How To Regrip Golf Clubs [Easy Guide For Beginners]

Do your golf club seems to be a little shaky while playing? Is it hard to hold your golf club, and it feels worn? Does the rubber grip come off from your golf club? Does your golf club feel loose or uncomfortable to hold? If one of the above is your problem, then it is time to change your golf club grip.

Regripping the golf clubs need professional technique. This process will make you feel your old golf club like a new one. There is much possibility of gaining your game back with this new grip as the older one might affect the game at last.

Luck favors the bold as regripping the golf club is not a tough call until you know the exact process, you can easily assign one with ease depending on your technique. It is better to manage your skills for regripping your golf club instead of taking it out for a professional shop.

If you know and understand the regripping technique, it will help you to save your money and time. Patience is the key to this process. You need to systematically assign the grip pattern on the club, depending on the availability of the grip.

This article is beneficial for you if you want your golf club grip to be perfect and professionally gripped. It enables you to save your valuable time while enhancing your skills. There is always a possibility of learning if you have a desire for something specific. The arrangement of the below article is such that it specify step by step strategy for the regripping pattern.

There are some object which contains toxic materials and even sharp edges to carry out the whole process. You need to be extra conscious and adhere to safety precautions while dealing with the regripping process. Following the safety practice, as laid down in the instruction, will certainly reduce the chance of an accident or injury.

Step 1: Processing The Materials And Supplies:

For the regripping process, you will need a certain amount of materials and equipment for the proper implementation of the club grip. Gathering the right stuff on the work dashboard is the first step towards gripping.

With all the necessary equipment and product in your bucket, you can work with complete concentration and hassle-free. Ensure you have all the required products before starting the process.

While maintaining the proper ratio of professionalism and hard work, you can process your time with an efficient way to bring the end product in a realistic and comfortable feel on the completion of which you will feel proud.

Before the implementation of the products, according to step one, we need to arrange a spacious work location to carry out our regripping process. There should be ample and clean space without interruption so that we can easily place the club nearby after the completion of regripping. The selection of the working area should be exactly next to the table of materials so that we can easily carry out the process with a straight forward approach.

Here are some of the important material and tools for carrying out the process:

New grip: You can choose your particular grip in the gripping process. New grips are available in almost every professional sports shop that deals in golf items. The grips are available on the online market and repair shops also. Choosing the right grip for your golf club is very important as you need to decide which grips suits your play. I personally suggest the Golf pride cp2 grip as I am using it currently. This grip have a particular margin for control and very comfortable in holding the club. You should definitely try it out for once.

A Tee: For the application of a grip solvent you will definitely need a wooden tea or a plastic golf tea for proper orientation of the gripping process.

Bench wise: The bench wise tool will help you to hold your golf club while you remove your old grip and install the new one. It makes sure that the club remains intact and secure while dealing with the grip.

Shaft holder: While the club shaft is clamped to the bench wise, a rubber shaft holder will protect it from any physical damage.

Double-sided tape: Installing a new grip demands both side tapes.

Scissors: Scissor is a piece of essential equipment for carrying out the whole process as it helps for cutting down the old grips and tapes.

Scraper: Scraper is a useful tool for removing the residue and old tape from your golf club.

Utility knife: The utility knife in this process is a special and unique tool which has hooked blade. The reason behind this is that the sharp edge of normal blade can damage the graphite of the golf club.

Solvent: A special and high quality solvent can be very useful for providing good adhesion to the tape. There are many specialized grip solvent available in the market for these types of experiments.

Catch basin: The catch basin catches the running solvent beneath the golf club so that the work area remains neat and clean.

Rag: A rag or any cotton cloth is useful at the time of regripping the golf club.

Many of these extensive item can be available at a nearby drug shop while the others could be bought from the professional sports shop.

Step 2: Removing Old Grips And Residue:

For removing the old grip, hold the golf club between your arm pointing the grip end in the front direction. Bench wise could also act as a support for the holding process.

Use the hooked utility tool for cutting the grip. The cut should be accurate starting from the top position to the end lengthwise. After cutting the grip it could easily be sliced down with bare hands.

If you still feel any difficulty, use the scissor for cutting the grip away from the club. Following the safety purpose, the direction of cutting the grip by utility tool should always be away from the body also make sure no one is standing in the front position during this approach.

Step 3: Removing The Tape Residue:

It is quite easy to peel off the double-sided tape from the golf club, but sometimes you might find it hard to remove the residue leftover from the tape.

It may demand a scraper for removing the leftover residue before the implementation of the new grip. After removing the old tape completely from the shaft body, you will find out that the shaft is coated with some rough and sticky residue.

This is due to the old tape and adhesive solvent. To accomplish the gripping process, you need to take out this residue. Apply the residual removing solvent on the rag and rub it down the golf shaft.

The adhesive and residue will come off with the rag. After removing the residue, the grip area of the shaft should look the same as the rest of the shaft body.

Step 4: Applying The New Tape:

After placing the shaft in the rubber holder, the direction of the clubface should be perpendicular to the ground. Do not overtighten the shaft you need to secure it properly.

Cover the grip area of the golf shaft using double-sided tape. Leave half an inch of double-sided tape at the butt end. You can either apply a candy-type striping or parallel path application of the tape.

There should be no area left untapped. After wrapping the tape, remove the back of the double-sided tape and place the overhanging tape position inside the shaft.

Step 5: Applying The Grip Solvent:

Before applying the solvent on the grip tape, place the catch basin beneath the work area to avoid any runoff solvent. Pour the solvent carefully into the other end of the grip.

Push the vent hole by using the golf tee while pouring the solvent. Cover the new grip with the solvent which help you to slide the grip tape. Before the solvent dry, quickly remove the tee and carry on with the next step.

Step 6: Placing The New Grip:

After pouring the solvent on the tape, place the grip on the solvent before it gets dry. You should keep the logo design facing upward while positioning the new tape.

Once you align the grip properly, slide the grip onto the shaft by gently squeezing the right direction i.e. open end. Press the end part of the butt all the way to the grip cap.

Checking The Final Position of The Grip:

Before moving on to your next golf club, you need to check your regripped golf club properly as fast as the solvent dry.

Remove the shaft from the bench wise and hold it in the same position you hold the shaft while playing.

The logo design should properly align with the club. By looking down from the top position, you can easily sort out the proper alignment.

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