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The Bozily golf rangefinder lineup offers a great deal of information quickly and accurately so that you can improve your golf score. The best golf rangefinders give you outstanding distance readings that are very accurate and help you to compensate for elevation changes to your intended target. When you can lower your score with quick and accurate information, your golf game becomes much less frustrating and much more enjoyable and reminds you of why you fell in love with it.

Many of the best rangefinders for golf also provide detailed information that you could apply to many other endeavors. Several of the Bozily laser finder models work just as well for hunting and other outdoor pursuits and are marketed for those purposes. The following Bozily golf rangefinder review helps you to better understand how each could improve your game and do other things, too.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder with Slope

Bozily Golf Rangefinder Review: Bozily Golf Rangefinder with Slope

The Bozily golf rangefinder with slope gives you a high-definition LCD viewing screen and a fast focus that delivers exceptional clarity. You can read straight-line distances, elevation angles and slope compensation nearly instantly so that you can get a quick and accurate reading of the hole and various objects that most likely could affect your shot.

Tournament-Legal Mode

Two modes control all that the Bozily laser range finder does with one making it fully compliant with golf tournament rules. Most competitive golfing tournaments and other events permit use of straight-line laser rangefinder. Mode 1 enables the rangefinder to provide only tournament-legal straight-line readings and scanning the hole with accuracy to within a yard of your chosen target. It will not tell you elevation angles or distance compensation.

Bozily golf rangefinder with slope adjusted distance in slope mode to measure distance on the golf course

The rangefinder’s 7-degree field of view helps to narrow the focus for faster target acquisition and more accurate readings from as far away as 1,200 yards. That range is much more than what you would need on a golf course but illustrates the rangefinder’s versatility. A multicoated viewing lens and 6X magnification help to make everything bright and clear in the viewfinder.

Multi-Function Mode

Mode 2 unlocks all the great technology features that help you to make smarter decisions about your club and swing selections during a live round of golf. it will read and display the angle of incline or decline to the target and give you the practical distance as well as straight distance.

The practical distance tells you the distance you need to shoot for to clear any rise in the terrain or to prevent flying the hole if it is located beneath the ball’s lie. A special vibration feature gives you a gentle nudge to tell you it is locked onto the flag when you are within 250 yards of the pin.

Dimensions and Power Source

The Bozily Golf Rangefinder with Slope measures 4.2 inches long by 2.9 inches high by 1.65 inches wide and weighs less than 7 ounces. A rubberized soft texture help you to maintain grip and hold the waterproof body with fog-proof lenses very comfortably in either hand. Two mode buttons on top rest naturally beneath your fingers.

An internal rechargeable 3-volt CR2 Bozily golf laser range finder battery powers it and enables you to take thousands of individual readings between charges. An include USB cable enables charging from wall outlets with the proper adapter and any applicable USB port. You can charge your Bozily golf rangefinder in the car, from your computer or from a USB-equipped golf cart while on the course.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder Review: Bozily Vpro X1

It is not hard to figure out what types of alternative outdoor activities you can do with the Bozily Vpro X1 golfing and hunting rangefinder. The same great technology that makes it excel on the golf course and driving range also help you to locate distant prey and set up a much more human shot to the vitals from a significant distance.

A maximum range of 1,200 yards or meters with accuracy within one unit ensures you get the best possible reading to make the right club and swing choice.

Dual Modes for Tournaments and Recreational Play

Two general modes do everything with Mode 1 enabling tournament-legal use. Mode 1 lets you take very rapid distance measurements to just about anything that might affect your shot.

legal golf rangefinder in golf mode can be stored in your golf bag for an affordable price

Sand traps, water hazards, tree lines and the rough all are easy to locate and map out in your mind while getting a quick and accurate overview of the hole’s layout before you. The Bozily golf rangefinder also will tell you the straight distance to the cup but without the flag lock so that you can comply with tournament rules.

Slope Compensation and Flag Lock

When you are playing a non-tournament round or preparing for a big event and getting to know the course better, Mode 2 gives you the slope angle and compensation so that you can reach the green and set up a high-percentage putt. When the terrain rises up to the hole or other target, the Bozily golf rangefinder slope compensation tells you the angle and the practical distance you need to hit the ball to reach your target without flying over it.

Dimensions and Power Source

The Bozily Vpro X1 measures 4 inches long by 2.8 inches tall by 1.6 inches wide and has a 25 mm objective lens with multiple coatings to enhance clarity and prevent fogging. It weighs about 6.5 ounces and has a very comfortable rubberized wrap over the top and underneath that make it comfortable and secure to hold in either hand. Two function buttons on top let you control all that the golf rangefinder does.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder vpro X2

Bozily Golf Rangefinder Review: Bozily Vpro X2

Those who are familiar with the Bozily Vpro X1 might be especially interested to learn about its successor, the Vpro X2, which increases the range to 1,500 yards with the same great accuracy of plus or minus a yard. You can use meters if you prefer. The internal technology generally is the same with some improvements in flag-lock speed and scanning modes.

When using the pin-seeking and flag-lock functions, the Bozily golf rangefinder gives a quick vibration to let you know it is locked onto the pin. It will tell you the angle and slope compensation to that you can land the ball where you intended instead of falling far short of the target of flying over it.

Tournament-Legal Function

You can turn off the slope compensation and use the Vpro X2 for tournament play. You get a straight measurement to the pin and can use the continuous scan mode to locate various obstacles that you want to avoid and place the ball where it will set up a great approach shot or a high-percentage putt.

Dimensions and Power Source

The Vpro X2 weighs about 6.5 ounces and measures 4.35 inches long by 2.85 inches tall by 1.65 inches wide. It is very light and comfortable to hold and use with textured rubber overlays on top and bottom enabling you to grip it more firmly.

best golf rangefinder golf equipment with digitally enhanced accuracy and slope adjustment

Two included disposable CR2 batteries provide more than 10,000 readings before you need to by an affordable replacement Bozily golf rangefinder battery. The entire package comes with a durable outer case, lens cloth, a lanyard for the golf rangefinder and a carbiner to conveniently hook the case to your belt, belt loop or golf back for easy access.

Bozily Golf Rangefinder

Bozily Golf Rangefinder Review: Bozily 1000

Another great offering among the Bozily family of rangefinders is the Bozily 1,000, which provides accurate readings to within a yard or meter of your chosen target. You just aim the laser rangefinder at your chosen target with the 7 degree field of view helping to pinpoint your target. The rangefinder takes about a half second to reflect off the distance object and record the time and corresponding distance it takes for the reflection to return to the rangefinder.

With up to 1,000 yards of range, the Bozily golf rangefinder 1,000 can give you very accurate readings on any golf course. The included slope compensation will tell you the angle to your target and the practical distance you need to cover to get the ball to your target.

If the terrain rises up to the target, a straight-line reading will not tell you the actual distance you need to aim for to get your ball to the green. The slope compensation takes care of all of that for you.

Tournament-Legal Function

You do not have to leave the Bozily 1000 at home if you have a tournament in which you plan to compete. Instead, you just turn off the slope function and just use the quick-scan mode and straight-line measurements and stay in compliance with tournament rules.

golf rangefinder for straight line distance as a tournament legal golf rangefinder for playing golf

Organized tournaments recently approved the use of rangefinders – so long as the slope compensation and flag-lock functions are shut off. A simple switch from one mode to the other takes care of that with the Bozily rangefinder.

Dimensions and Power Source

The Bozily measures about 4 inches long by 3 inches high by 1.6 inches wide and comes in at a svelte 6.5 ounces. The basic package includes a durable outer case and two disposable CR2 batteries that will support more than 10,000 readings between the two of them.

An automatic shutoff turns off the golf rangefinder when it sits still for several seconds to preserve battery life.

Should You Get a Bozily Golf Rangefinder?

Bozily rangefinder review information fully affirms the affordable and highly accurate golf rangefinders provide a lot of very useful data that can lower your handicap while making your golf outings more satisfying and enjoyable. For less than the price of many golf clubs, you get a truly wonderous tool that really does help to lower your score.

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