Why Is Golf So Popular?

Obama, Trump, Clinton, and Biden are just some of the high-profile people that have been known to golf. Presidents clear back to the early 1900s did. And you’ve probably heard that doctors tend to spend every Wednesday on the golf course. With so much talk of people playing golf, it may make you wonder why is golf so popular. You might also wonder is golf gaining or losing popularity. Here’s the answer.

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Why Do People Like Golf: Good for Your Health

Although there’s a stereotype about doctors playing golf, some doctors revealed that golf is good for your health and may add years to your life. Studies indicate that golfers usually live longer unless they’re chronic smokers or partake in other unhealthy habits. Moreover, those who golf routinely had a notably lower cholesterol level than those who didn’t golf habitually.

golf's popularity is shown by the time spent by those who start playing with their business relationships

Naturally, as a person ages, bones tend to get brittle due to a loss of minerals. Golf is a weight-bearing exercise that encourages the bone remodeling process, which means less bone loss. 

Golf also works your arm and back muscles, especially considering you must change your muscle range of motion based on distance.

While golf carts are available on a majority of courses, in particular for those with mobility issues, not everyone uses them. Therefore, if you’re walking the entire course, you’re partaking in an exercise that’s beneficial for your leg muscles. 

Not to mention, you’re also partaking in a cardio exercise, which works your heart muscle. Ultimately, this means you’re reducing your risk of a stroke or heart attack.

For those with chronic health issues, including hypertension, diabetes, and high cholesterol, golf can help you better manage those conditions through walking. Additionally, when you walk, you reduce muscle and joint pain and stiffness. 

The walking aspect of golf is even beneficial if you have arthritis. Although it may seem like it would have the opposite effect, walking increases blood flow throughout your joints, which means more nutrients to the area. Moreover, walking can help you maintain a healthy weight since it burns calories. As you lose weight, you place less stress on your joints.

why do people like golf

Why Do People Love Golf: Golf Acts as a Stress Reducer

Stress has a negative effect on your overall health and mental well-being. It increases your risk of heart problems, including hypertension and heart disease. In addition, your risk of diabetes heightens when you have chronic stress in your life. 

As a result of prolonged stress, you may suffer from depression. Moreover, when you have frequent, unmanaged stress, it affects your digestive, immune, and reproductive systems. Not only that, stress affects your sleep, which can have a profound effect on mental clarity and various other aspects of your health. 

Often, people who deal with chronic stress have frequent headaches, irritability, anger, and anger, all of which negatively impact a person’s overall quality of life.

If you’re feeling stressed regularly, golf is an excellent hobby to choose. During a game of golf, you focus on the game. You center your attention on the path of the ball. While you’re determining how hard or easy to hit the ball, your mind is working. 

You don’t have time to let your mind wander. Therefore, your thoughts won’t switch to thinking about your problems. With this particular sport, you develop goals. As you meet them, you feel proud of yourself. You’re no longer focusing on any negative about yourself. As your game improves, you’re building your confidence, which lowers your stress levels immensely.

Reasons To Play Golf: Golf Gives You Time With Friends

Life is busy, between work, family, household duties, and other responsibilities. It’s easy to neglect to take time to enjoy yourself with people outside of your household. Golf gives people an excuse to get together.

Throughout the game of golf, people laugh, chit-chat, and even share tips with one another. When you socialize, your happiness level rises, while your level of stress decreases.

tiger woods makes golf exciting to watch and many golfers interested in their golf game

Golf Gives You an Opportunity to Make New Friends

In the US in 2019 alone, estimates showed 24.3 million Americans golfed. The number is only increasing. In fact, the National Golf Foundation (NFG) that 24.8 million people golfed in the US in 2020. Although the most common age group was between 30 and 49, adults of all ages golf.

Although some may wonder is golf dying, as you can clearly see, golf is quite popular. More than likely, other people will be on the course with you, depending on the location. This makes it an ideal opportunity to meet new people and possibly make new friends.

Golfers Get to Enjoy the Fresh Air and Sunshine

Data from the Environmental Protection Study (EPS) denoted that American adults spend more of their time indoors. On average, ninety-three percent of a person’s life is spent indoors. 

Specifically, eighty-seven percent is spent indoors in buildings. The other six percent of that ninety-three percent is spent in an automobile. This means that only seven percent of an individual’s life is spent outdoors. That means humans are getting very little time to enjoy nature and take in the fresh air.

big tournaments makes golf so popular, showing people it is a great sport

Golf, however, gives a person an excuse to get outside for fresh air and take in the sunshine. For one, the fresh air helps clear your lungs. You’ll improve your mental clarity and focus with that oxygen in your body. 

Not to mention, the fresh air helps prevent infection and airborne illnesses that you may come in contact with indoors. When you’re outside, you’re less likely to catch a respiratory infection from others than if you were in closed quarters with them.

Secondly, by choosing sunny days to enjoy a golf outing, you’ll get vitamin D — a nutrient your body needs for healthy bones and teeth. In addition, vitamin D plays a role in immune function and has been shown to positively impact your heart and decrease your risk of certain heart issues.

Golf Improves Your Mental Clarity

While we already mentioned that the fresh air improves mental clarity and so does stress reduction, golf improves mental clarity on its own as a sport.

golfs popularity creates potential business partners, more than other sports

As you hit the ball, you must concentrate. You have to revolve your thoughts around the trajectory of the ball, as you think about the conditions and environment around you. Your mind is completely focused on the game.

Additionally, just being outdoors improves your mental clarity since you observe the world around you as you’re outside.

The connections of your neurons are circuits, and golf stimulates and strengthens these circuits. In the long run, this means you can reduce your risk Alzheimer’s.

Golf is Used to Strengthen Business Relations

How many times have you watched a movie that depicted business associates golfing with one another? That’s because golf is a social sport. When people golf, they bond with one another. 

using golf clubs on the driving range getting golf lessons for the whole family

Although they’ll focus on the game, they have an opportunity to speak with one another and start to build a bond with one another if they didn’t already know one another. If the two individuals know each other, it gives them an opportunity to build on that relationship without the structure or stress of an office setting.

Golf Gives You an Opportunity to Travel

Golf courses are in every state and throughout the world. Each one has distinctive features, some with noteworthy ones. This gives people a reason to travel and see new areas and discover new places.

Obviously, golf has been a popular sport and has only grown in popularity. With so many health benefits, the social aspect, and the fact that people get to enjoy nature, it’s not hard to see why golf is so popular.

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