Custom Golf Club Fitting: What It Involves and Is it Worth It?

Custom Golf Club Fitting:

If you’re like most golfers, your first golf clubs were probably a battered old set of hand-me-downs given to you by friends or family.  While these clubs served their purpose and helped introduce you to the game, they present a problem. They’re not customized to your body or golf swing. In order to have a … Read more

How To Rebuild Your Golf Swing In 4 Easy Steps

How To Rebuild Your Golf Swing

There’s nothing more frustrating in golf than being stuck in a slump.  You show up every day hoping that this will finally be the round that you breakthrough. Yet, as you walk off the 18th green, you can’t help but feel a little disappointed.  These frustrations lead many golfers to the question, should I rebuild my … Read more

Why You Can’t Hit The Golf Ball Far (7 Common Reasons)

Why You Can’t Hit The Golf Ball Far

Are you constantly asking yourself… why can’t I hit the golf ball far? Let’s face it… everyone wants to hit the long ball. But it’s a lot harder than it seems. You would think that even the average player with decent strength could muscle one out there 280 yards. But it’s a rarity. The average Male amateur golfer … Read more

Why You’re Hitting Behind The Golf Ball (and How to Stop)

Why You’re Hitting Behind The Golf Ball

Hitting fat, hitting heavy, chunking the ball, grounding the club, whatever you call it, hitting behind the ball can cause huge issues in your game. Hitting behind the ball causes a divot to get between your club and the ball, resulting in an ugly mis-hit which tends only to jump 5 or 10 yards forwards. … Read more

How to Increase Clubhead Speed By 10 mph (3 Proven Methods)

how to increase clubhead speed by 10 mph

Clubhead speed is created by the kinematic sequence of different body parts that rotate in order to transfer energy to the club. This sequence starts from the ground up. For example, your lower body begins to rotate, followed by the hips and midsection, arms, and eventually the golf club.  Basically, the higher your clubhead speed, … Read more

What Causes Pulled Iron Shots in Golf? (How to Fix Your Pull)

What Causes Pulled Iron Shots in Golf?

“Yanked it!” “Man, pulled that one. Went straight, but way left.” Is this you? Are you the guy in the middle of the fairway aiming to the right-side bunker hoping your inevitable pull will land on the green? If yes, then you’ve come to the right place.  In this article, we’ll discuss and explain the … Read more