What Is The Worst Score In Golf?

Golf is a game where the score will likely change each time you play. There are many variables, such as where you are playing, the number of people in your group, and who’s leading after 18 holes.

What is the Worst Score in Golf

That said, what would be considered a bad score? For instance, I’ve heard many people mention that they once shot 123 for 18 holes. “How could someone shoot 123?” people often ask. You might find the answer to this question in understanding how to best determine a lousy score.

Highest 18 Hold Score on PGA Tour – Tallahassee Open – Third Round

The highest round recorded in PGA history was made by Mike Reasor. Mike Reasor was injured while horseback riding before his third-round tee time in the 1974 Tallahassee Open. Despite suffering a torn rib cartilage, damaged knee ligaments, and a separated left shoulder in the incident, Reasor still played the weekend.

highest score on an opening round for tiger woods

With just one arm and one club, Reasor completed his third round. He hit a 5-iron the whole day until he reached a score of 51-over or 123. It’s still the highest score ever recorded on the PGA Tour to this day.

What Are The Rules For Getting A Higher Score Than Mike Reasor?

So, why was he allowed to play under these circumstances? Well, there weren’t any modern-day disqualifications. The reason for this is that the PGA Tour has no official maximum number of holes one can play to make an official score.

There is also no minimum number of holes required to declare that an “official” round has been completed. Instead, golfers are simply disqualified if they fail to complete 72 holes.

Worst Score on a Single Hole in PGA Tour History

On his way to a legendary “Archaeopteryx” (15 over par), 10 of Tommy Armour’s balls went out of bounds on the par-5 17th hole at the 1927 Shawnee Open. This means the score for this hole was a crazy 23!

tournament golf hole score

Tommy’s 23 was matched by Ray Ainsley on the par 4 16th hole at Cherry Hills during the 1938 US Open. However, since Ray’s was on a par 4 and Tommy’s was on a par 5. Ray’s 23 is technically the highest score ever recorded on the Tour with one of the most horrible scores ever produced.

Worst Round Of Golf Ever In A Major – Augusta National Golf Club

The highest score recorded in Masters history happened in 1956 when amateur golfer Charles Kunkle recorded a 23 over par round of 95. Making it not only the highest ever at Augusta Country Club but one of the worst scores in PGA Tour history.

How Can I Avoid a Bad Golf Score?

The best way to avoid a bad score is to play well by hitting great tee shots and approaching shots into the greens. Practice keeping score and see how you improve.

Hit your “target line” and stick to your plan! If you see that you are about to hit into the rough on your approach, don’t take too much club and try to get it close to the green—this will allow you to make par, if not birdie!

Remember, some holes are more complex than others; some courses can play easier or harder throughout each round, depending on conditions. It’s essential for any golfer always looking to improve their game to understand how they need to prepare for each course to focus their practice on areas that will lead them towards lower scores.

first nine holes on the same course that reasor suffered his worst tournament round

Is There a Limit to How High a Golf Score Can Be?

The Committee may establish a “maximum score” in the form of an entirely new kind of stroke play: The maximum score for each hole is limited by the Committee, which may be fixed (such as 6, 8, 10, etc.), contingent on par (such as two times par or triple bogey), or related to the player’s handicap (such as net double bogey).

Is There A Stroke Limit In Golf?

The Rules of Golf do not impose any restrictions on the number of strokes a player may take on one hole. If it takes seventeen (17) strokes to hole out (including penalty strokes), your score for that hole is “17.” Such scores are pretty common in official competition.

Some scores can be greater than the number of strokes taken. For example, a 12 (12) score could be made on a hole with a 4-stroke penalty added to the ten strokes necessary to complete it.

Is There A Penalty For The Worst Golf Score?

Yes, however, this is not included in the official rules. This would be up to the discretion of your local club or course, and we suggest you check with them if you want to find out more about their own rules! You don’t want to end up disqualified from a competition because you didn’t know better!

masters rounds played with high scores

How Can I Make A Bad Score?

The first step to making a bad score on any round of golf begins with shot selection. If you’re going to leave yourself a long second shot on the par-5 first hole of your local course, you could run into trouble early.

The next step is hitting from out of bounds or from a cart path. Being “unaware” of these situations does not make it acceptable. All players should be aware of this and avoid those situations whenever possible. Other obvious ways to make a bad score on any course would be to hit the ball out of bounds, take more than 20 seconds for a stroke, or not complete your round.

Improve Your Play and Avoid Bad Scores

If you don’t know how to make a bad score on any round of golf, the first step is to hit from out of bounds or from a cart path. The next step would be hitting the ball out of bounds, taking more than 20 seconds for a stroke, or not completing your round. The best way to avoid making an unfortunate score in golf is by playing well and sticking with the plan!

There are no official rules that limit how high one’s score can go. For example, if it takes seventeen (17) strokes to hole out (including penalty strokes), your score for that hole will be “17.” This means some scores can exceed this number based on what happened during play, such as four-stroke penalties added onto ten strokes needed to complete the hole.

Is there a penalty for the worst golf score? This would be up to your local club or course, and we suggest you check with them if you want to find out more about their own rules!

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