grips do more to inspire confidence and swing speed on the drive. The grips are oversized to give you better comfort and a much better feel for the driver. It does not take more than a few warmup swings to really get a good fell for the Big Tall Juggernaut. Just one or two trips to the driving range should help to demonstrate why the Big Tall Juggernaut ranks among the best golf clubs for tall men – and women, too, for that matter.

You get your choice of jumbo grips or an oversized extra larger grip that might look a bit comical at first but feel fantastic in your hands. An oversized driver with an extra-long shaft will need an equally oversized grip to deliver the ideal confidence and feel in the golfer’s hands. Add it all up and you get one of the best illegal drivers ever devised.

Why Should I Buy a Big Tall Juggernaut Driver?

The Big Tall Juggernaut Driver is a fantastic solution for tall golfers who do not play in organized tournaments but still want to hit the ball as far and as straight as possible. The driver takes all of the disadvantages a tall golfer naturally has and turns them into strengths with faster swing speeds and a large and forgiving sweet spot.

The 10.5-degree loft angle is ideal for golfers with generally average swing speeds but also will benefit those who have very fast or relatively slow swing speeds, too. And with three shaft lengths available to ensure the ideal fit, it is virtually impossible to go wrong with the Big Tall Juggernaut.

If that does not convince you to buy it, the driver has a relatively affordable price that makes it just a fraction of the cost of a high-end premium driver that will not add nearly as much distance or give you as much forgiveness.

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