How To Chip A Golf Ball With Proper Chipping Technique

While being a golfer chipping might appear quite easy but there is much struggling when these little shots are played.

Speaking confidently! Contact and that too a solid one is what is required for the right chip. When you are chipping a golf ball, it will only be a perfect shot when you are hitting it right and the ball rolls properly in spite of skips on the greens.

Basically, chipping is a tactical shot and the player manages to lift the ball high (in air) with this. The best thing is if the ball is buried in the grass then the shots tend to be perfect. Amateurs or professionals should note that chipping is of potent importance for any. Of course, you have to play some serious golf for sure.

Some Great And Easiest Steps And You Are Almost There To How To Chip a Golf Ball Right

  1. The Proper Posture

You should use your sternum for ball alignment. The correct posture and position are what all that matters while playing shots in golf. Sternum being parallel and the ball being ahead a bit of the ball is what you should aim for. The centre of the chest is the sternum.

2. Chest Up And Feet Close

Arms should be positioned at your back and while you swing the chest should always be kept up. If your chest is arched then the chips will be unbalanced and may change direction. In case of any issues, one should always try to tell someone to watch and guide you. Position your feet together and the inside space should have a distance of one foot, in short, should be parallel.

If you deliver a proper swing that won’t exert your upper body in excess or stain any single area of your body. Even you can share the stress of your wrist if you position your hip on the other side of club.

3. Lift The Heel Off The Ground And Place The Shaft Vertical

You should position yourself close to the ball and shaft should be vertical and that will let you chip from the right angle. The attack will be shallow with a vertical shaft and this should be followed as the club will stay buried in the grass and your toe glides through the grass. All this leads to a proper connection of the ball.

The Process After Setting The Physical Parameters

1. Chipping the Ball

The upper part of your body should swing completely in order to deliver a perfect chip. At this moment just remember not to swing your wrists and the force and control all should be balanced. All this will make you feel the movement in your hips. The legs and feet should be entirely stable.

It is a just a myth that if you start playing golf hit high, but this shouldn’t be the case. For beginners it is very important to keep the swings a little downward initially. A downward strike is more appreciable.

  • Raising The Club

The club should be raised and this will certainly have an impact on the ball. A single fluid motion should be mastered while swinging downward or scooping up. This will make your force to maximize.

3. Controlling The Chipping Force

You just have to dial in the distance and the practise of chipping will make you more and more efficient to control your shots on the greens. You will be able to make your sail if you want.

4. Using Putting Stroke To Chip The Ball

This is not complicated and the ball should be chipped with a putting stroke. You lift the heel then ball is addressed off the toe and as discussed earlier the vertical shaft makes it work in a different manner altogether.

We know that after the flight of the ball, the rolling pattern should be followed and where the ball lands? Is what everyone concentrates. The more focussed you are the more you will be able to grasp better from the flaws and drawbacks.

5. Improving The Chip Tricking

Chipping is strategic and tricky unlike other normal golf shots. You should follow this only when required. You should be confident and follow this that when and where a chipping shot should be employed or a normal will suffice. Practicing the basics is what is required, and you can do this on any smooth surface.

6. Choosing The Right Club

As a golfer you should chip the ball properly and the right club should be used after calculating the ratio.

What is a ratio here?

Comparison of the ball flight and its rolling later makes you decide the ratio. The chip shots will make the ball go out of the grass and makes it reach back to the course. Footsteps can be used to measure the required distance. For example, the hole is 10 steps away and the ball is 5 steps away, the ratio will come out to be 1-to-2.

For a 1-to-1 ratio a sand wedge will work great

For a 1-to-2 ration a pitching wedge is good

And for a 1-to-3 ration a 9-iron

You should hold your club firmly while playing any shot fir delivering your best. Positioning, hand control and the right release is what all matter. Good shots will certainly flow making you feel happier and satisfied.

Brushing your Training Skills

A golf instructor might cost you around 100 USD per hr or even more. But on the other-hand you might learn wrong steps for playing so proper lessons are a must. Your experienced friends can help you though.

Elongated Clubs Help You Learn Better

It happens sometimes that issues might be faced by you while having footing and stance and then this is where an elongated club will help you learn and deliver better. Swinging too far may put you in pain as the club’s back may clip you in your back. Avoid these wrong shots.

In lieu of a club you can use a pool stick if required as this will provide better holding.

Making phantom contact is more successful as the execution of the swing will make the ball stopping right and the swing stops right before the ball. This prevents retrieving again and again and while you practise. This will make things easier for you and the improvisation will show automatically in your shots.

Experiment with a difference and follow your own trends while learning. I am sure you will get to know your own unique style while learning with warm-ups, swings and footings. It should be natural and make your foundation firm.

Discover your own style while chipping right!

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