Best Driver For Low Swing Speed

There is an inevitability in life – we will age. As a part of that process, we will lose muscle mass, flexibility and strength. For the golfer, this often means reassessing their game, adjusting their swing and switching some of their tools of the trade – this means the ball, irons and the all important driver.

It is the driver that starts the game for 90 percent of players and is the hardest club in the bag to hit with accuracy, precision and regularity. It is the age old struggle with the game of golf. Technology, however, is slowly resolving this issue across the board. This means those with a naturally slow swing or slowing swing because of physical factors can still send a ball straight down the fairway to the dismay of their fellow golfers.

Cobra Golf is a leader in the golf industry and continues to improve their products with rising technology each year. This means better club head control, larger sweet spot and club head speed – even for a slow swing speed.

The best driver for low swing speed we have found so far the the Cobra F9. This is our comprehensive review of this particular driver.

best driver for low swing speed


If you are a Cobra player, you have heard of this driver and perhaps have one in your bag. Here are some of the finer details that many players appreciate in this particular club.

The color scheme is as bright as Rickie Fowler and his orange Puma. The yellow and black head combo is eye catching and well designed for an aesthetic look that reminds some of Greg Norman’s Ferraris.

Moving to the crown, there are carbon fiber wraps that cover the trailing edges. Two ridges strategically placed bring the eye to the ever-familiar Cobra logo. There are a small number of polymer ‘trips’ seated on the crown as one of the research and development’s designs to raise the aerodynamics of the club through the downswing.

The face is tall, has the SPEEDBACK shaping from Cobra – a raised skirt matched to a low weight pod on the trailing edge. The futuristic look gives a subconscious feel that will have players gaining confidence on the course.

Another of the great features that allow for the high handicap players to find success is the settings for the head and the variety of shaft options. Players with a slow swing speed already know to find a soft or even senior flex in the shafts. The F9 can accommodate.

Most manufacturers have to select between aerodynamics – club head speed or low CG – forgiveness. We found for this Cobra King F9 speedback driver review, the company has successfully found the delicate balance of both.

The shaft is a standard 44.5 inches and comes in four different stiffness options: light, regular, stiff and extra stiff. Players with a slow swing speed should opt for the regular or light shaft, with some leaning more to the left – particularly with lady and junior players.

best driver for low swing speed

Sound and feel

Every player loves to hear the satisfying crack of the club head and ball before sending the ball on a nice, long flight down the fairway. The majority of reports from the links on the sound report a medium volume, consistent and deep tone for contact. This sound is ideal for the slower swing while the above mentioned aerodynamics makes up for the lack of club head speed. Fair warning – some Cobra enthusiasts report the sound being slightly off from previous. It may behoove you to test the F9 a few times for the sake of that sound.

As far as the feel, the amount of weight, variable from 2g to 14g, on the back of the club head makes the slower swing feel like a pro’s swing at one of the big four events. The weights are removable, and we will discuss this in a bit more detail below.


There is but one place to really complete a full Cobra King F9 driver review – taking the club onto the course and putting the club through the motions. This driver, like all Cobra products, is built to use. Slow swinging players will appreciate being able to play with the F9 instead of relegating it to the back of the garage collecting dust.

We also found during this Cobra F9 driver review balance. Balance that has all of the qualities available for a player of any skill level and handicap – light, stable and forgiving.

The club head has choices from 9, 10, 10.5 and 12 degrees respectively. Slow swing players know there is value in the loft on the club head, and Cobra’s F9 has the adjustable hosel that helps make all the difference. There are eight adjustable loft settings for the club face. It is best to fine tune on the driving range and if necessary, adjust the face before every new round until the club meets your swing speed needs.

There are plenty of shaft options, and the local fitter can help match this to your swing. If you cannot find one you like, there are more aftermarket options than possible to consider. Getting a proper fitting with a professional is recommended in this case.

There are weights on the club towards the head. It may behoove slow swingers to remove as many of these as possible while maintaining the feel. After all, clubhead speed is the goal in the game, and a heavier club will simply not allow for an increase of speed. Removing a weight or two may gain two or three mph of speed, but this can be a huge factor on follow up shots on the standard par four holes.

best driver for low swing speed

There is a degree of forgiveness that many other high end, quality drivers simply cannot meet. Cobra made sure to CNC mill the face. In addition this face, there is the Dual Roll Technology. There is more curve for a reduced amount of spin on the top half while putting less curve on the bottom. CNC has the added benefit of bulge curvature for the all-to-frequent toe and heel shots. The gear effect corrects the ball contact for player and places the ball near where the target lie awaited from the address of the ball.

Change the loft as we mention above, and maximize that precious clubhead speed. What does matter – the face provides a better ball flight. Read these details if you choose, but it is better to let the club work. Deeds do speak louder after all.

Cobra Connect

Golf technology is so much more than the club. The F9 comes with the proprietary Cobra Connect from Arccos in the butt of the grip. Download the free app pre-loaded with a huge number of courses across the country, and tracking drives becomes a snap.

If you are new to the technology, here is a quick primer. The technology provides you with accurate, and rather eye-opening, yardage on your drives. Here is a scenario: You hit a fantastic drive of 250 yards off of the tee down the middle leaving you 75 yards out for an easy follow up. You subtract this amount from the hole length of 325 yards. This should be 250 yards. Note the word should.

The pin is cut on the back, and you shaved a bit off of the dogleg. Cobra Connect tells you your drive was only 220 yards as a result. This may seem disheartening on the outset. However, it gives you a more realistic drive capability. Now, you can be certain if you need to lay up on the front edge of the water or move up or down a club to clear the bunker between you and the green. If you are not a regular player and/or playing with new clubs, this information is not only helpful but vital to your overall game.

Best Driver for Low Swing Speed Conclusion

For the high handicapper and casual golfer with an exceptionally slow swing, the Cobra King F9 has features and attributes that will go missed – many of which we did not include for that very reason. Instead, we wanted to focus on what matters to the player – distance, fairways and forgiveness. The driver is also an ideal first driver for the rising junior player or lady golfer. Get a few lessons from your local pro at the golf course.

Not withstanding, the variety of colors, including classic Cobra yellow and black, should go without saying.  Since the technology is two years old and growing, the chances of finding a gently used driver is high. It may need a shaft replacement to match the speed on your specific swing, but again, this is what your local pro can help you decide.

If you are in the market for a driver that will meet your needs with a slow swing, the Cobra King F9 is the solution you have wanted and needed for your game.

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