Best Driver for Moderate Swing Speed | Srixon Z765 Driver Review

Virtually all golfers generally use one of three types of swing speeds when using a driver at the tee. Those three speeds are ones that most people likely would anticipate: Slow, medium and fast. So long as a golfer uses the correct driver for the swing speed, properly addresses the ball and uses a good, consistent swing, the distance achieved often winds up about the same. What often matters is the loft, shaft flex and clubface, which is why the Srixon Z 765 might be the best driver for moderate swing speeds.

Best Driver for Moderate Swing Speeds

When it comes to swing speed and distances achieved, the irons are a good example of how the club design affects the distance from essentially the same swing. The different loft angles affect the ball’s flight path and distance, which is why you have so many irons at your disposal. Drivers similarly provide definite effects on the drive based on the loft angle as well as other important design elements.


  • Power Wave Sole maximizes swing effect.
  • Stretch Flex cup face.
  • Lightweight crown lowers center of gravity.
  • Lower loft angles improve ball roll on fairways.


  • Only available in two loft angles.
  • Cost will discourage some golfers.

When a golfer uses a driver that best matches his or her relative swing speed, longer drives and lower scores are the results. A driver that has a fast speed swing can use steeper loft angles and more flexible shafts that help to lift the ball more and stick their preferred targets. Professional golfers with big swings and long drivers often make the best use of higher lofts due to the greater carry distance that they get from the flight path.

A pro golfer or a highly skilled amateur who routinely hits drives of 300+ yards generally can hit fairway targets with higher loft angles. The PGA Tour says its competitors average 114.1 mph and 296.4 yards per drive. So it is safe to say a driver speed of about 110 mph and above is fast.

When it comes to medium swing speeds on drives, the LPGA Tour reports its golfers average 94 mph. Swing Man Golf shows a male amateur averages 93 mph on drives, so anything from about 85 mph to about 105 would be medium swing speed on drives. Anything slower than 85 mph safely qualifies as a slow swing, which is preferable for many players.

Why the Loft Matters

A couple of decades ago, drivers mostly had very large-volume heads with large club faces that necessitated the use of more extreme loft angles. The premium drivers of the day often had lofts that hit 14 degrees and even higher. A 16-degree loft was fairly common on golf courses and driving ranges so that the big and relatively heavy driver heads could lift the ball and let the head’s mass and sweet spot take care of the rest.

A Srixon 765 Driver review of its design is a great example of why modern lofts are much lower due to improved designs. The Z 765 has a reduced volume, lower center of gravity and much better power transfer when you hit the ball properly on the sweet spot. With the ability to get much more with less effort using modern clubs, loft angles no longer need to be extreme to get the ball up into the air and traveling down the fairway.

Golfers who use slower swing speeds and count on ball roll to add to their distance down the fairway, a flatter club face tends to provide that additional yardage. A driver that enables golfers to get consistently longer drives with good control tends to be one with a comfortable length and a loft of about 9 degrees. A 9-degree loft now is considered to be an ideal range for sending the ball on a long flight trajectory and benefitting from some additional roll at the end.

That additional roll usually means the ball as come to a stop with a great lie much more likely. A good lie and longer distance means you can make shorter approach shots to the green and get lower scores on your rounds.

What Makes the Srixon Z 765 the Best Driver for Moderate Swing Speed

Let’s take a quick look at the Srixon Z 765 Driver review of its construction and find out what makes it ideal for golfers with a medium swing. The specs show a volume and head weight that is less than many competitors, but the design and build quality deliver great results from medium-speed driver for moderate swing speed

Srixon Z765 Driver Review of Specs

Volume: 445cc
Loft: 9.5 and 10.5 degrees
Lie: 57.5 degrees
Swing Weight: D5
Head Weight: 205 grams
Length: 45 inches
Shaft: Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6
Type: Graphite
Flex: Stiff/X-Stiff
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

We see the Srixon Z 765 has a comfortably shaft length of 45 inches that will not overwhelm golfers of smaller stature or those who do not play or practice as often as professionals. Your choice of either a stiff or an extra-stiff Miyazaki Kaula Mizu 6 graphite shaft gives you a comfortable swing arc that feels familiar and helps to transfer maximum energy to the ball via the slickly designed 445cc driver head.

The swing weight helps to deliver a more controlled MOI on the ball and maximize energy transfer. The head on the Srixon Z 765 handles the rest with a recently introduced design that lowers the center of gravity with less volume, enhances COR value and gives you a bigger and more controllable sweet spot. Loft choices are relatively limited at 9.5 degree and 10.5 degrees and a lie of 57.5 degrees.

Power Wave Sole Improves COR Effect

The Srixon Z765 Driver review of its head shows it has a new Power Wave Sole that enables the entire sole of the driver to flex. The additional flex in the sole enhances the COR value at the moment of impact (MOI) when the club face strikes the ball.

The USGA and R&A sanctioning bodies strictly regulate maximum COR values and outlaws clubs that exceed the maximum allowed amount. The Power Wave Sole boosts the COR value while still maintaining fully legal status for any sanctioned tournaments in which you might compete. That means the club head does a much better job of sending the ball down range with more energy transferred from relatively low impacts due to medium speeds with your drive.

Stretch Flex Cup Face Creates Larger Sweet Spot

Another COR-enhancing feature is a new Stretch Flex Cup Face, which extends around the crown and sole more than prior Srixon drivers to create a very larger sweet spot. The larger sweet spot helps to make up for reduced volume in the 455cc driver head, which aids slower swing speeds.

When you use a moderately fast swing on your drive, the reduced volume of the Z 765 helps to produce a better swing and possibly a bit more swing speed. When combined with the effects of a lower the center of gravity and a larger sweet spot on the club face, you can make great contact on the ball.

Lightweight Crown Lowers Center of Gravity

The Srixon 765 Driver review of the new lightweight crown design shows it weighs about 4 grams less than prior models. Srixon removed the weight from the crown and repositioned it to lower the center of gravity. The lower center of gravity compensates for the reduced weight, which makes it much easier to for you to use a proper swing tempo and make good contact with the ball.

The lower of center of gravity combined with the larger sweet spot from the Stretch Flex Cup Face and the enhanced COR effect of the Power Wave Sole all help the Srixon Z 765 to swing well above its weight and gives you long drives that truly feel effortless from a medium-fast swing.

Why Should I Buy a Srixon Z 765 Driver?

The Srixon Z765 Driver review of its build quality and design shows you get a thoroughly modern driver that truly can give you longer results from essentially the same swing on your drive. If you are using an outdated driver with a larger volume head and a loft angle of 14 degrees or more, you truly are playing with outdated gear.

The Srixon Z 765 is a great example of how modern drivers are delivering more with truly less. In this case, with less weight, volume and mass. Instead of relying on brute force and a huge driver head with a long and flexible shaft that likely would overwhelm many skilled golfers, the Z 765 has a comfortable length and weight that most golfer will find feels very familiar.

The enhanced COR and MOI effects with a smaller crown, lower center of gravity and an about 10-degree loft help to ensure you can send the ball straighter and farther on your drives without increasing swing speed or just plain trying harder. A more comfortable drive and better overall results make the Srixon 765 a great tool for anyone who has a medium swing speed.

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