Golf Push Cart vs. Pull Cart: Which is Better for Your Game?

Golfers have two main options when it comes to carrying their clubs on the course: a push cart or a pull cart. While some players prefer to carry their clubs themselves or use a golf cart, push and pull carts offer an excellent balance between convenience and physical activity.

However, choosing between the two can be challenging, as they both have their benefits and drawbacks. In this article, we will explore the main differences between golf push carts and pull carts, and which option is best for your game.

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Difference Between A Golf Push Cart and A Golf Pull Cart

When it comes to transporting your golf clubs and equipment around the course, you have two main options: the best golf push cart or pull carts. The main difference between a golf push cart and a golf pull cart is the direction of forward momentum.

A push cart is designed to be pushed from behind, while a pull cart is meant to be pulled from the front. Both options offer a convenient and efficient way to carry your clubs and gear, but there are pros and cons to each.

One advantage of a golf push cart is that it allows for a more natural walking position, as you can maintain a comfortable upright posture while pushing the cart in front of you. This can help reduce strain and fatigue on your back, neck, and shoulders.

Additionally, many push carts have three or four wheels, which provide more stability on uneven terrain, making them a good option for hilly courses or rough terrain.

On the other hand, a golf pull cart requires you to walk in a slightly bent over position to pull the cart behind you. While this may not be as comfortable for some, golf pull carts often have larger wheels, which can make them easier to maneuver over rough terrain.

Additionally, some pull carts come with a fourth wheel or an adjustable handle, allowing for greater stability and customization. Ultimately, the choice between a push cart and a pull cart comes down to personal preference and what feels most comfortable for you while playing golf.

Pros And Cons Of A Push Cart

Using a push cart has many advantages. Firstly, it allows golfers to easily move around the golf course without having to carry their golf bag on their shoulders. This can be especially beneficial for older golfers or those with back or shoulder problems who find it difficult to carry a heavy bag for a long period of time.

Push carts are also designed to evenly distribute the weight of the bag, which helps to reduce fatigue during the round. Additionally, using a push cart can help to improve posture and reduce the risk of injury, as it allows golfers to maintain a natural walking position without the added strain of carrying a heavy load.

However, there are also some drawbacks to using a push cart. One of the main disadvantages is that they can be bulky and take up a lot of space in the trunk of a car. This can be a problem for golfers who have limited space or frequently travel to different golf courses.

Push carts can also be difficult to maneuver on rough or hilly terrain, which may require golfers to lift and adjust the cart frequently. Lastly, push carts can be expensive, with some models costing several hundred dollars, which may not be feasible for all golfers.

Despite these drawbacks, many golfers still prefer to use a push cart due to the convenience and health benefits they offer. Overall, the decision to use a push cart ultimately comes down to personal preference and individual needs.

Pros And Cons Of A Pull Cart

Pull carts have been a popular choice for golfers for many years, as they offer a simple and efficient way to transport your golf bag around the course. Pull carts typically have either two wheels or three wheels and are designed to be pulled behind the golfer as they walk.

One of the biggest advantages of using a pull cart is that they are relatively inexpensive compared to other golf cart options. Additionally, pull carts require no external power source or motor, which means they are environmentally friendly and require minimal maintenance. They are also lightweight and easy to maneuver, making them a great option for golfers of all ages and skill levels.

However, pull carts do have some downsides to consider. One of the biggest cons is that they can put unnecessary strain on your back muscles if you are not used to pulling heavy loads. This can lead to discomfort and fatigue, which can negatively impact your game.

Additionally, pull carts can be more difficult to maneuver over rough terrain, such as hills or wet grass. They can also be less stable than push carts, as the weight of your golf bag is centered over the front wheel or wheels, which can make the cart prone to tipping over.

In conclusion, pull carts are a great option for golfers who prefer to walk the course and want a simple and cost-effective way to transport their clubs. However, they do have some drawbacks to consider, such as the strain they can put on your back muscles and the difficulty of maneuvering over rough terrain.

Ultimately, the decision to use a pull cart or another type of golf cart will depend on your personal preferences and playing style.

Electric Push/Pull Carts

Electric push/pull carts are a popular option for golfers who prefer walking the course without the physical exertion of pushing or pulling a cart. These carts are powered by a battery and offer an effortless way to navigate the course while carrying golf equipment.

One of the key benefits of electric push/pull carts is that they allow golfers to conserve their energy, enabling them to focus on their game rather than on the physical strain of carrying a bag.

Another advantage of electric push/pull carts is their convenience. These carts typically come with additional features such as built-in GPS systems, adjustable handles, cup holders, and storage compartments.

Many models also offer remote control options, allowing golfers to effortlessly move their carts around the course without having to physically push or pull them. Additionally, electric carts often have the ability to climb hills and navigate through rough terrain, making them a great option for courses with challenging landscapes.

However, there are some downsides to electric push/pull carts. One of the most significant drawbacks is their cost. These carts tend to be more expensive than their non-electric counterparts due to the added technology and battery power.

Another potential downside is that they require regular maintenance, such as charging the battery and replacing parts when necessary. Additionally, some golfers may find the added weight of the battery to be a nuisance, and the need for a power source may limit their range on the course.

How To Properly Use a Push Golf Cart on the Golf Course

Using a push golf cart on the golf course can make your game more enjoyable and less tiring, but it’s important to use it properly. First, make sure your golf bag is securely attached to the cart.

Place heavier clubs towards the bottom of the bag and lighter clubs towards the top to ensure the bag doesn’t topple over. You should also check the brakes on the cart to ensure they’re functioning properly, and always engage the brake when you stop the cart.

When pushing the cart, it’s important to maintain a natural walking position and avoid hunching over or leaning too far forward. This can put strain on your back and shoulder muscles, making it uncomfortable to continue playing. Use the cart’s adjustable handle to find a comfortable height and keep your shoulders relaxed.

As you push the cart forward momentum of walking you, keep your eyes forward and pay attention to the terrain ahead to avoid any obstacles.

When approaching the green, be mindful of where you park your cart. Avoid parking it too close to the green or in the line of play for other golfers. Many golf courses have designated areas for cart parking, so be sure to use those.

Additionally, make sure to remove any accessories, such as the umbrella mount or beverage holder, before putting the cart away. Properly using a push golf cart on the course can make your game more enjoyable and reduce the physical strain of carrying your clubs, while also ensuring that you’re not disrupting other golfers.

Why Do You Need a Push Cart (or Pull Cart)?

Using a push cart or pull cart on the golf course has several benefits that make them essential for golfers. Firstly, carrying a heavy golf bag for 18 holes can be a physically demanding task that can lead to fatigue and injury.

Using a push cart or pull cart helps alleviate this burden and allows golfers to focus on their game without worrying about carrying their equipment. By using a push cart or pull cart, golfers can preserve their energy and ensure they are physically fresh throughout the round, which can have a positive impact on their performance.

Secondly, push carts and pull carts provide a more comfortable and convenient way of transporting golf equipment around the course. Instead of having to carry the bag on your shoulder, push carts and pull carts allow you to push or pull your bag along the course effortlessly.

Some carts even come with additional features such as beverage holders, umbrella mounts, and storage compartments that can make playing golf more enjoyable and convenient.

Lastly, using a push cart or pull cart can improve the pace of play on the golf course. By avoiding the need to carry your bag, golfers can move more quickly and efficiently around the course, reducing the time it takes to complete a round.

Faster play benefits everyone on the course, as it reduces the likelihood of waiting around for slow groups ahead, and allows golfers to finish their round in a timely and efficient manner. In summary, investing in a push cart or pull cart can help you play better, reduce physical strain, and make playing golf more comfortable and enjoyable.

Which is a better push or pull golf cart?

When it comes to choosing between a push or pull golf cart, there is no clear winner as it largely depends on individual preferences. However, push carts have become increasingly popular among golfers in recent years due to their ease of use and convenience.

Push carts are designed to be pushed forward, which allows for a more natural walking position and places less strain on the back and shoulders. Additionally, push carts often have more features such as storage compartments, beverage holders, and adjustable handles, which can enhance the overall golfing experience.

On the other hand, some golfers prefer pull carts due to their simplicity and affordability. Pull carts are designed to be pulled behind the golfer and can be easily maneuvered on the course. While they may not have as many features as push carts, pull carts can still provide a convenient way to transport golf bags and equipment around the course.

Additionally, some golfers find that pull carts allow them to maintain a consistent pace and rhythm while playing, which can improve their overall performance on the course.

In the end, the decision between a push or pull golf cart comes down to personal preference and individual needs. While push golf carts may be more popular, pull carts can still provide a reliable and affordable option for those who prefer a simpler approach to transporting their golf equipment.

Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a cart that fits your individual needs and helps you enjoy your time on the golf course.

Which Do I Use?

As a golfer who regularly plays rounds of 18 holes, I can’t imagine carrying my golf bag on my shoulder for an entire game. That’s why I rely on my trusty push cart to carry my bag and all of my golf accessories.

Not only does it make the game more enjoyable by reducing the physical strain on my body, but it also allows me to focus more on my game instead of worrying about carrying my equipment.

Using a push cart has also improved my overall golf experience. With a push cart, I can easily transport my clubs and golf balls, as well as any snacks, beverages, and other items that I need during the game. It also provides me with easy access to all of my golf accessories, such as tees, gloves, and a scorecard holder. With everything in one place and easily accessible, I can stay organized and focused on my game without any distractions. Overall, using a push cart has made my golf games more comfortable, enjoyable, and efficient.


In conclusion, whether you prefer a push or pull golf cart ultimately comes down to personal preference and the type of golf course you play on. Push carts offer the benefits of better maneuverability and easier navigation, while pull carts are better suited for hilly courses and can provide a more natural walking position.

When deciding which type of cart to use, it’s also important to consider factors such as storage space, braking system, and additional features like cup holders and scorecard holders. Both push and pull carts have their pros and cons, but the most important thing is to find a cart that is comfortable and efficient for your game.

No matter which type of cart you choose, the use of a golf cart can make a significant difference in your overall golfing experience. By taking the strain off your back and shoulders, you can focus on your game and enjoy the benefits of a smooth roll around the course. So whether you prefer the convenience of a push cart or the simplicity of a pull cart, invest in a quality golf cart to enhance your playing experience and take your game to the next level.

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