Leupold Golf Rangefinder Review

When it comes to golf rangefinders, Leupold’s are often ranked among the best.  In particular, the Leupold GX-5i3 digital golf rangefinder has received fantastic reviews.  Many argue the Leupold GX-3i3 Tournament DNA Laser Golf Range Finder Pinhunter 3 is a close second.  Let’s take a look at each of these rangefinders to determine which is best for your unique golf game and goals on the course.

Leupold Rangefinder

Leupold Golf Rangefinder GX 5i3 Review

Give this digital golf rangefinder a try at your local course and you will be more than happy with its performance.  Featuring 6x magnification, fog mode that makes it easy to hit your target when the weather turns for the worse and a bevy of other helpful features, the GX-5i3 is certainly worthy of your consideration.  

In short, this device is arguably the best Leupold golf rangefinder.  Players far and wide rave about this rangefinder’s multi-coated lenses, folding rubber eyecups and one touch scan mode.


The GX-5i3 has a yard range of 6-800 reflective, magnification of 6×22 mm objective diameter and dimensions as follows: 3.8 x 3.0 x 1.4” with a weight of 7.3 ounces.  This is a tournament legal golf rangefinder with an LED screen that provides measurements in yards and meters.  The GX-5i3 measures both distance and slope.  

In fact, the GX-5i3 is even waterproof, providing a truly invaluable peace of mind for those inevitable instances when the skies open up while you are on the course.  The Leupold golf rangefinder battery is included with the unit so don’t worry about buying a battery.

GX-5i3’s Club Selector Feature

This rangefinder features a convenient Club Selector feature that has the potential to take your golf game to the next level.  Simply pre-enter your striking distances for your 4, 6 and 8 irons.  

leupold rangefinder review for the mid handicap golfer that is a bit cheaper

The Club Selector feature then displays club recommendations in accordance with the True Golf Range of each shot as well as other factors ranging from the conditions to slope and more.  In the end, this convenient feature makes it that much easier to select the optimal club for each unique situation on the course, making the device arguably the best Leupold golf rangefinder with slope.  

If you would like to disable the Club Selector for tournament play, don’t fret!  You can easily disable this feature with the press of a button.

Precision Accuracy

Few previous models compare to the GX-5i3, largely because of its elite accuracy.  This is a high-performance device with digitally enhanced accuracy.  The rangefinder’s infrared laser serves up rapid measurements with the overarching goal of enhancing your accuracy.  In fact, the GX-5i3 is accurate to within 1/10th of a single yard.

When it comes to rangefinders, you need something that is easy to hold, easy to use and provides rapid readings without sacrificing accuracy.  The versatile GX-5i3 does exactly that and plenty more.  

Designed with PinHunter 3 laser technology that filters background images out of the picture, this rangefinder makes it that much easier to focus on the intended target in a timely and easy manner.  Players are especially satisfied with the rangefinder’s prism lock technology that emits an audible tone when the device pinpoints the prism.  

The distance is then displayed in mere seconds, ultimately hastening the pace of play and providing you with the assurance you need to take aim at your target in full confidence.

Ease of Use

Aside from providing accurate distances to flag sticks, the most important component of a golf rangefinder is its operational use.  Fiddle around with the GX-5i3 and you will find it is simple and easy to use.  You merely need to push a single button to turn on the device.  

leupold rangefinder shows exact distance for accurate readings with strong battery life

Proceed to aim it, push the button once again and the distance will appear on the screen.  Though taking full advantage of the GX-5i3’s features will take some additional work, using this device is easier than most assume.  A

s an example, if you would like to sort through the menus, all you have to do is hold down the Mode button for a couple seconds.  The GX-5i3’s two-button interface makes it easy to switch between features and enter course information ranging from altitude to temperature.  All in all, it will only take you a couple minutes to set up the GX-5i3 for use on the course.

Picture Perfect Presentation

While many other laser rangefinders are flawed in that they fail to present relevant information in an easy-to-read manner on the display screen, Leupold’s designers have gone out of their way to ensure all the most important data, including the all-important yardage, is prominently displayed in the center of the screen.  

The rangefinder has Leupold’s regular red display that makes it quite easy to read letters and numbers, even when the sun is setting or when golfing in the early morning hours.

The Right Size and Build

Though the GX-5i3 is one of the smallest rangefinders made by Leupold, it functions perfectly, regardless of whether you have large or small hands, are a golfing veteran or a newbie.  The rangefinder is a mere 1.4 inches in width, three inches in height and 3.8 inches in length.  

This is a lightweight rangefinder, coming in at slightly more than seven ounces, meaning you will be able to carry it on the course with ease.  Thanks to its rugged build, this rangefinder can withstand even the harshest of weather conditions on the course.

A Positive Impact on Your Golf Game

Compare the GX-5i3 to rangefinders under $100 for the budget minded and you will find the GX-5i3 has more features and works that much faster.  The cheaper laser rangefinders certainly serve a purpose yet they tend to be slower than the likes of the GX-5i3.  

Leupold’s engineers deserve credit for empowering golfers to factor in everything from altitude to temperature and slope to help select the perfect club for the distance in question.

Is the GX-5i3 Really That Much Different From Other Rangefinders?

Yes!  Compare the GX-5i3 to other rangefinders by Leupold as well as those made by other brands and you will find it is superior in several regards.  This is an all-in-one golf rangefinder specifically designed to speed up your pace of play and reduce your score.  

Unlike other rangefinders, there is no need to bother with the face plate on the GX-5i3.  This nifty device has everything you could possible need to reduce your score, play at an acceptable rate of speed and ensure full compliance with tournament rules with the press of a single button.

leupold gx series help with club selection by giving exact distance on an LCD display

The GX-5i3’s updated Digitally eNhanced Accuracy or DNA for short, is an engine specifically designed to increase your shot accuracy, getting you 1/10 of a yard closer to your target.  The GX-5i3’s PinHunter 3 Laser tech boosts the pulse rate for powerful and fast laser emissions that lock you onto your target, calm your nerves and set the stage for success on the course.  

While many other laser rangefinders calculate triangulated distances and show those distances in regard to the front, back and center of the target landing space, this unit identifies the pin location with unparalleled accuracy regardless of its position.  While traditional GPS units rely on distances calculated by satellite, the GX-5i3 empowers golfers to factor in weather conditions, elevation alterations and even swing strength.

Leupold rangefinder

Leupold Golf Rangefinder GX-3i3 Review

The GX-3i3 relies on the same DNA engine as described above for elite performance on the golf course.  This is a tournament-legal golf rangefinder that empowers golfers to hit shots within 1/10th of a yard toward the intended target.  Part of what makes the GX-3i3 unique is its Prism Lock and PinHunter 3 capabilities that deliver audible feedback and even freeze the distance as it appears on the display screen.  

The GX-3i3’s features include a fog mode, 6x magnification with an especially wide view, several rapid readings available with one-touch scan mode for regularly updated measurements and plenty more. The rangefinder’s PinHunter Laser Technology gauge the distance to the pin upwards of 450 yards.

The GX-3i3’s Visual Clarity

Presentation is a large part of what separates the best golf rangefinders from the rest.  The GX-3i3’s OLCD display shows readings that are bright, sharp and can be read with ease.  The multi-coated lenses deliver the optimal level of brightness to ensure all of the information presented on the screen is clear, properly contrasted and looks just right.

Instantaneous Measurements for all Shots

Wouldn’t it be nice if your golf rangefinder displayed the distance between your current position and the flag stick or another target in an instantaneous manner?  This is exactly what the GX-3i3 does and it accomplishes this feat without even the slightest flaw.  

Powered by Prism Lock Technology and PinHunter 3 Laser Technology, the GX-3i3 empowers you to attack the flag in full confidence.  Even if the weather takes a turn for the worse and the course becomes foggy or misty, the GX-3i3’s Fog Mode will make it that much easier to gauge the correct distance to the flag.

What About the GX-3i3’s Build?

The GX-3i3 is one of the best-constructed golf rangefinders on the market.  The rangefinder is built with aluminum that is coated in what Leupold describes as a rubber armor.  Grip the GX-3i3 with your hands and you will find it is easy to hold onto.  

leupold rangefinder review of the gx rangefinders show an accurate reading from the gx line

Even if you drop the GX-3i3, it will likely hold strong and continue to function for years if not decades ahead.  However, durability is only one component of the GX-3i3’s elite construction.  This rangefinder was designed to rest comfortably in-hand and also when resting against sunglasses or the eyes.  In fact, the unit’s rubber eye cups can be folded down based on whether you are wearing glasses.  

Whether you wear glasses, contact lenses or have no supportive eyewear at all, you will find resting the GX-3i3 against your face is quite comfortable.

Rapid Functionality

When it comes to golf rangefinders, the ease of use and speed of use matter just as much as high-tech features and quality of build.  This rangefinder measures the distance to pins and other targets on the course with considerable ease.  

Give the GX-3i3 a try for yourself and you will agree its rapid measuring feedback is by far its most marketable function.  After all, time really does matter a great deal on the golf course.  The last thing you want is to hold up the golfers behind you, creating a bottleneck on the course as you attempt to gauge the distance to the hole with a rangefinder.  

Opt for the GX-3i3 and you will find this device pinpoints distances in mere seconds.  Simply tap the power button for the distance to your target or hold the button for a distance scan.  It does not get any easier than that.

Leupold Golf Rangefinder Review Conclusion

As you can see both of these Leupold laser rangefinders are great options for accurate readings. They are extremely easy to use and both would be a great addition to your next round of golf.

Not interested in the Leupold options?  Check out our review on the Peakpulse Rangefinder here for a different option.

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