Titleist AP3 Review: Cover Full Handicap Range & Specs – 2022

Titleist is a very popular name in golf nowadays. The company has resorted to many new technological advancements. With the previous launch of 716AP1 and 716AP2 mid handicap irons , there was a great expectation with the new launch of the ap3 segment. Everyone was guessing the fitting mechanism of the ap series.

The Titleist AP2 716 irons are the latest edition of the top-seller Titleist AP2 irons. Titleist AP2 irons offer a tour-proven design with incredible performance technologies for the course. Titleist 716 AP2 irons feature an innovative co-forged construction with tungsten weighting that is perfectly aligned at impact for more speed, distance, and control, Titleist AP2 irons offer tour-proven feel and forgiveness for all players.

In the launches, there were many speculations about the fixture of the irons. The fitting process involved in the 716 irons adhere to AP2 with 5PW and AP1 iron provides easy hitting and much larger sweet spot. The 4iron AP1 is quite bigger as compared to that of AP2. The AP2 was introduced back in 2008 and the gap thus has been getting bigger and bigger by the introduction of the newer technology day by day. 

Titleist AP3 Irons Review

The product AP3 has been introduced for the players who get a hand on a bigger head size. It is quite larger than the AP2. The players are getting faster and intelligent while handling of the irons. They pick their iron according to the dynamics. One has to be very clever while selecting the arsenal. The Titleist 718 TMB and 718 AP1 sealed as their distance irons due to their supporting lines.

The address of the linkage dictates the old patent of the Titleist but in head size, it is all about the performance giving you an elite hit feel.

The undercut if the cavity design in the head with Titleist badging in the linage. The cavity provides a very elegant design with a smooth hit area.

The iron contains the high steel tungsten weight designed in the hidden geometry. It measures a total of  78 grams of head weight. 

The Titleist AP3 Specs are mentioned below:

Titleist AP3 Handicap Range & Other Product Detail
Handicap RangeLow and High
Hand AvailabilityLeft, Right
Shaft NameTrue Temper AMT Black
Shaft TypesSteel
Shaft FlexRegular, Stiff
DesignCavity Back
Set Makeup4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, PW
Additional Clubs3, GW

Titleist Ap1 Vs Ap2 Vs Ap3

There are three different clubs to choose from.

The ap1 is the most popular and has a high level of performance. This club is made with a steel shaft and can be used by players who have mastered their swing.

The ap2 is less expensive but still performs well. This intermediate player” club features graphite shafts that are lighter than steel, making it easier to control shots on the green.

The ap3 is for beginners who want an inexpensive option that will get them started on their journey in golf. It comes with flexible shafts that allow beginners to learn how to play without feeling intimidated by their first time swinging a golf club.

The longer the iron, the better the set time they provide. 718 AP1 5 and 4 are the most effective choice. The Titleist 718 AP3 is a great option in iron for golfers who are going to start their journey. The AP3 is a far better choice in terms of handiness as that of the precious irons.

Titleist AP3 Irons FAQ’S

Are Titleist ap3 irons forgiving?

Yes. The Titleist AP3 irons are forgiving and offers the look and feel of golfer’s iron for game improvement. Its mid-sized head looks good with the classic shape and offers great feel and forgiveness into this model.

Are Titleist ap3 irons blades?

The head of the Titleist 718 AP3 Irons have a hollow blade construction having a cavity behind the badge. Its stainless steel body, with 3 – 7 irons, has tungsten weight of huge density in the heel and toe that helps with stability.

What is the difference between Titleist ap2 and ap3 irons?

Even though AP2 and AP3 have similar design and look, both of them works completely different. At moderate swing speeds, AP3 iron carry 6 yard more distance than AP2. And this carry distance increases for players having higher swing speed.

What does AP stand for Titleist?

AP in Titleist stands for Advanced Performance. For AP series, AP1 was designed for game improvement, AP2 was made for good players, and AP3 for great players.

Are the Titleist ap3 forged?

Titleist AP3 have forged heads made with soft carbon steel that gives a good feel and its cavity design adds more stability to control the shots. It is featured with stainless steel body at both pitching and gap wedge.

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