How To Play a Round of Poker Golf

How To Play a Round of Poker Golf

It’s getting around to the time of year when the sun is out, and the sprinklers are on. Your local golf course should be looking as great as ever, with sparkling green fairways, golden sanded bunkers waiting to trap you and, of course, the 19th hole welcoming you in after a hard round. If you … Read more

Golf Games For 5 Players [9 Options]

Golf Games For 5 Players

So, you’ve finally managed to gather a group of friends to play some golf, but you’re stuck with the odd number of five players. You’re probably wondering if there are any golf games that can be played by five people. The answer is yes, there are golf games that can accommodate five players. In this … Read more

How to Play Wolf Golf Game

Wolf Golf Game

Play the game of golf long enough and you will reach the point where you want to spice things up with new styles of play and twists that do not use traditional scoring. Golf is certainly fun when played the regular way yet the game becomes even more enjoyable when you and the rest of … Read more

Best Ball vs Scramble: Differences Explained

Best ball Vs Scramble

When it comes to golf, the format you play has the potential to make or break your day on the course. Choose the right format and your group will have a blast. Choose the wrong format for your twosome or foursome and you will find the experience proves somewhat disappointing or simply does not live … Read more

What is the Golf Shamble Format? [And Tips On How To Win]

Golf Shamble Format

One of the many great things about playing golf is the multitude of fun tournament competitions in which you and your friends can compete. While golf has a fairly straightforward format, there are many alternative formats that can add up to a very fun day playing in alternative golfing tournaments. A shamble tournament combines the … Read more