Best Driver for Left Handed Slice | Taylormade Sim Max D Driver Review

The TaylorMade team invokes a swing-in-motion (SIM) concept that examines how the club face and head interact with the ball. One very telling result is the natural fade that most golfers have when driving the ball off the tee. TaylorMade has the best driver for left handed slice shots with this seriously cool golfing tech to counteract our natural swing biases and deliver longer and straighter drives with better ball control.

 best driver for left handed slice

The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver review of features shows the club counters a natural fade off of the drive with a more controllable draw effect. Whether you are right- or left-handed, you might find yourself among the many golfers whose swing motion causes a natural fade.

For right-handers, that usually means the ball likes to fade to the right side of the fairway off of the drive. Left-handers generally find the ball fades to the left off of the drive. The longer you hit the ball, the more obvious the effects of your natural swing. The technology that goes into the business end of the SIM Max D driver helps you to straighten it all out.

Strategically Placed Heel Counteracts Natural Fade

TaylorMade employs a draw-bias design that counteracts the natural fade that most golfers have in their drives. The longer shafts, higher club speeds and longer drives from the tee all reveal any weaknesses in your swing. For most people, that weakness is a fade that causes the ball to travel in the same direction as their natural swing. A left-handed golfer tends to push the ball to the left side, and a right-handed golfer to the right side.

The SIM Max D has a strategically placed counterweight in the heel that counters the fade by adding a slight draw bias. The draw-bias design delivers straighter drives off of the tee, which gives you more distance down range. That adds up to more fairways landed, better lies, and shorter approach shots to the green.

The materials used to build the SIM Max D include carbon fiber and resin in a very strategically placed locations to deliver the best possible power transfer. And a 47.75-inch UST Miyama Helium 5 shaft provides good feel and just enough flex to enable forgiving swings and outstanding power transfer upon impact.


  • Counteracts natural fade for straighter shots.
  • Maximum legal COR for faster ball speed.
  • Sets up shorter approach shots to the green.


  • 12-degree loft only available on right-handed drivers.
  • High cost, which is the norm for TaylorMade.

An inverted cone gives the clubface a larger COR zone and much larger sweet spot that is far more forgiving of mishits. TaylorMade includes a “thru-slot speed pocket” in the head that makes the sole more flexible and forgiving on swings that strike the ball too low or otherwise hit it improperly. The speed pocket increases ball speed while the maximized COR zone adds about 2 mph more to the launch speed.

The resulting faster ball speed off the drive truly adds distance to your drives. The included draw-bias technology gives you straighter drives with less ball spin, which means you get much easier approach shots to the green. Faster and straighter drives also impress your playing partners.

Best Driver for Left Handed Slice

Forgiving SIM Tech InsidT

The SIM tech that TaylorMade uses analyzes the moment of impact (MOI) and how the ball and club react at the point of impact. A club with a high MOI factor twists less than one with a low MOI factor. Less twist means better contact and greater control over the ball and its flight path. So TaylorMade does its best to reduce twist and give you a larger sweet spot to drive the ball better off of the tee.

Another physics concept that goes into the SIM Max D driver is the coefficient of restitution (COR) value. An algebraic formula analyzes the club speed prior to hitting the ball versus the ball speed after impact to deliver a COR value. The R&A and USGA strictly regulate the COR value, which has caused prior driver manufacturers to include a small amount forgiveness in their club faces to ensure their drivers comply with organized event rules.

TaylorMade uses a special injection molding technique that analyzes every SIM clubhead and injects up to 2 grams of resin to reach the absolute maximum legal COR value. What that all means is the driver does a better job of transferring energy to the ball upon impact. The ball travels about 2 mph faster than non-optimized drivers produced by competitors and with a more forgiving club face enabling greater accuracy from the tee.

Best Driver for Left Handed Slice: SIM Max D Driver Review of Specs

Loft: 9, 10.5 or 12 degrees
Length: 45.75 inches
Lie: 56 to 60 degrees
Head Size: 460cc
Swing Weight: D3
Stock Shaft: UST Mamiya Helium 5

The SIM tech also provides up to 20 grams of adjustable weight that you can shift inside the club to better adjust the draw and fade characteristics. That kind of personalization makes it possible to finely tune the already highly engineered SIM Max D driver and make an outstanding customized driver that really does improve your drives and lowers your golf scores.

Best Driver for Left Handed Slice

Twist Face and Hammerhead Tech

TaylorMade uses its proprietary Twist Face and Hammerhead tech really to straighten out your drives and give you greater distance. The ball travels faster, straighter and farther from the tee, which gives you better approach shots to the green and lower scoring averages. The SIM Max D has a larger club face than its predecessors and a larger and more forgiving sweet spot thanks to the twist face design.

The twist face literally twists the club face slightly so that the ball will spin less and travel in a straighter path. You get a larger sweet spot on a clubface that already is up to 18 percent larger than its predecessors. A bigger and more forgiving twist face design helps to give you greater confidence in your drives for longer and better shots from the tee.

Even better – you can finely tune the twist face for the ideal launch angle and effect on the ball. TaylorMade uses loft-sleeve technology that enables you to adjust the loft angle from about 56 degrees to 60 degrees. You can open or close the face more so that you can have a truly personalized driver that really does improve your distance, accuracy and score.

TaylorMade designs the head of the SIM Max D to give it a very low center of gravity and a high MOI that lessens the chances of topping the ball and hitting a truly horrible drive. You definitely need to put in the range time to get the best feel for the SIM Max D, learn how to finely tune the head and then figure out what your ideal personal configuration is for the best results on your favorite regulation golf courses.

Asymmetric Sole and Inertia Generator

A SIM Max D driver review of its tech shows that it also has an asymmetric sole with an inertia generator that transfers energy more efficiently when striking the ball. The asymmetric sole enables faster and more accurate downswings. The inertia generator positions weight at the back of the clubhead to maximize the energy transfer and overcome the effects of inertia at the moment of impact.

What all of that means is you can really keep your eye on the ball and deliver outstanding drives that carry through the ball with maximum energy transfer. The smooth and fluid swing and applied technology all make the SIM Max D driver an exceptionally good driver that can improve your golf game with much more accurate and longer drives.

Why Should I Buy a SIM Max D Driver?

The TaylorMade SIM Max D driver review of customizable features shows that you really get out of it what you put into it. If you just want a driver that you really do not work with to improve your game, this is not your tool. This is a driver that works best in the hands of an owner who wants to learn all that it is capable of doing and how to finely tune it to his or her specific game.

A high purchase price certainly is a limiting factor when choosing the best golf driver for your game. The potential to customize the TaylorMade SIM Max D to improve your drives and overall scores makes the initial investment well worth it for those who are willing to put in the effort to make it a truly exceptional and personalized driver.

The SIM Max D review of its the design affirms that it looks cool, has a lot of great features thanks to cutting-edge golfing technology, and definitely will be a conversation-starter on the golf course and in the clubhouse. If you are very serious about improving your drives and golf game – and especially if fades off the tee are a problem for you – then the SIM Max D driver is a great solution.

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