Orange Whip Golf Trainer Review

The Orange Whip is one of the top golf training aids on the market.  Though this device looks a bit odd, it will make a positive impact on your golf game without busting your budget.  The average golfer does not invest an hour or even half an hour warming up prior to a round. 

It doesn’t matter if you are getting ready for the biggest round of your life or simply the local golf shamble, warming up is critical!   The last thing you want is to feel tight, stiff and uncomfortable when you tee off.  Enter Orange Whip.  Orange Whip helps you loosen up prior to swinging the sticks. 

Give this training aid a try and you will agree it really does make it that much easier to loosen up prior to a round of golf before you hit that first golf ball.  In fact, this training aid even makes it the much easier to master swing tempo, control, speed and hitting distance. 

Whether you are looking to boost your long game, improve your short game or simply warm up before a round of golf, you owe it to yourself to consider the merits of the Orange Whip.

The Orange Whip’s Reputation

The Orange Whip is consistently rated as a great warm up tool for good reason.  Ask those at your local golf club about the it and you will likely be inundated with praise for the device.  In fact, the professionals on the PGA and LPGA have voted the Orange Whip as their top teaching and training aid. 

Golfers across the United States and even those across the globe think highly of this recognizable training aids.  Give it a try for yourself and you will agree it is deserving of its sterling reputation and lives up to the hype.

What Does the Orange Whip Do?

The Orange Whip swing trainer is designed to improve your golf swing.  The swing trainer consists of an orange rubber ball attached to the end part of a golf shaft.  This shaft is flexible, black in color and weighted just right at 1.75 pounds. 

It measures 47 inches in length, coming in slightly longer than regular golf driver.  And is designed to be just a bit longer than a regular club in order to exaggerate the movement made when the driver is swung. 

The Orange Whip also forces golfers to adjust their tempo so the entirety of their body remains connected.  Just about every golfer who has tempo issues will find this swing trainer is quite helpful. 

In fact, this device can even enhance your short game to boot.  Let’s take a closer look at what the Orange Whip Trainer is all about.

How do You Train With Orange Whip?

The Orange Whip is a perfectly sized golf training aid that can be used indoors or outdoors.  This is quite the contrast to some other golf training aids that are too large to move around the house or into the car. 

Whether you are at home, in the office, warming up on the course or elsewhere, you will be able to use the Orange Whip Trainer to improve the quality of your golf swing.  Golf experts are well aware of the fact that balance is essential to success on the links.  Timing and tempo are also essential to shooting a low score. 

Orange Whip is designed to enhance golfers’ balance and rhythm.  Instant feedback is provided with every single swing.  This is precisely what you need if your golf swing is wobbly or if you are even the slightest bit off-balance when you swing. 

Take note of the prompt feedback from your Orange Whip, make the appropriate alterations to improve your timing and rhythm and keep working your way toward the optimal tempo of a backswing to downswing ratio of 3 to 1.

Ideally, golfers who use Orange Whip Trainer will alternate between the device and their golf clubs.  Continue to rotate between the two and your tempo and rhythm practice will influence your actual golf swing on the course and the driving range.  Though regular use of Orange Whip is not guaranteed to fix a flawed golf swing, it will certainly help.

Does Orange Whip Increase Swing Speed?

Indeed, the Orange Whip enhances swing speed.  Training with the Orange Whip begins with several swings, ideally both left-handed and right-handed.  Golfers are then encouraged to switch to the LightSpeed version of the device and repeat swings from both the left and right sides. 

The LightSpeed version is a bit smaller and lighter.  The device was designed in this manner to boost swing speed.

The Orange Whip training device is particularly helpful with the release.  The release is a golfer’s hinging, unhinging and re-hinging of the club and the wrist through the bottom portion of the swing. 

In short, the release creates a pattern shaped like the letter L.  The Orange Whip facilitates the practicing of the release simply because the club is counterweighted.  Lift the club as you would during your regular swing, create an exaggerated L shape with your arms and the device and execute the downswing.  However, when performing the downswing, you must unhinge and release at the impact point to generate that much more power. 

Hinge once again on the follow-through to form the letter L.  This approach is essentially a squaring up mechanic that makes it easier for golfers to rotate the clubface in unison with the body to help the ball travel farther and straighter.  Continue to practice this motion with the Orange Whip Trainer and you will pick up on a whipping noise as you swing.

This noise makes it clear you are creating power in the proper manner.  If you want to improve your swing speed, power and accuracy all the more, modify the drill by using one hand on the Orange Whip.

Can You use Orange Whip During a Round of Golf?

If you want to get in some practice swings and enhance your timing, balance and coordination while on the links, you are perfectly free to use the Orange Whip Trainer during your round of play. 

However, most people do not use the device in the middle of a round.  Still, it makes sense to add the Orange Whip to your golf bag so you can pull it out and use it to practice in the event that there is a logjam of golfers ahead of you.  

Practicing with the Orange Whip during this potentially lengthy downtime will keep you sharp, improve your timing, boost your balance an ultimately increase the chances that you will hit the ball squarely once the bottleneck ahead clears and it is time for you to tee off. 

However, most people primarily use the Orange Whip while practicing at home, in the office or prior to teeing off on the first hole.  Thankfully, the Orange Whip is small enough in size that it can be used in nearly every indoor an outdoor environment.  In fact, even if you are in a cramped area such as a small office, you will likely have enough room to use the Orange Whip.

What Size Orange Whip Should I Buy?

As noted above, there is a regular Orange Whip and an Orange Whip LightSpeed available to the golfing public.  The regular Orange Whip is slightly longer and heavier than the LightSpeed version. 

The regular Orange Whip measures 47 inches and weighs 1.75 pounds.  This version has an orange ball at the end of its shaft.  The orange ball weighs 10.5 ounces.  The Orange Whip LightSpeed measures 43 inches and weighs 1.25 pounds.  If you struggle with your swing speed or if you have simply aged to the point that your swing speed has diminished over the years, the LightSpeed version is the better choice.  However, some golfers own both and choose to use them in an alternating manner.

It is also worth noting the LightSpeed has a different grip than the regular version.  Furthermore the LightSpeed has wider spacing between its wraps than the regular version.  In fact, the LightSpeed even has smaller dimples to enhance the texture.  Give both of these swing trainers a try and you will find the LightSpeed version feels a bit more synthetic as opposed to the original which relies on a rubber grip. 

Add in the fact that the LightSpeed’s grip is a bit larger, essentially feeling similar to a double wrap, and it is easy to see why many golfers are flocking to the LightSpeed version.

The Perfect Design

The Orange Whip golf trainer is designed with a patented counterweight system.  This system is designed to enhance both the flexibility and strength of the muscles used while on the golf course. 

The device’s counterweighted and weighted system is completely proprietary, meaning it is not used in any other golf training aids.  This unique design really does make it that much easier to improve your range of motion and also avoid injury.  In short, the Orange Whip’s idiosyncratic design makes it surprisingly easy to boost swing power and maintain control from the beginning of the swinging motion all the way through to the end. 

This feat is largely attributable to the club’s proprietary flexible shaft that improves rhythm and coordination between the arms, the lower body and the upper body.

Continue to swing with this training device over and over again and you will find your balance, tempo, speed and power improve, ultimately making it that much easier to hit accurate shots on the course. 

If your swing wobbles while using the device, you will be notified of the imperfection through the Orange Whip’s instant feedback system.  Even the slightest wobble is detected, triggering instantaneous feedback that helps you improve your balance as well as your tempo.

What About the Orange Whip’s Quality of Construction?

If you are worried about the Orange Whip not standing the test of time, don’t fret.  This device is well-made from top to bottom and side to side.  Built with premium quality materials, the Orange Whip is built to hold strong across posterity. 

In fact, every single Orange Whip is handmade right here in the good old United States of America.  The makers of the Orange Whip are so confident in the training aid that they provide a 2-year warranty for each one sold.

Patience is Essential to Getting the Most out of the Orange Whip

Open up the packaging of your new Orange Whip, start swinging with it and you will likely feel slightly awkward.  Most golfers are quick to testify the Orange Whip is a bit heavier than anticipated.  However, it is important that you continue to swing the Orange Whip instead of giving up right off the bat as it has an inherently awkward feel.  

The bottom line is this golf training aid will not feel exactly the same as a regular golf club.  However, if you continue to swing the Orange Whip until your shoulders and forearms feel a bit sore and you will agree it helps your golf game. 

In fact, many of those who use the Orange Whip stick to the training device as opposed to regular golf clubs for the first couple days.  Get the hang of the device, continue to use it and you will agree it makes a positive impact on your game.

A Swing Trainer With Intelligence

Spend some time swinging the Orange Whip golf trainer and you will feel as though the device is intelligent.  Though the Orange Whip is not sentient, it is programmed to pick up on flaws in golf swings. 

If you swing this device with improper tempo or lose your balance during the swinging motion, its weighted ball will make you aware of it right away.  This immediate feedback essentially makes the Orange Whip a smart training aid that is somewhat similar to a swing coach yet much more affordable.

Once you have perfected your golf swing after extensive practice with the orange whip golf swing trainer, it is time to hit the links.  Pick up a regular golf club after swinging the Orange Whip and you will agree it feels quite odd. 

However, if you spend 5 to 10 minutes swinging regular clubs, you will feel comfortable with their weight and feel adequately prepared to play your best on the course.  Even those who struggle to control their driver are quick to testify to the merits of this intelligent swing trainer. 

If you were to conduct an informal poll of players at your local courses who use the Orange Whip, most would likely testify the device makes it that much easier to hit the center of fairways and even improves their short game to boot.

The Orange Whip is Fun!

A large part of the appeal of the Orange Whip is its fun factor.  While most other training devices are fairly plain and not exactly fun to use, the Orange Whip trainer is quite enjoyable.  Whether you are retired, middle-aged or a youngster, you will enjoy using this swing trainer. 

The Orange Whip’s unique design and feedback system makes learning the perfect golf swing that much more enjoyable.  

Give this nifty swing trainer a try and you will agree its instant feedback makes it that much easier to perfect your balance and rhythm with every swing you take. 

Even if you have terrible balance and your swing wobbles, you will find the Orange Whip golf swing trainer greatly improves your golfing fundamentals by enhancing the synchronization between your lower body and upper body.  In the end, the Orange Whip boosts muscle memory, coordination and even flexibility in surprisingly little time. 

This is a low-impact swing trainer every golfer should seriously consider, regardless of their experience level. In particular, those who have found other training aids to be boring and those who are comparably young will appreciate the Orange Whip’s high fun factor.

Is the Orange Whip Worth It?

Yes.  The Orange Whip training aid really will help you improve your golf swing and reduce your scores.  This device enhances your timing, tempo, balance, control and even your swing power. 

In fact, some golfers insist they recognize an immediate improvement in the synchronization of their lower and upper body when using the device.  The end result is a considerable amount of power produced without an abundance of effort.  in short, this training aid enhances muscle memory and coordination, resulting in a more consistent and powerful swing without a lengthy investment of time.

The bottom line is tempo and balance are fundamental to golfing success, meaning the Orange Whip is worth every penny and then some.  Golfers who perfect these two components of the golf swing set the stage for success. 

Give the Orange Whip training device a try for yourself and you will find it boosts your flexibility, improves your swing plane and also enhances your rhythm.  As long as you commit to swinging this trainer once each day or once every couple days at a bare minimum (and also before your golf rounds), you will find it really does make a positive impact on your swing.

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