Best Driver for High Handicap Seniors | Taylormade RBZ Driver Review

Although golf clubs certainly can last the playing lifetime of their owners, the ongoing pace of technological innovation means great new golf drivers are introduced every year. Nowadays, for a golf driver to stay relevant and popular despite the many new competitive products coming out every year, that driver really has to be awfully good from the start. The TaylorMade RBZ Driver review of sales shows it remains a very popular driver despite entering its 11th year on the market.  Making it our vote for the best driver for high handicap seniors.

Best Driver for High Handicap Seniors

The TaylorMade RocketBallz driver made its appearance in 2011 and has been a good seller ever since. Owners report longer and straighter drives with a large and forgiving sweet spot enabling more confidence at the tee. A decade of success is driving its sales as the RocketBallz remains a very popular driver for serious golfers.

While many professionals look for the latest in advanced technology to improve their already exceptional golf games, most players do not need the latest and greatest in cutting-edge golfing technology. That is why so many used drivers wind up in the golf bags of smart second owners. The TaylorMade RBZ, though, is an exception.

That is because the RocketBallz driver is one of those rare accomplishments that are pretty darn near perfect from the start. It does what TaylorMade intends, which is to give golfer a great driver with a large and forgiving sweet spot and truly adds distance to your average drives. Even better – the driver is affordable by TaylorMade’s typically high-priced standards.

A TaylorMade RBZ driver review of comparative costs shows it is about half the price of comparable new TaylorMade drivers. It also costs less than many of the comparable drivers by big-name competitors and has the kinds of materials and build quality that make it truly exceptional driver that will remain in the bags of many satisfied owners for a very long time.

Best Driver for Senior High Handicap: Titanium Head Packed with Great Tech

The TaylorMade RBZ driver review of its design and construction shows that its 460cc head has a titanium core that lowers the center of gravity and moves it further back in the clubhead so that you can make good, solid contact and avoid topping the ball. The lower center of gravity and positioning to the rear of the driver’s head gives the ball even more launch off of the impact. The increased launch angle can add significant distance to your drives while enabling you to maintain ball control.

A white crown with a black face eliminates glare from the sun reflecting off of the top of the clubhead. The crown and black face also enable you to address the ball properly and get the best alignment for quality drives. The entire driver weighs significantly less than a pound at 10.58 ounces, which will help owners to truly feel confident at the tee.


  • Speed-enhancing aerodynamics.
  • Large and forgiving sweet spot.
  • Adjustable loft sleeve.
  • Relatively affordable by TaylorMade standards.


  • Matrix shaft might require fitting for best results.
  • Only two available loft angles.

The driver has a maximized coefficient of restitution (COR) value. COR is an algebraic formula that analyzes the club speed versus the ball speed after impact to provide a COR value. The USGA and R&A sanctioning bodies strictly regulate the COR value and will outlaw clubs that exceed accepted COR value maximums. That causes many makers of golf drivers to make sure their drivers comply with organized event rules by reducing the COR value. Not TaylorMade.

Instead, TaylorMade includes an inverted cone that gives the clubface a larger COR zone and much larger sweet spot that is far more forgiving of mishits. The clubface is stiffer and has less resistance so that it transfers the energy to the ball much more efficiently at the moment of impact.

What it all adds up to is longer and straighter drives that give you better approach shots to the green. Shorter and more accurate approach shots equal shorter and few putts on the green and lower golf scores for 18 holes. But you already knew that.

Best Driver for High Handicap Senior: Flight Control Tech Included

TaylorMade includes it proprietary Flight Control Technology (FCT) that enables owners of the RBZ driver to make several minor adjustments to the head. Those adjustments include moving weights to finely tune the driver head’s center of gravity, which could add about 35 yards to your drive.  

A TaylorMade RBZ review shows the clubhead has eight positions that affect the face angle, lie angle and loft. The combined effects of those adjustments can add up to 40 yards to average drives when compared to an RBZ driver with no modifications made to it. The combination of movable weights in the head and adjustable loft angles gives the RBZ a total of 24 separate configurations that you can achieve using the various adjustment technologies that TaylorMade includes in the outstanding RocketBallz driver.

Adjustable Loft Sleeve Customizes the RBZ Driver

A TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver review of its features shows that owner can adjust the loft angle by using an included tool and really get the best flight from your swing. The loft sleeve has an adjustment that you can turn with an included tool. The adjustment enables you to add or subtract up to 1 degree of loft, which really dials in the driver to make it an ideal addition to your golfing kit.

TaylorMade RBZ review shows the adjustable loft sleeve clearly is why the RocketBallz driver only has 9.5- and 10.5-degree lofts. The loft adjustment enables you to cover most of the traditional lofts offered while ensuring you get exactly the right one for your style of driving from the tee. So you really do not need three stock loft angles.

The driver’s stock 9.5-degree lie is in range with what many players find about right for their game. Owners do say that adjusting the loft sleeve does affect the lie and will change it by about a half a degree. So that would be another consideration to factor into any adjustments that you might choose to make in the loft angle.

Best Driver for High Handicap Seniors: Inverted Cone and Classic Head Shape

TaylorMade gives you a very large and forgiving sweet spot by employing inverted cone technology and a classically designed head. The inverted cone produces a more aerodynamic driver head that increases your speed on the downswing. The transfer of energy is more efficient at the moment of impact, which enables the ball to travel faster and farther from the tee.

The head shape is a combination of a traditional design that looks like most drivers. But aerodynamic considerations and improved materials reduces drag and weight while maintaining solid contact and feel while driving the ball. The result is a fun and fluid swing that inspires confidence and better drives.

Speed Pocket Tech Improved Swing Velocity

The TaylorMade RBZ review of the driver’s features shows it includes the patented Speed Pocket technology used in TaylorMade’s top drivers. Given the RBZ has been around since 2012, the inclusion of the more recently introduced Speed Pocket tech shows the TaylorMade RocketBallz driver is a success and popular enough to update it with the latest useful golfing tech.

TaylorMade’s patented “thru-slot speed pocket” also makes the sole of the driver’s head more flexible and forgiving on swings that strike the ball low. The speed pocket increases ball speed while a maximized COR value adds about 2 mph to the launch speed at the moment of impact. The resulting faster ball speed off the drive truly adds distance to your drives.

TaylorMade RBZ review of specs:

Loft: 9.5 and 10.5 degrees
Lie: 59.5 degrees
Volume: 460cc
Length: 46 inches
Swing Weight: D4
Shaft: Matrix XCON 5 and HD6|
Grip: TM 360 Lite

Stock Shaft Inspires Confidence

The stock Matrix White Tie shaft is light and responsive and really makes the RocketBallz driver stable throughout the swing. Most golfers will find some range practice will help to get the swing timing down and deliver solid drives every time you address the ball properly and use a good, consistent swing. The Matrix shaft enables fast swings and strong drives that will satisfy amateur golfers and pros alike.

The TM 360 Lite grip helps to keep the driver’s weight low while providing a strong and confidence-inspiring hold on the club. The shaft’s shorter stock length likely will please many owners who are under 6 feet in height, and the TM 360 Lite grip should be an ideal complement for many golfers who like to keep their drivers in mostly stock form. For others, you can choose the custom grip that you prefer most and really get an ideal driver for your golf game.

Why Should I Buy a TaylorMade RocketBallz Driver?

The TaylorMade RBZ driver review shows you get a very versatile driver that has up to 24 customizable positions to perfectly suit your game. The ability to get more distance and greater accuracy makes it very worthwhile to add the RBZ driver to your golf kit. A relatively affordable price makes it a lot easier to do, too. The TaylorMade RocketBallz driver is a great combination of low-risk and high reward.

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