What Tees Do LPGA Players Use? [Compared To PGA Tee Boxes]

What Tees Do LPGA Players Use

Female golfers are often curious about what tees LPGA players use during tournaments. The tee box is where the game begins, and it can make a significant difference in the overall yardage of the game. The LPGA tour is a professional golf tour for women, and it is only natural for fellow golf enthusiasts to … Read more

Which Tee Box Should I Use | Tee Box Colors

Which Tee Box Should I Use

Knowing which tee box to play from requires us to understand what each color means and how to evaluate our own game to see which tee box best fits us. The PGA and USGA issued a set of tees recommendations in 2011 to provide golfers with a better idea about playing from their average drives … Read more

At What Age Should You Play the Senior Tees?

Golf flag in a golf hole

Playing the senior tees can be a hard decision to make. It means moving up to an “easier” distance, which can come with some emotional feelings of getting older. But knowing that it helps keep the game competitive for all ages together might help! The average age that players start using the senior golf tees … Read more

Plastic vs Wood Golf Tees

Plastic vs Wood Golf Tees

There is more to golf tees than meets the eye; they are carefully and creatively designed to suit different golfers’ needs. If you are pondering whether to use plastic tees or wooden tees, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s look at the differences between the two and determine which one is the perfect golf … Read more

Should You Use a Tee When Hitting an Iron?

Should You Use a Tee When Hitting an Iron

The sport of golf’s popularity has only increased, and it’s estimated that 24.8 million people in the United States played golf in 2020. That number is up by 2% from last year, which means more people pick up the sport each year. With all of these new golfers, it’s imperative to talk about the fundamentals … Read more

Should Your Tee Stay In the Ground?

Should Your Tee Stay In the Ground?

Your tee should ideally come out of the ground after a swing. You also wouldn’t want to break it off. Getting into your golfing zone can be exciting. Before preparing your stance and readying your arm for a strong swing, you might want to think about the tee under your golf ball. Your tee placement … Read more

Should You Tee Up on Par 3?

Should You Tee Up on Par 3

While some would suggest otherwise, you should tee up on par 3! Teeing up on par 3 can increase your chances of delivering a sweeping swing. Not only that, but it eliminates the possibility of hitting a golf ball thin or fat. There’s a reason why most people starting golf learn to hit from a … Read more

Should I Play From The White Or The Blue Tees?

Should I Play From The White Or The Blue Tees

Playing from the correct set of tees is an important aspect of golf. So understanding should I play from the white or the blue tees is a big deal. Playing from the set of too long tees for your game will only make the game tougher, and playing from too short tees will give you … Read more