What Is a Good Golf Score for Nine Holes?

what is a good golf score for 9 holes

The game of golf is one that is enjoyed by millions of people around the world. One question that many golfers ask themselves is, “What is a good golf score for nine holes?” The answer to this question can vary depending on many factors, including the golfer’s skill level, the difficulty of the course, and … Read more

4 Person Golf Games [Fun and Competitive Ways to Play]

4 person golf games

Four person golf games are a great way to have fun and enjoy the sport with friends. These games involve teams of four players competing against each other to achieve the lowest score. Each player hits their own ball throughout the round, but the team’s score is determined by the best shot from each tee … Read more

What is Skins in Golf?

skins for golf

Golf is a game that has been enjoyed by many for centuries. One of the most popular formats of the game is the skins game. In a basic skins game, players compete against each other for each hole, with the player who wins the hole outright earning a skin. The value of the skin is … Read more

Best Ball vs Scramble: Differences Explained

Best ball Vs Scramble

Best ball in golf is similar, but not the same, as the scramble format. The main difference is that when playing best ball, each player plays their own ball through the entire hole. But when playing scramble, each player hits all shots from the same spot as a team. They get to choose which ball … Read more

How To Play a Round of Poker Golf

How To Play a Round of Poker Golf

It’s getting around to the time of year when the sun is out, and the sprinklers are on. Your local golf course should be looking as great as ever, with sparkling green fairways, golden sanded bunkers waiting to trap you and, of course, the 19th hole welcoming you in after a hard round. If you … Read more

Golf Games For 5 Players [9 Options]

Golf Games For 5 Players

So, you’ve finally managed to gather a group of friends to play some golf, but you’re stuck with the odd number of five players. You’re probably wondering if there are any golf games that can be played by five people. The answer is yes, there are golf games that can accommodate five players. In this … Read more