Best Driver for Long Distance

The best driver for long distance will have three general components that help to make drives go farther with minimal horizontal movement. Those three components are improved swing speed, forgiveness and better ball speed. The Callaway Epic Speed review of how it performs shows the newest Epic Speed driver provides all three with a big assist from artificial intelligence (A.I.).

Callaway says the newly designed driver is its “fastest Epic driver ever” with a new frame and an aerodynamic design that gives you faster club swing and ball speed after the moment of impact (MOI). The head is very aerodynamically designed to greatly reduce drag while modern materials, like carbon fiber and highly advanced titanium.

best driver for long distance

How Callaway Applies A.I. in the Epic Speed Design

Callaway recently invested $5 million to create a “supercomputer” that crunches driver data gathered during two decades of Callaway design, production and results analysis. The system uses A.I. and machine learning to devise the best possible driver for today. The Callaway Golf 2021 Epic Speed driver is one of the more outstanding products created by numbers-crunching, A.I.-driven research-and-development efforts.

The result is a newly designed driver head that increases swing speed and delivers a larger and more controllable sweet spot. The A.I. technology also enables significant lowering of the center of gravity and increased COR value to deliver much stronger hits that provide measurable increase in ball speed, accuracy and distance.

As you might expect from Callaway, the 2021 Epic Speed is an exceptional driver and could be the best driver for long distance. You get a large and forgiving head that is aerodynamic and does an outstanding job of transferring energy to the ball. You can increase your swing speed and send the ball downrange at significantly increased speeds.  All helpful to increase your average driving distance.

The A.I. technology improves the COR value while lowering the center of gravity and giving you much better control at the moment of inertia (MOI). The MOI is a fancy physics term that describes what happens when the clubface meets the ball. Most golfers place a lot of spin on the ball due to the natural effects of swinging a flat clubface in a circular motion and through a round ball.

best driver for long distance

The MOI makes a big difference on how much spin that ball gets. The Epic Speed driver greatly reduces the spin so that the ball travels along a naturally straighter path. Less energy is wasted on producing ball spin while adding to ball speed and distance from the tee. That helps to make the Epic Speed driver possibly the best driver for distance.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Pros:

  • A.I.-led design maximized COR and MOI effects.
  • Jailbreak Speed Frame and aerodynamic design increases swing speed.
  • Flash Face straightens out shots and controls spin.
  • Adjustable loft and lie angles.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Cons:

  • Relatively long shaft for shorter golfers.
  • Might require fine tuning for best results.

Jailbreak Speed Frame

A new Jailbreak Speed Frame design helps to make the Callaway Epic Speed driver ideal for long-distancing driving while maintaining accuracy. Current technology is making driver heads much more efficient with lower centers of gravity, enhanced COR values and better impact on the ball.

A lower center of gravity and special engineering are counteracting the natural fade and draw effects of most golfers due to their swings. The more forgiving clubs handle hits that get too much heel or toe and enable the ball to go farther and faster along a straighter flight path. Instead of drawing or fading while taking up energy with horizontal movement, the ball literally goes faster along a straighter flightpath

You get more distance from straighter drives – even when you mishit the ball. Professional golfers generally regard bad hits as what makes or breaks their chances to do well in tournament play. When you hit the sweet spot most of the time, you get good distance from just about any relatively good driver. But when you put too much toe or heel on the ball, the drive often winds up off the fairway and in the rough or a hazard.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame delivers a much larger and more forgiving sweet spot that gives you better control of the bad hits that catch too much heel or toe on the ball. Instead of hitting the ball path to the far right or left of your intended target, the Epic Speed driver controls the ball spin and nudges it back toward the target along its flight path.

The Jailbreak Speed Frame also improves the driver’s torsional and horizontal stability while enabling it to make much better contact with the ball. The A.I.-designed Jailbreak Speed Frame increases the COR value and MOI effect to make the ball travel faster and farther while maintaining a relatively straight flight path. That gives you more distance on your drives and helps turn low-handicappers into scratch golfers.

best driver for long distance

Advanced Flash Face Technology

The driver’s high-tech Flash Face also delivers a larger sweet spot while optimizing the effect of the new speed frame design. Special Flash Face technology in particular helps to make the Epic Max the ultimate in long-distancing driving combined with a forgiving sweet spot that takes greater control of the inevitable mishits that get too much heel or toe on the ball.

Instead of sending the ball on a wild path to the far right or left of your intended target, the Epic Max counteracts the effects with lower ball spin. The specially contoured club face counteracts the normal effects of a mishit and helps to straighten out the drive so that you still can land the fairway.

The Flash Face is made from exceptionally lightweight and super strong titanium, and Callaway says it provides a kind of ripple effect through the club head. The A.I. programming reconfigured the height and shape of the club face so that it increases the COR value over the entire club face. What that means it the driver transfers much more of its energy to the ball while remaining legal for R&A and USGA tournaments.

Adjustable Loft and Lie Angles

The Callaway Epic Speed Driver also comes with an adjustable hosel and clubface. You can subtract up to 1 degree of loft or add up to 2 degrees of loft to the stock 9, 10.5 or 12 degree lofts. The hosel also enables you to adjust the lie angle so that you can get the ideal effect from your Epic Speed driver.

The lower loft angles enable the ball to take a lower and flatter flight trajectory that delivers a bit more roll at the end. You get faster drives and maximum distance that adds even more with some ball roll along the fairway. Many golfers report 20- and 30-yard gains in their average drives, and the more you improve your game, the more you can finely tune the Epic Speed driver for even greater distance by adjusting the lie and loft angles.

Even the FS2C titanium used to build the clubface helps to make it an ideal tool for low-handicappers. The FS2S titanium is 6 grams lighter than standard titanium that normally would be used in the clubface. The lighter and stronger titanium helps you to speed up your downswing while making the driver more forgiving on contact. You get a longer and faster driver with a bit more ball roll to add some distance on the fairway.

Callaway Epic Speed Driver Review of Specs

Volume: 460cc
Loft: 9, 10.5 or 12 degrees
Lie: 58 degrees
Length: 45.75 inches
Swing Weight: D2, D3 or D4
Shaft: Project X Cypher 40, HZRDUS Smoke iM10 50 or iM10 60

Choose Your Preferred Swing Weight and Shaft

The Epic Speed driver also gives you the ability to swap out the swing weight and pick the shaft that best matches your style of driving the ball. The swing weight refers to the driver’s general resistance to swinging it in a circle and is based on the relative weight difference between the head and the grip end of the driver.

A D2 is the stock weight and weighs 40 grams. You also could pick a D3 swing weight that weighs 50 grams, or take your pick of between a 60- or a 70-gram D4 swing weight. When you change the swing weight, you affect how easily you can swing the driver. Some golfers might find a lighter swing weight works better, while others will benefit from a heavier swing weight.

You can adjust the swing weight as well as the grip size and weight and the length of the shaft to finely tune the swing weight. When you have a swing weight that matches your swing, you wind up with a much more natural feel on the driver, faster swing speeds and generally more consistent results.

Why Should I Buy a Callaway Epic Speed Driver?

The Callaway Epic Speed driver review shows the new driver just might be the best Callaway ever produced for skilled and generally experienced golfers who seek more distance from their drives. If you already are consistent at the tee but struggle with ball spin and wind up with reduced yardage due to a natural fade or draw bias, the Epic Speed driver can help to straighten out our drives.

For a relatively modest purchase price by premium driver standards, the Callaway Epic Speed driver likely will give you a significant boost to your average distance while enabling you to hit straighter drives more often. That adds up to lower scores and more fun during your golf outings.

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