Golf Attire for Ladies (What to Wear, and What Not to Wear)

Ladies, it’s time to pull your clubs out of storage, because golf season is in full swing across the country. It’s also time to ensure your golf attire is as ready to hit the course as you are. 

Deciding what to wear on the course can be difficult for many women, as different courses enforce different clothing requirements.

Male players typically throw on some slacks or shorts and a polo-style shirt, but women face a few more difficulties when deciding what to wear. 

That’s because women’s golf attire ranges from shorts and slacks to golf skorts, dresses, sleeveless tops, zip-tops, and more. 

The following guide will help you decide the appropriate golf attire for the course you’ll be playing, while steering you away from unacceptable items.

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What Should Ladies Wear to Golf?

Golf is a highly athletic sport, but preparing to play golf is a lot different than preparing to play, say, a soccer match. 

Players don’t simply don shorts and a t-shirt and head to the course. That’s why knowing what to wear golfing is so important. 

Certain courses, such as private or semi-private ones, provide restrictions for what can and cannot be worn on the course.

Municipal courses tend to be a lot more relaxed, but they still implement a number of unwritten guidelines that are expected to be followed by men and women alike.

Clothing requirements vary from course to course, but the rules are often quite similar. 

The following are acceptable tops, bottoms, accessories, and other items for most golf courses around the country.


Women are often asked to wear tops with sleeves when golfing.

However, short-sleeve or sleeveless tops with collars are typically accepted when temperatures rise. 

The most popular golf shirt for women is a typical polo-style shirt, which is acceptable at most courses around the country. 

Here’s an Instagram post by Natalie Gulbis where her and Lexi Thomson are sporting cute polo shirt/golf-skirt combinations.

Women’s golf tops are available in a number of styles, including zip-tops, v-necks, and traditional button-downs.


Slacks are recommended bottoms for women when temperatures are cool, and they’re accepted at all courses in all seasons. 

When temperatures rise, shorts (mid-length or longer), cropped slacks, or capris are acceptable. Remember to use a belt when wearing slacks or shorts with belt loops. 

The golf clothing industry also produces a number of modest dresses and skirts specifically designed for the sport, as seen worn in the image below by LPGA golfer Michelle Wie:

Dresses and skirts are ideal for staying cool while golfing in hot temperatures.

Layers and Jackets

Days on the course aren’t always sunny and warm. 

Fortunately, golf clothing companies offer a variety of options for staying warm and dry while playing. 

Many female golfers dress in layers, so they can be easily added or removed if temperatures change.

However, it’s important to choose garments that allow you to swing freely, like the one LPGA pro Paula Creamer is wearing below:

A sweater or vest is ideal for staying warm, while wind-shirt or light, rainproof jacket can be ideal when there’s a chance of rain.


A number of accessories are available to female golfers. 

However, it’s important to know which ones are acceptable on most courses. Golf hats come in a variety of styles, including visors, caps, bucket hats, and more. 

These, as well as designer hats, are typically viewed as acceptable golf accessories.

A quality pair of sunglasses can help your game on bright days, while a golf umbrella is an accessory that should always be in your cart or bag.


Most private and semi-private courses will require players to wear golf shoes. 

Some of the more relaxed courses, or municipal courses, may let this rule slide and accept everyday athletic shoes. 

Golf shoes come in all kinds of different styles and designs. Check out these stylish pink Puma shoes worn by Lexi Thompson below:

Many courses and clubs also prohibit golf shoes with metal spikes.

And, aside from helping you look great on the course, a good pair of golf shoes is important for performance.

What Should Women Not Wear Golfing?

It’s important that dress codes don’t discourage women from playing the sport. The list of acceptable clothing at most courses is actually quite long. 

However, there are a number of items many clubs and courses do not allow.

The following are several clothing items that are not acceptable at most courses:

  • Jeans
  • Overly showy or glitzy clothing (plain colors or simple prints are ideal)
  • Sundresses
  • Sweats
  • Athletic pants
  • Traditional t-shirts without collars
  • Graphic t-shirts
  • Halter tops
  • Tank tops
  • Denim jackets
  • Hooded sweatshirts
  • Sandals

It’s important to note that some extremely relaxed courses may accept the above clothing items. 

However, it’s best to avoid these items if you’re at all unsure of the clothing requirements at the course you’ll be visiting.

Women’s Golf Attire FAQ

What does a woman wear to a golf tournament?

It’s essential to remain comfortable with a full range of motion when competing in a golf tournament. A short sleeve polo shirt and slacks or mid-length shorts is always acceptable. However, dresses and skorts specifically designed for golf are acceptable as well.

Can I wear leggings to golf?

Leggings are not accepted at most courses. Slacks or chinos are recommended when it’s cool enough for long pants.

What should I wear to a golf lesson?

It’s understood that you may not have all of the top golf clothing when you first enter the sport. A pair of plain slacks or mid-length shorts paired with a polo-style shirt and athletic shoes is acceptable for your golf lesson. It’s also an outfit you can probably put together from your closet.

What should I wear on a golf date?

Dressing for a golf date may come with a bit more pressure than dressing for a day of golf with the girls. This is when a cute yet modest golf skirt, skort, or dress can be ideal. These items offer a feminine yet athletic look that shows you’re serious about playing, but concerned about a positive first impression too.

What should I wear for a golf dinner event?

You don’t have to wear the same attire you wear on the course to a golf dinner event. This instance offers an opportunity to dress a bit fancier. However, it’s important to remember that modest apparel is always expected at golf events. 

A classy sundress with modest accessories is completely acceptable, while short or skimpy dresses and skirts are typically frowned upon. 

When in doubt, choose classic styles.

What do female spectators wear to golf tournaments?

The acceptable clothing for a woman to wear when viewing a golf tournament is a bit more flexible than that worn to play a round. 
However, the required golf clothing for playing at semi-private and private clubs is also acceptable for viewing a tournament. 

Dressing up is also common at golf tournaments, but classic or modest dress and skirt styles are most preferred. Remember, you’ll be doing a lot of walking when watching the tournament, so dress comfortably with class.

Golf Attire for Ladies – The Bottom Line

The origins of golf clothing date back to the 1940s, and many private or semi-private clubs and courses prefer to honor the sport’s history through specific clothing requirements. 

Women can remain respectful of club policies while staying comfortable by dressing in modest golf attire. 

A variety of major golf companies manufacture golf clothing for women that is maneuverable, breathable, and remarkably cute. 

Refer to the information above as well as course requirements before heading out for your next round of nine or 18!

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