TaylorMade P790 Review – Full Specs & Comparison – 2022

The original model of Taylormade P790 has been able to acclaim both the sales chart as well as hitting the sweet spot providing the best option in the market by the time.

What Do You Need To Know About The Newest Model, The Updated P790?

All of the professional and club level players have successfully opted for the model depending on the versatility of the product. They find it useful in every category.

The model ticks every empty box which is needed the most, including forged feel, iron, and desired speed.

Keeping this in mind at the time of redesigning the model, Taylormade calls all of its trusted and well-acclaimed retailers for input suggestions regarding the redesign of the model.

The result shows that there is nothing much to change as the majority of them asked for the same product.

Now with its popularity, it is clear that changing the model could hamper the sales and name of the company. They have decided to put this at a minimal level and to produce a model with a completely new feel and same look.

  • Forged Hollow Body Construction

  • SpeedFoam

  • Low Profile Tungsten Weighting

  • Thru Slot Speed Pocket

What Are The Technical Specification Of The P790 (2019)?

They have successfully reduced the offset in terms of longer iron keeping the compact designing for shorter irons. This directly impacts the player’s eyes. The round heel and toe shape gives more confidence to the players, as Taylormade suggests. 

A fraction has also enhanced the toe depth. The body still carries a multi-material construction with forged 4140 and cast 8620 with thin faces downing by 7% from previous models. 

This compact and rigid design helps to free up additional weight. It not only lowers the CG but also helps to increase the launching angle by positioning the internal tungsten weight. The tungsten faces just behind the model geometry. 

Taylormade is successfully using the inverted cone technology for improving the set. This helps the brand to minimize the tendency usually found with the longer irons. This technology protects the speed of the ball towards the longer iron with typical mishits.

Beyond this, additional roundups, a final update carry a Dynamic Gold 105 steel shaft VSS. The company has revised its standard shaft length by the start of the year. The newer model also carries a shorter shaft as compared to the previous model.

In recent research elaborates that the shorter shafts help to achieve more ball speed, gaining up to 1 Mph as compared to the older version with a slightly longer shaft.

It also helps to gain more control. The model is more forgiving as the new vibration dampening technology is inducted in the same. The professional Neil Wain states as even he hits the ball at a low of 6 or 7 but couldn’t feel much on the hands, and it seems that mishits are more forgiving from the older one.

Comparison Of The P790 To The Newer P790:

Taylormade states that the newer model gains more control over the older model due to the shorter shaft length. The company has changed the standard shaft size at the start of the year 2019. In short, it states that the player would get more ball speed with this new head with a shorter shaft.

For comparison, we have set a test following the TaylorMade M5s and P760. It is worth mentioning about the product that there is a 3-degree loft difference between these individual irons.

The loft angle results in the change of ball speed, spin, its launch angle, and its carry distance. The ball speed of the P790 (2019) rolls at around 123 Mph, an additional gain of a mile over its predecessor.

The carry distance of the P790 is approx 180 yards for the 2019 model, whereas 177 Mph for the 2017 model. The height has cut down from 26 to 25 yards.

Why Would I Use P790?

Our professional Neil Wan is a big fan of the Taylormade P790 2019 model. He is amazed by the speed and control of the model and that also with shorter head size.

He finds it very interesting that with a shorter head, the model provides an increase in ball speed of over 1 Mph and carry distance of approx three more yards.

He suggests that he will definitely be going to move forward with this model as he has also used the previous models, but the current one stands tall on his expectations.

Whether it’s a ball speed, headcount, or carry distance, the Taylormade P790 resolves it all in a single go.

The tungsten weight certainly balances the leading edge, and that round edge is also very interesting, which suits the product design to a level of perfection.

The tungsten weight has a remarkable effect on producing the smooth sound attracting larger audiences. The sound quality of the older product also has a subsequent effect, but the newer model persists more enhancing sound without losing that speed.



  • It addresses a brilliant look.

  • High time forgiving angle.

  • Amazing sound quality.

  • Build quality is well acclaimed.

  • Improvement in carrying distance.

  • The vibration dampening technology reduces vibrations.

  • There is a little problem with a long distance for a dispersion medium.

  • The model is a bit costly for the club players; hence it may get you off buying it.

  • The package quality is not as good as the previous one.

Taylormade P770 Vs P790

Taylormade has two drivers that are perfect for any golfer. The p770 is the best driver in its class, and the p790 is the most forgiving driver on the market. Choose which one suits your needs best!

All You Need To Know About Taylormade P770

The Taylormade p770 is a golf club that has been designed to provide maximum distance and accuracy. It features an innovative design with a large head, which provides more forgiveness on off-center hits. This club also comes with a 460cc titanium driver head for increased ball speed and lower spin rates.

It’s designed to help you hit longer, straighter shots and get more distance on every swing. The P770 has a more traditional shape, with an offset hosel that helps deliver more forgiveness off the tee and from fairway lies. It also has a slightly larger head than its counterpart, which can help players get more distance from it.

All You Need To Know About Taylormade P790 Review

If you’re looking for something that will give you maximum control over your shots, then you’ll want to go with the P790 because it has less loft than its predecessor and comes in both left-handed and right-handed models.

Plus, it’s got a smaller head size, so there’s less surface area to hit when trying to work around trouble or into tight spots on courses like Augusta National Golf Club, where space is limited.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Does the shorter head affect the overall accuracy?

Ans: No, the technically shorter head will hamper your carry distance, but the new P790 model not only gets the head short but also help you to achieve higher ball speed.

Q2. As the spin of the P790 is low, which ball would be recommended for this?

Ans: The TP5 or the Prov1 would be a great combination for this iron. I have been practicing with them for the last couple of months and it is amazing.

 Q3. Which club is better option CF 16 or P790?

Ans: CF16 was a good club back in time but now P790 leads in every category as it is an updated product with the need of time. Its forgiving is high with many plus points. With shorter head size it allows you to hit at a larger distance.

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