Golf Games For 5 Players [9 Options]

So, you’ve finally managed to gather a group of friends to play some golf, but you’re stuck with the odd number of five players.

You’re probably wondering if there are any golf games that can be played by five people. The answer is yes, there are golf games that can accommodate five players.

In this post, we highlight some of the best golf games for 5 players. Keep in mind that fairness isn’t always guaranteed in odd numbers unless every player plays for himself.

Top 9 Best Golf Games for 5 Players

1. Play Wolf

Also known as Ship, Captain & Crew, or Boss, Wolf game is a popular fun game that usually includes four players.

The players spin a tee to decide the order of play. The wolf is always the first player to start the tee. The wolf can either play alone against three people, or in a 2 vs. 2 team game for the hole. When five players are available, the wolf could still be alone or choose to play a 2 vs. 3 game.

Lone Wolf

Once the wolf hits the ball, he could either choose his partner immediately, announce he’s playing lone wolf and play his own ball, or wait until each player hits the ball to choose his partner.

play wolf game on the golf course in one group starting on the first hole

If the wolf denies a shooter as his partner, he can’t go back to that partner after the following player shoots.

The game then continues in search of that low net score. If the wolf wins the hole, he gets two points. If the wolf has a partner, they get one point each.

Playing wolf game works wonderful when players are wanting to gamble. You can play golf, play wolf and lose or win money!

2. Two Carts

Two Carts is more “funny” than it is a competitive golf game.

Five players head to the golf course but they only get two carts. The play begins and the game proceeds normally with stroke play. However, at the end of each hole, the player with the highest net score will have to walk to the next hall. The other golfers ride from the tee box to the putting green.

The walker could redeem himself in the following hole if he manages to be in the lowest net scorers, he gets to travel to the next hole in the cart.

This game becomes exceptionally funny if the same player gets to walk two or more holes in a row.

3. The Scramble

The scramble is perfect if one or more players of the group are beginners.

Scramble follows the normal rules of golf with one exception; all players will have to take their next shot from the location of the best first shot. So no one is expected to keep their own score or play their own ball the full round.

the winning team wins by using the best ball on each hole while having fun side games on the golf course

For example, if the third player lands in the best position from his shot, all the other players will take their balls to that position after deciding it was the best ball. Then, everyone (including the third player) takes the following shot from there.

This prevents having each player follow the same ball every match. It also gives a chance for less skilled players to keep up with the pack. The group plays together for their total score.

4. Stableford

Stableford is more common among the better golf players. The scoring in Stableford is a bit different than the normal golf.

Bogey scores you one point, par gives you two, birdie awards three, eagle earns a four, and the albatross grants you a five.

The player with the highest total at the end of the round is the winner.

5. High vs. Low

High vs. Low is often a 2 vs. 2 game, but when five players are present, the three highest handicappers usually team up against the two lowest ones.

If the handicaps are similar, the teams should be switched after nine holes.

Keep in mind that fairness isn’t the main concern in High vs. Low. The point is to have fun and let everyone play.

6. Ghost

This game is great for odd numbers because the player who evens the count is an imaginary player; the ghost.

On each hole, one player elects to play with the ghost. The ghost can give strokes and plays off the scratch handicap.

To keep things even, the highest handicapper in the group should be the one who plays with the ghost.

7. Skins

One of the most popular games for any number of players who like to bet. Whether the score is gross or net, the lowest score on the hole wins it.

Players can give each hole a monetary value. If there’s a tie, the hole carries over.

That being said, we recommend using net score instead of gross and use handicaps as well. This gives you a chance if the group skill gap is high.

8. Round Robin

In Round Robin, you get to alter the match every three or six holes. Three players will play in three groups for two holes. The opponents will be the remaining two players.

Once you finish three or six holes, you may change the group up. The most popular way to do that is throwing golf balls in the same spot, then team up based on the closest balls.

When the round ends, you may square with the other players.

9. Captain’s Choice

In Captain’s Choice, each player should have a random number between one and five.

One and four will form a team against two and three. The fifth player may pick the team he likes or have it randomized. However, he has to switch every three holes.

The teams may change every nine holes or remain the same till the match ends. You need to mark your scorecard to determine if the fifth player belongs to the winning team or the losing team.

Golf Course Games – There You Have It!

Those were nine golf games that can meet the tastes of players at any level.

If you want a good laugh, then try Two Carts. If you like betting and testing your luck, Wolf is the game for you. If the group is full of rookies, The Scramble will narrow the gap. And for those fine gentlemen who breathe gold, Stableford is the go-to.

Most of the remaining games focus on fun rather than competition. Whichever one you choose, remember to respect the green.

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