4 Wheel vs 3 Wheel Golf Push Cart

You have your irons, driver, balls, tees, shoes, and your bag, and you’re ready to play your round, but the thought of carrying your bag for 18 holes doesn’t appeal to you! So, the next bit of equipment you’ll need is a golf push cart – how difficult can that be to find one?

The four-wheel push cart and three wheel golf push carts have some pros and cons. The three-wheel push carts are more maneuverable, faster, and have straps , but the four wheel golf push cart is more stable and folds more compactly to fit into your car than the three-wheel push carts.

So, now you need to choose between the different push cart versions and determine which of the wheel variations will best suit your walking style and which version offers the most value and extras – let’s start with the four-wheel push cart.

The 4 Wheel Push Cart Is Best For Stability

As a four wheels drive, this push cart version offers superb stability, so this would be the better choice if your golf course has lots of ups and downs; curves, hills, and paths with sharp turns where a less stable push cart could capsize.

wheel golf push cart with an umbrella holder and a cart bag for more storage

Having a more stable push cart offers greater protection for your golf bag and contained devices and golf accessories, and while it may take a bit more effort to push it over 18 holes, the peace of mind that your golf push cart will stay on its wheels regardless of the course terrain.

With larger wheels and a broader wheelbase, this golf push cart will be more expensive than the 3-wheel version, and this can often be a deal-breaker for golfers when it comes to choosing between the two golf push carts.

However, if your course is quite rough in terms of the topographical layout, you will struggle to keep your three-wheel golf push cart from falling over, and it would be worth the extra money.

The 4 Wheel Golf Push Cart Stores And Folds Better

The four wheels golf push cart folds to a more compact size, making for more straightforward and uncomplicated storage than the three-wheel version.

only real difference between three wheels and a four wheeler is the extra wheel.

This is due to the symmetrical design of the golf cart, where the frame has a wheel on each side and is designed to fold and make it easy to lift and store in the trunk or backseat without too much trouble.

Depending on what kind of car you have, especially if you don’t have a large trunk, a more compact design for your golf cart may be the ticket and lead to a lot less frustration when transporting it- especially if you are transporting your golf bag as well.

Three Wheel Golf Push Carts Are Faster And Easier To Drive

From a mobility and maneuverability perspective, the three wheeler wins that battle hands down, plus it takes less effort to push it during the round.

Because there is only a single front wheel, the ease to move and turn this golf cart takes far less effort than the four-wheel version. This is why many golfers opt for the three wheel golf cart rather than the four wheel pull golf cart.

Not only that, but the three-wheel golf push cart is lighter and easier to drive on the golf course, so it takes less energy to push it over around than the four-wheel golf cart version would do. You will be less tired after a round with the three-wheeler than one with the four-wheel push carts.

3 Wheel Push Cart – Straps & Storage

One of the advantages of the three wheel golf push carts is that they offer straps to secure the golf bag and create more excellent stability when in use. The four-wheel push carts version may not have as many straps and rely more on the design to stabilize the platform.

a pull cart for your golf bags with storage basket and swivel wheel provides more stability and includes a braking system.

The three wheel golf push cart will usually have a top and bottom strap to secure the golf bag, while the four-wheel push cart may only have a belt at the top that locks the golf bag onto the frame.

Recently, brands like Clickgear and Bag Boy, who make some of the best golf push cart options, have looked at ways to have their three-wheel golf push carts fold to a more compact and manageable size, making them that little more attractive and taking away a significant feature of their four-wheel golf cart counterparts.

Regardless, if you have a decent size trunk or SUV, you won’t have too much trouble fitting your three-wheel golf push cart in, even if the golf bag is still attached to the frame.

4 Wheel Vs. 3 Wheel Push Cart – Pricing

If you consider that a four-wheel Clickgear push cart would be about $100 more expensive than a three-wheel golf cart version from the same manufacturer, many golfers are loathed to opt for the more expensive option.

But, if you compare the cost to replace items in the golf bag that could be damaged if the cart and bag capsize and end up in a pond or fall a steep hill, the extra $100 may be justified.

What You Should Consider When Buying A Push Cart

There are a few elements to consider when purchasing a golf push cart, whether a three or four wheels pull cart.

Look at the braking system, as you don’t want a push cart that will get away from you on steep terrain and where the braking levers are located. Are they easy to access as well as engage and disengage? Some use a foot brake and some use a parking brake style hand brake.

Also, consider the storage capacity, how many little cavities and options the golf push cart offers for things like a beverage holder, phones, scorecards, tees, and your umbrella holder, and how many accessories you could hang off the golf cart without them falling off or getting tangled.

Look at the handle and how comfortable it feels in your hand, as you don’t want one that will become uncomfortable to push as you approach the last few holes.

Also, it would be recommended to examine the frame and what it’s made of. Lightweight, strong materials like an aluminum frame will reduce the weight. They are also corrosion-resistant, which is essential considering the golf cart will be exposed to the elements when you play golf.

Look at the number of wheels, what they are made of, and whether the material is durable, as replacing wheels due to wear and tear every few months would not make much sense.

What Golf Push Cart Do I Like?

My personal preference is the 3 wheel golf push cart. I like the swiveling front wheel that allows for an easier turn on the golf course. There really are so many benefits to the push cart in general.

Having one with excellent ball bearing wheels makes for a smooth ride. The parking brake helps keep the pull golf cart from rolling down the hills when I’m not holding it. Having the extra cup holder is a win as well to allow multiple drinks for those hot rounds.

I love using the umbrella holder during rain, it’s like having a caddie, keeping me and my golf gear dry. Even if I use a large accessory bag boy golf bag. The breath and angle of the umbrella can cover it all.

I also enjoy the storage compartment up near my handle. Its a great place to keep my rangefinder, scorecard and pin sheet. Having easy access to those is a great feature for my golfing experience.

I certainly enjoy having the option of using my wheel cart when the ground is wet and the local course has the 90 degree rule in place. Using pull carts is a great second option if the electric cart is not fully available.


When choosing a golf push cart, you need to weigh up what you are prepared to spend and the type of use and terrain the golf cart will be used on, as choosing one that is going to be more effort than ease.

Having the right push cart for your game will make it much easier to enjoy your round and keep your golf bag and its contents upright and moving forward even when the golf itself is going backward!

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