PXG 0211 Irons Review For High Handicappers

Not to blow even a little smoke to suggest that a segment of golfers is there who get drawn to the PXG brand but the current price for its irons is found a little too bougie. This kind of purchase does not go unnoticed on the homefront.

A good number of PXG’s customers are not concerned overly about the cost, there is an untagged market of PXG customers who might be distracted by the introduction of a more affordable offering. With that in mind, the pxg 0211 for high handicappers was introduced.

The significantly reduced price should approach more likely including some, have professed to despise the brand. Accessibility and little closer to affordability have a route of changing perceptions.

PXG 0211 Irons Review

A few trade-offs were required to hit 0211’s consumer-friendly price point, but PXG did not give up much in the way of performance. It is still really good, says the company CEO and the founder.

The company has not abandoned its guiding principles of innovation, quality, and performance. PXG has put significant efforts to ensure its new mainstream – ish iron offering performance on par with other PXG offerings.

This shouldn’t be any surprise that there is a large amount of overlap between 0211 and 0311, so there is sense to begin by explaining how the two iron families are alike.

Construction is The Same

There are inarguable similarities in the construction. The 0211 features the same face material as the 0311GEN2, it works in conjunction with PXG’s more responsive second-generation COR2 polymer material- the ceiling allows for the thinnest iron face on the market to preserve the ball speed along the complete face.

Similar to the 0311GEN2, it gives an internal space parameter cut out. The design leverage is an undercut cavity and moves the headlines between the two pieces of the club’s outer parameter. Forgiveness boosting feature that provides an effectively larger face without increasing the clubhead size.

Outstanding Sound And Feel

This is admittedly subjective and open to some personal interpretation, but according to PXG – the new model provides the same exceptional sound and feel as the GEN2 irons. With similar features covered, let’s find out what distinguishes 0211 from earlier PXG iron offerings.

The Body is Cast

Not like the GEN2 offerings, which are forced, 0211 features a body of an investment cast 431 stainless steel.

The new PXG material offers a solid feel bringing with it enhanced durability and corrosion resistance.

According to the description of PXG casting is a more efficient process, here efficiency is a euphemism for less expensive. The change from forged to cast is a good bit that is why the 0211 can be offered at a lower price.

Most golfers relate cast irons with inferior feel but PXG’s Chief product officer hopes to shift the paradigm a bit. The more complex, multipiece constructions such as 0211, it is in single-piece design, and the grain structure is not the factor. PXG believes the differences between the two are a push. Your mileage may vary as always.


The weight screws removal from the 0211, PXG gives a bit of fitting versatility, it’s builders and fitters are capable of achieving required swing weights through conventional methods.

Some people may be disappointed that 0211 doesn’t appear exactly like other PXG iron offerings, for exactly that reason others will appreciate it.

Progressive Head Design

0311GEN2 iron family is available in four different models (T, P, SGI, and XF), the 0211 is offered as a single progressive design. Just imagine it as a factory designed combo set.

The long irons( more especially the 4 iron)  are similar to the XF. It gets you a longer blade, wider sole, and a more offset to push the center of gravity back and to promote a higher launch. The short irons are similar to 0311GEN2P.

They are more compact with more of a player scoring club look. The remaining set is designed to provide a natural and smooth transition between the two styles. The big picture design goal is to give you forgiveness where you require it and playability where you want it.

The length, lie and loft specs are similar to the 0311GEN2P iron. To offer a single progressive set is a more efficient design approach than to offer multiple head styles.

Lower MOI

Less forgiving is not exactly a selling point but credit goes to PXG for not trying to spin the detail by claiming 0211 is more workable. There is a bit of relative MOI hit from the 0311GEN2 to 0211.

The new model is unforgiving but as it lacks the tungsten weighting of the 0311, MOI is 7% to 10% lower than 0311GEN2. According to PXG belief-the benefit of COR2 construction, it can hold its own against the competitive set.

Stock Shafts – Upgrades Will Cost You

The  0211s have a real stock shaft offering. The Steel offering is True temper’s new Elevate. A 95g is the standard Elevate( available in R and S flex) designed to promote the high trajectory for those who require a little spin back into their iron game.

The Elevate Tour (115g) is present in stiff and x – stiff flexes, it is a mid trajectory, mid-spin offering.  Both elevate shafts feature vibration suppression system technology VSS. VSS decreases unwanted vibrations by 71% in the standard Elevate whereas VSS PRO decreases unwanted vibrations by 56% in the Elevator Tour.

The just-released MMT from Mitsubishi is the graphite offering. It is a low to mid-weight parallel tip offering which has been described by Mitsubishi as mid-spin and mid-launch.

Buyers and fitters still have access to PXG full shaft matrix but there is a per club up charge of $25 to move shaft offering out of the stock.

An understandable line is given where the offering fits in the PXG line up whereas it’s a bit counter to the message of a company whose sales have been almost entirely custom-fit.

What Does 0211 Mean For PXG?

The long term growth for the brand is dependent on its ability to exist on the periphery of the mainstream. Per Club price point – $15 steel to $210 graphite – that’s precisely what PXG is trying to do with this release.

How much demand for PXG irons priced the same to JDM offerings from Miura, Epon, and others?

The response to earlier PXG offerings has taught us that not everybody will find 0211 as the right thing for golfers but it’s a step towards increasing the accessibility of the brand and putting PXG clubs in the bags of more golfers.

Golfers are fond of analogies and they are mostly used in the context of release cycles, this may hold up in this case. There is not much evidence to suggest the existence of A and C class diminishing the appeal of the Mercedes brand for the more affluent customers of the company.

The S-class sells just fine and it moves a few Maybachs too.

It still isn’t cheap or less expensive PXG. There is not any reason why that luxury cannot coexist with an offering placed slightly above the mainstream, in such cases it is best to defer to Nike’s one of the guiding maxims. Ultimately the decision is of the consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Pxg 0211 A Good Choice?

Ans: While sheer power is impressive, I was most struck by the 0211 irons’ forgiveness. These clubs have a nice aesthetic, especially through the mid and short irons, yet they play like much larger irons. I enjoy how much forgiveness is packed into a set without requiring a lot of offsets.

Q2. Pxg 0211 Vs. Pxg 0311: What’s The Difference?

Ans: The biggest difference between the 0311 and 0211 irons is that the new model is formed rather than forged. What’s more, the 0211 iron has a hollow body structure, which is similar to earlier PXG irons.

Q3. Is Pxg 0211 A Better Game?

Ans: The PXG 0211 is described as straddling the border between game improvement irons and players irons. Because of the large soles and smaller upper lines, this is the case. The 0211’s greater blade length, which is longer than most players’ irons, adds to its overall appeal.

Q4. Is It Possible To Bend Pxg 0211 Irons?

Ans: Option B: PXG 0211 irons are bent 2o tougher and played one iron tougher than standard PXG 0211 irons (treat the GW like a PW, a Seven-iron like a Six-iron, etc.). 2. Lowering the lofts increases bounce. PXG can bend the irons (up to 2°) to make the lofts of 0211s nearer to the more typical numbers (i.e., somewhat weaker).

Q5. Are Pxg 0211 Blades?

Ans: Despite the fact that our 0211 ST Irons are designed as blades, the deliberate redistribution of mass across the club head results in a higher overall MOI, providing them surprisingly forgiving for a solid-bodied blade.

Q6. Are PXG 0211 Irons forgiving?

Ans: The PXG 0211 irons are designed with forgiveness in mind. They have an oversized head, which means they can be struck off-center without losing distance or accuracy. These clubs also feature a thin face, which helps the ball fly higher and farther than most other irons on the market today.

Q7. What is the difference between PXG 0211 and ap3?

Ans: The PXG 0211 is designed to provide golfers with maximum distance and forgiveness on off-center hits. It features an aerodynamic head shape that reduces drag and increases ball speed across the face of the clubface. It also has a deep undercut cavity design that creates more backspin, which leads to higher launch angles and lowers spin rates in flight.

On the other hand, the ap3 is made from titanium alloy steel material that provides players with increased swing speeds while maintaining feel and control at impact. This allows them to generate more power without sacrificing accuracy or consistency when hitting shots into the green or around obstacles like trees or bunkers.

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