Wilson C300 Driver Review

No golf bag is complete without a driver and selecting the right driver can be an important decision that sets you up for the entire game. While the putter might be considered the key to your hole-in-one, the driver is the key to playing a successful game.

Many companies produce excellent golf clubs, but you might go through several drivers before finding one that works for you and is in line with your skill level and potential. If you’re looking for a driver that will help you cover long distances while being forgiving, you might want to check out our Wilson C300 Driver Review.

Wilson C300 Driver Review


The Wilson Staff C300 Driver provides solid performance with extreme forgiveness. The model is highly adjustable and incorporates updated technology to help you achieve the perfect swing. Mid and high handicap players can benefit from the C300, which is designed specifically to find fairways. The driver is an innovative product for Wilson. It is aimed specifically for crossover players somewhere between the players focusing on game improvement and the pro player category. Even players who have high swing speeds can benefit from this driver.

Wilson Staff’s C300 driver has a stretched wide body that provides forgiveness and improves ball speeds. In addition, the narrow and tall head improves the trajectory by reducing spending, allowing for greater accuracy. Improved ball speeds result from the head shape as the C300 was developed to have more flex upon impact, which provides higher speeds across the clubface.

Higher ball speeds are also achieved through the urethane-filled proprietary Power Holes on the crown and sole of the clubhead, which minimize contact between the face and ball and provide a larger sweet spot that expands upon impact and provides maximum flex. In addition, Wilson designed the C300’s face to flex inward upon impact allowing the energy to be transfer to the ball through deflection. The energy also increases when the ball bounces back after collision as there is a trampoline effect.

The product comes in three loft settings, i.e., 9, 10.5, and 12-degrees, that can be adjusted according to your skill level or preference. The adjustability allows you to improve your accuracy and control the dispersion of the ball. Apart from providing a great feel, the club also provides consistent shots even if the distance covered might be slightly compromised. In addition, the club has a very deep face which makes it appealing to golf players who are trying to get the best out of their driver.      

Wilson Staff C300 Driver Review Features


The driver comes with an exclusive matte dark red finish and minimal design and graphics on the crown, with Power Holes present on either side of the top that can help align your driver with the ball. A small logo of the Wilson Staff shield is positioned right in the middle of the two Power Holes, and it can be used to ensure the ball is centered before you swing your club. The crown also includes text that mentions “Power Holes” on the edge of the pear-shaped head, which the model could easily do without.

 The driver’s sole is more detailed and intricate than the crown as it has three weighted screws placed at the bottom equidistant from each other in the shape of a triangle. The sole also features the Wilson Staff logo and lettering of the C300 without distracting the golfer. The red of the crown also provides contrast with the black face and black details at the bottom of the driver. You can also see that the driver has an upright face, making it look sharp without looking too oversized. Overall, the club is the minimum and quite attractive, which can be quite appealing to golfers.

Wilson C300 Driver Review

Feel and Sound

The driver has a loud and sharp sound upon impact, an upgrade from the previous D300 model. The sound is not as powerful as can be expected from this adjustable driver and might not be pleasing to some players. The driver exhibits a harder feel compared to previous models, which some golfers prefer.

Power Hole Technology

Wilson Staff’s proprietary and award-winning Power Hole technology Is incorporated in this driver. The Power Holes on the crown and sole create a larger sweet spot that makes it easier for the ball to find fairway while providing maximum flex. The Power Hole technology comes from their line of popular irons, and they provide a more flexible face with higher ball speeds and improved aerodynamics.

The Power Holes are cut in the crown and sole behind the clubface of the 460cc clubhead. Wilson says the technology Increases face flex to increase rebound speeds on toe and heel hits. There are two holes on the sole and two on the crown placed towards the club’s toe and heel, which increases deflection, especially for off-center hits. Overall, the face deflection technology allows the ball to cover an additional seven yards of distance. 

Another interesting feature Wilson has introduced in addition to the Power Holes Technology is the Reactive Face Technology which makes the clubface more balanced. Wilson’s innovation of bringing iron technology such as speed pockets and Power Holes into their drivers has allowed them to increase ball speeds.

Interchangeable Weights

Three interchangeable head weights can be adjusted to provide different settings such as natural, draw, and fade. The driver comes with two 6-gram weights and one 2-gram weight that can be moved to different locations according to your requirements, creating different launch conditions and shot shapes.

Multi-fit hosel adjustments allow the C300 to have a loft range that can be adjusted from 8 to 14 degrees, which is higher than what is commercially available in the market. The hosel and loft adjustment options and movable weights allow the driver to have 54 unique setups for the clubhead, making it extremely customizable.

Shaft and Grip

The Wilson C300 features the Fujikura Speeder Pro 58 shaft, a lighter model that provides you with a lighter sense of control and flexibility. The large, soft, and comfortable Lamkin crossline grip also allows you to keep the driver under control by ensuring you have a steady grip.

Wilson C300 Driver Review: Specifications

The Wilson Shaft C300 Driver comes with Fast Fit 3.0 Technology that enables players to swiftly adjust the driver without removing the head from the shaft. The loft is highly adjustable as it can be moved six ways, altering loft settings from 8 to 14 degrees in 0.5-degree increments providing players with an additional customization feature. The model allows golf players to make slight changes to achieve their perfect face angle and lie, ensuring they can achieve their ideal custom setting. The model is available for right-handed players in the standard options of 9, 10.5, and 12 degrees, with a left-handed option available with the 10.5-degree loft option.  

Why Should I Buy a Wilson?

Wilson Staff is the golf division offer Wilson Sporting Goods based in the United States. They design and manufacture call equipment along with accessories. Wilson Staff provides high-quality equipment that is used on major Professional Golf tours by professional players. They have a well-established history, marked by appearances in over 60 major championships with a win in every decade since the 1920s.

Wilson has become a strong competitor in the golf industry, and it has focused on introducing new club technology in a limited market. Their golf club series cater to players of different handicaps and skill levels. While Wilson has recently become famous for their association with game improvement by providing mid handicap clubs, their most revered products are their irons which have had the most wins at major tournaments compared to other brands and have a following among professional golf players.

Their continued success in the golf club industry allowed Wilson to expand their C range to both drivers and woods by incorporating the Power Holes design that their irons are known for. Wilson’s focus on providing their consumers with high-quality and diversified drivers allows them to remain major players in the industry.

How Do I Select the Right Driver?

As we mentioned previously, the driver is an important club to have in your arsenal for playing your best game. However, before you settle on a driver, it would be beneficial to consider a few factors that can help you select the right tool for your experience and skill set. The factors include head size, shape, loft, shaft flexibility, adjustability, and skill level.  

Head Size

The driver heads are usually in the range of 380 cc to 460 cc depending on the forgiveness required and the aerodynamics in play. The 380 cc head is better at adjusting the ball’s route in the air, while the 460 cc heads offer more forgiveness. In addition, the smaller clubs provide increased mobility as they have less weight around the edge, providing more accuracy for the ball launch. On the other hand, the bigger clubs have a larger sweet spot, making them better for amateur golfers.  

Head Shape

The head shape influences both the aesthetics and the performance of the club. These heads come in various sizes, including round, pear, square, and extended back heads. When selecting a head shape, focus on choosing a driver you are comfortable with.


The loft is the clubface angle that retirements distance covered and manages trajectory. If you are a new golfer, it’s better to choose a driver with a higher loft, while pros might choose to go with a lower loft. The slow and upward hitters would benefit from a lower loft, while the fast and downward hitters would benefit from a higher loft.

Shaft Flexibility

Shafts are usually made of graphite which makes them light and enables them to increase hitting speeds. Different shafts come with different levels of flexibility that can determine accuracy, trajectory, and distance covered. While selecting a shaft, make sure you consider your speed so you can select the right flex.


Drivers often come with features that allow you to adjust the loft and weight placement to suit your swing style better. Even minor changes can enhance the accuracy of your shots and allow you to cover greater distances, so be sure to consider the driver’s adjustability before buying a driver.

Skill Level

Your skill level determines how well you play the game, and the correct driver can be your power move which is why you should try out and get the feel of a club before making a purchase. If you are an amateur player, you should look for a driver that provides you more consistency and forgiveness. 

Final Thoughts

The driver provides some excellent features and specifications for an adjustable model. Accuracy, dispersion, and consistency are key factors the driver was built around to improve performance. The driver might not cover extreme distances, but it does perform above average compared to other clubs in the market. 

The club’s forgiveness is a highlight, and the superior accuracy greatly benefits mid to high handicap players. The driver is extremely well designed with a dark red appearance even if the sound might be slightly underwhelming, and they provide a range of customization which can help you adjust it to make your ideal driver.

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