Best Driver for Game Improvement | Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

Best Driver for Game Improvement | Callaway Mavrik Driver Review

Everyone wants to up their golf game. The question is, “How can I do that?”. Practicing and learning new techniques is obvious, but what if you’re not using the right equipment. You will only be as good as the equipment you are using can allow.

No, simply buying premium clubs will not instantly lower your score, but they can certainly help. If you’re looking for the best driver for game improvement, The Callaway Mavrik is the driver you should look into if you need to up your game.

Will a Better Driver Help My Game?

Not all drivers are created equal. That’s an obvious point, but golf equipment, in general, has gotten more forgiving in recent years. This includes innovations such as more prominent sweet spots and variable face thickness. This is especially true when it comes to drivers, so if you can fit it into your budget, one of the latest drivers on the market may give you a boost in your game.

This is where the Callaway Mavrik Driver comes into play. This driver is designed utilizing the latest advancements in artificial intelligence to perfect the design, ball speed, forgiveness, and sound of this ultra-premium club. This includes clubs having more forgiveness in the lower heel and upper toe of the clubface.

That being said, let’s take a look more into the best driver for game improvement.

Callaway Mavrik Driver Review


The Callaway Mavrik is one of the best drivers of 2020, winning the 2020 Golf Digest Hot List’s gold medal and receiving roaring reviews and lavish praise from critics. Callaway has already used Artificial Intelligence at the forefront of its product design and further advances this path with the Mavrik line. It doesn’t seem that Callaway will be giving up on this anytime soon, which makes sense as it seems to be working in their favor.

Leveraging the latest advancements and innovations, Callaway has consistently improved ball speed, forgiveness, and sound. Until they make a club that doesn’t blow us away, odds are they will continue to impress us for many years to come.


best driver for game improvement

Aerodynamic Cyclone Shape

The Mavrik is excellent when it comes to aero performance. The Cyclone Aero Shape has a flattened crown and raised the skirt sections of the driver while keeping the trailing edge high. This produces mid-spin with a moderate draw bias.

The sweeping sole also moves less air, especially in the last three feet, before hitting the ball.  It reduces drag by 61% over the Epic Flash, resulting in a 1.5 MPH increase over the Flash.

Jailbreak & T2C Triaxial Carbon

Callaway wants you to forget everything you’ve been told about high MOI meaning more forgiveness. Callaway leverages A.I. to design each Mavrik face individually. They state this dials down spin variation, which gives the effect of a higher MOI.

That being said, the Jailbreak technology first introduced in the Rogue driver is present in the Mavrik along with the T2C Triaxial Carbon Crown. The Jailbreak technology consists of titanium bars that connect the crown and the sole. This allows for increased ball speeds.

The Mavrik also features a light head, so it can distribute weight appropriately to raise MOI and forgiveness. Also, the Mavrik is easier to hit straighter, is faster and more efficient off the face, and will benefit from slower swing speeds or golfers that need more spin to maximize distance.

Flash Face SS20

One of the more prominent features on the Mavrik is the Flash Face SS20. Branded SS20 (Super-Strength for 2020), the material of the face is an FS2S titanium alloy. This enables the SS20 to reduce the weight of the face by 6-grams while also making the face itself more resilient.

Flash Face SS20 also gives golfers increased off-center ball speed when golfers swing like actual golfers, giving you more reason to work on your form.


The metallic orange on the head of the Mavrik is sure to catch anyone’s eye.  The matching stripe color on the edge of the crown and the gloss coating look pretty cool. The Riptide written on the shaft helps the club come together. Overall it has a great shape and is a nice-looking driver.

On the club’s face, you can see the new Flash Face SS20 architecture is now combined with an FS2S Titanium face, a stronger and lighter material. This comes into play to maximize ball speed.

Suppose orange isn’t your thing, or you think the driver is too plain looking. In that case, Callaway also offers over 1,400 color combinations so you can make the club truly yours.

Sound & Feel

Callaway has utilized A.I. extensively throughout development to improve the acoustics of the driver significantly. Their goal was to dial into pleasing sound frequencies.  It produces a solid “thwack” that some call a quintessential driver sound, which improves the unpleasant hollow sound older drivers have had.

The feel of the Mavrik is very stable and sturdy throughout the entire swing, which can give you the feeling it would take some effort to miss on your swing. Having a driver with a good feel can help you feel more confident in your swings.

best driver for game improvement


When it comes to performance, The Mavrik stands well ahead of the competition. Let’s review some of the key standout features that make this club shine on the course:

  • The Mavrik, in comparison to other Callaway models, is longer than the Rogue but not quite as long as the Epic Flash, especially when hit in the sweet spot.
  • The Mavrik is designed to be more forgiving, which of course, implies less distance. At the same time, off-center strikes are as long because of the large ball speed zone on the Flash Face.
  • Don’t mistake this for a short driver. You may not hit any personal records with this driver, but you should be happy with the distance you will get from the Mavrik.
  • You will feel like you can get slightly more clubhead speed due to the new head shape.
  • You can expect the ball flight to be straight and relatively high, which is expected when you have some spin. Also, if you opt for the stock shaft, you will notice it is on the light side. If you don’t like this, you can choose from other graphite shafts.
  • Golfers who have high swing speeds and struggle with ballooning ball flights may find some issues with this. Due to this, Mavrik is ideal for high-handicap golfers.
  • One key point to note is the consistency and accuracy of the shots with the Mavrik. Some golfers have reported a range of 6 yards difference between 10 plus shots. This is another reason the club is suitable for high-handicappers.
  • The deviation with this club is excellent. You should be able to hit a straight shot every time you need one.


There are also options on Callaway’s website to further customize your club. Every Mavrik driver comes with an Optifit hosel. This will allow you to adjust loft and lie. The lie settings are neutral and draw. The loft settings are -1, +1, 0 and +2.

You can also choose from several premium aftermarket graphite shafts. These include UST Helium Black, Project X EvenFlow Riptide, and the ALDILA ROGUE White 130 MSI. You can also select from over 100 different grips to make the club truly your own.

If you are fine with the stock driver, here are the specs:

Length: 45.75″

Loft: 9°, 10.5°, and 12°.

Handicap Range: High

Golfer: Men’s, Women’s

Hand Availability: Left and right

Material: Carbon

Lie: 58°

Head Volume: 460cc

Shaft Flex: Light, Regular, Stiff

Adjustability: Loft, Face Angle

Final Thoughts

Overall, this is easily one of the best drivers of 2020. It improves on what made the Callaway Rogue great and adds even more. The Mavrik is a very consistent performer with exceptional forgiveness across the face and fantastic sound and feel.

Beginners, high and even mid-handicappers should be able to pick it up and start swinging without much trouble. The only thing that may put off some golfers is the price tag. It is a bit steep for casual golfers, but this driver is an excellent investment if you want to step up and improve your game.

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