Bombtech Golf Review: Great Value From An Unexpected Place 2022

Bomb Tech Golf, a company that has a mark in the golf equipment industry. Any other company would have to be seriously lucky if they plan to sell anything to golfers online in Vermont, and they might have the least chances to succeed. It is not something that I am speaking negatively, but the company has proved and is existing at the top with huge success.

If you are looking for some real quality stuff then this is absolutely the right place. The article focuses on different company aspects and products.

bombtech golf

An Engrossing Success Story ….

Broken Drivers is where it started from

Sully, a guy who had a passion to hit the ball, as far as the human possibilities could do. In this quest, he broke many drivers. The construction of designing better drivers by him could be done with the help of the University of Vermont (engineering department). The first version of Bomb Tech came into existence after the year 2012. I came to know about the company in 2015. Foregoing professional sponsor contracts, cutting the middleman out and using the internet was the approach that Sully’s model followed. By now they can boast of selling more than 150,000 golf clubs. A successful company that has progressed rapidly with a niche in the golf market.


What Sets Them Apart

The company’s unique marketing strategy makes them stand apart. They have successfully managed to position themselves online, in a way that is not so common as compared to the other companies in this category. They have built a strong customer relationship and support with brilliant social media promotion, word of mouth and aggressive pricing in no time. Any new brands or apparel can actually learn from the company’s success story. They even offer a guarantee of 60-day for almost all products. I have gone through the customer reviews online on their site and was amazed to find out the love and support of customers.

They manufacture almost all the clubs that form a part of the bag, from original drivers to all, except the putter. I have witnessed the success of Bomb Tech since years, and it is worth appreciable. They haven’t followed the normal norms of the golf club industry, but with superb techniques have made a mark of their own. A lot can be learnt from this company.

bomb tech golf

The Golf Clubs And The Bombtech Driver

I used to always wonder if the clubs that are being constructed by Bomb Tech are due to intelligent sales or any kind of marketing technique. But it’s true that the prices at which the clubs are available are having steep discounts but the performance is not sacrificed though. The marketing in the golf equipment industry can be considered as some kind of hype and nothing else. The driver comes with a retail price of 347 dollars. The brand carries a USP (unique selling proposition) this way. The company is into the same game as the other OEM’s but works differently. They are confident sellers and are ready to accept any challenges from the user’s side, and I have tried that personally.

The company comes with offers too such as you can currently get with your driver purchase a “free” three wood, so unique is their promotion. It sounded absolutely funny when a set of 3 wedges were introduced with a price as less as 99 dollars. Is it a kind of joke! How can profits hail? I was contacted by these guys for a demo of their wedge set and their driver. I insisted that they compare my equipment and theirs on a launch monitor and they were absolutely confident with this.

bombtech grenade driver review

Bombtech Grenade

When we say Bomb Tech, that means we are just talking about the joyful moments that the farthest hits in golf can provide you with. As discussed earlier also the company started with someone’s obsession and passion of in order to hit the golf ball as far as possible, and today have become a leader in the golf manufacturing industry.

The new is the latest designed 2nd generation bomb Tech Grenade driver. The brand claims with utmost confidence that the unique and new design is the one with aerodynamics that are improvised. Now the ball can be launched much higher and with less spin, due to the gravity’s centre location. Stable, lightweight and a lower torque is what the superior quality shaft features.

bombtech grenade driver reviews

Bombtech Wedges

The Bomb Tech Wedges come at a retail price of 149 dollars and are of 52, 56 and 60 degrees. I carry them in my bag. They are designed with brilliant engineering, are sleek and attractive. I am fond of my Pink Glide wedges and have also tried to test the Bomb Tech wedges on my launch monitor. I was happy to find out that they performed with similar performance to that of my Pings. Versatility happens because of bounces and grinds. On a true note, my wedges have a softer impact than these but the wedges are durable, and this factor remains very potent. But if we consider it on an overall basis, then the wedges by Bomb Tech possess a great value.

bombtech wedges

Bombtech Putter

This is another premium quality product from the US and is constructed with intense engineering. The engineering approach is pure and manufactured with the help of the engineering department of Vermont University. This one is made with high MOI (moment of inertia), which makes it convenient to have a stable-pendulum stroke. The putter by Bomb Tech is CNC milled and looks beautiful and attractive as is carved out of solid piece (carbon steel). It is built with no inserts, no forging, just solid steel. You get a great feel and sound and weigh around 445 grams. The design is unique, and on off-center putts, the clubhead twisting is reduced. The putter exhibits craftsmanship that’s really classy and is an example of a great combination of engineering and creativity.

bombtech putter

Bombtech Irons

A strong, superior and .125 inches more in length are the features that make the new iron set by Bomb Tech. The brand aimed at designing irons with a bit more length, but with the same accuracy as the previous ones. These irons look bold and marvelous, the performance is dangerously accurate and are easy to hit. One of the most requested products by me, and sells so quickly. The set includes 7 irons (4-pw), and missing a hit with these is quite impossible. The weight is quite beneficial when we talk about these irons, a better feel is ultimately what you receive. The steel shafts are step-less and are consistent. All these make the irons and the iron set a quality product, stable and is designed for you specially and specifically.

bombtech irons

Key Contributors For Enhancing Sales

The Great Products

Bomb Tech manufactures the greatest and the finest products of golf. Some of them are listed under:

bombtech irons review


An amazing wedge set that can be used to hit from anywhere. The weight is heavy and provides you with maximum control and feel. The groove depth is maximum that provides increased spin.

grenade driver reviews


This is so much in demand that the selling risk is extremely high. The company boats of its performance and guarantees that it can outperform your driver.

bombtech putter


This features an amazing shape that is stable, confident and inspiring than the traditional one. The three magical words solid, clean and smooth explain it all.

bombtech irons


This can be used to hit from any lie, and in case you have mis-hits, those will also appear pleasant.

Their Superb Marketing Strategy

If we talk about the modern golf industry, then we can say engineering is based on marketing. The Bomb Tech company has done an amazing online marketing and promotion. From FB, IG, Youtube or Google Ads, nothing is as such that is left out. The products are attractive and so is the promotion style. The brilliant way of exhibiting products makes them just stand out of the crowd.

The Re engagement Strategy      

What Bomb Tech does is for its customers. They take care of the customers so well, engage them through emails, messengers, and Bomb Tech apps. In case of any trouble in no time they replace the product. The customer feels like a king and the personal touch, the customer-support the company provides is worth an applaud. They rank on top when it comes to re connecting customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How Good Are Bombtech Golf Clubs?

Ans: I5.0 stars out of 5 The bombtech clubs arrived swiftly and in excellent condition. The pricing is unbeatable for what…

Q2. Are Bombtech Irons Forgiving?

Ans: The 431 stainless steel shafts and step-less steel shafts deliver the feel and consistency you’d expect from a high-end iron set. BOMBTECH’s sole purpose is to assist you in playing your best golf while staying within your budget.

Q3. Is It Legal To Use The Bombtech Grenade Driver?

Ans: Drivers for the BombTech Grenade 2 are legal. They follow the rules and requirements of the United States Golf Association (USGA).

Q4. Are There Any Professionals Who Utilize Bombtech?

Ans: A brief Q&A session. Are there any professionals who come to our clubs? However, none of the major names are paid to perform at our clubs.

Q5. Is It Legal To Play Bombtech Golf?

Ans: “Do your golf clubs comply with USGA rules?” Yes, the USGA rules apply to all of our handmade golf clubs.

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