What Do Golfers Keep In Their Back Pocket

You might have seen many golfers searching their back pockets on the course while playing. But what do golfers keep in their back pocket? It depends, but mostly it is their scorecard, the yardage books, or their personal books to take notes that can be helpful on the course. In addition, they may also keep their gloves in their back pocket as it prevents them from slipping.

But why do golfers keep these things in their back pocket? Are they of any help on the course? Here’s a detailed answer for you!

PGA Tour Professional Golfers

Every golfer carries different items in their pockets on the course. And, it is not just the case with beginners. Professional golfers on the PGA Tour like Tiger Woods also carry certain things for sure in their back pockets during a golf round. Golf trousers, specially designed for golf, generally come with an anti-slip band in the back pocket, which prevents the yardage book or gloves from slipping. They are manufactured in such a way that allows golfers to carry these things without any difficulty.

Keep Track of Score on a Scorecard

Whether on the PGA, European or LPGA tour – all professional golfers keeps their score on their own scorecard and often uses a fancy scorecard holder. Pros like Tiger Woods rely on their university logo (Standford). Others have the sleeve with their name or home club logo for protection and ease of writing. A pro doesn’t play a tournament without his scoring sleeve, whatever the case may be because things are just practical.

pga tour players use a golf yardage book during tournament play

It is essential to keep track of points in the stroke play since golf is different from the rest of sports (whoever has the fewest points counts here). The first thing to remember is that there are two game modes: Stroke Play and Match Play.

Keep track of score in the Stroke Play on the Golf Course

After playing each of the 18 holes in the Stroke Play golf tournament, a golfer must record the result on a scorecard. A golfer is responsible for keeping track of their opponent’s points and vice versa and, therefore, they have to keep their scorecard along with them in their back pocket. After each round, the cards are reviewed. Both players must agree and sign the respective scores. After the tour, you have to add up all the shots you have. The player with the fewest hits wins.

Keep Score in Match Play

If you have already played golf in this modality, you will know that holes won count here. What is recorded is “hole up” or “hole down,” depending on who has won a hole or who has lost it. If you are one hole up or below in a round, you have to score +1 or -1, respectively. If there is no way to beat your opponent anymore, you can give up that hole and move on to the next.

If a player scores more holes up than there are holes left to play, the game ends with their victory. Thus, it requires you to keep track of the scores, and therefore you’ve to carry your scorecard along with you.

Why Do Golfers Carry Yardage Book in their Back Pocket?

Golfers carry yardage books on the golf course as it can really help them dial in their shots and club selections. Yardage books are also helpful in mapping out the strategy for playing holes.

a right handed golfer puts his golf glove in his back left pocket and his golf ball in his front left pocket

Golfers also use an area of their yardage page, or a consecutive page, to take notes on the green. Golfers write these notes down knowing how green clues and breaks help them make shot decisions in their approach. If they don’t have a rangefinder, they can determine distances by pacing off markers on the course.

This will take a bit longer and may not be as precise. But, it is possible to put too much information in a yard book. A golfer can be aware of major hazards and play areas. They can estimate distances from those areas to determine their yardage on each shot.

It is not only the beginners who have to refer to the yardage books. Players playing monster birdie putts on the first playoff hole take out their yardage book and decide how they want to play the next hole. Even after unleashing happy punches into the air, the first thing they do is reach their back pocket, take out the book, and read. It keeps the players in competitive mode when they go to the next hole.

Other things Golfers Keep in their Back Pocket

Sometimes, it is a nice leather holder for the scorecard to keep it protected and dry. The scorecard holders are generally ultra-flat to be easily kept in back pockets and are tested by individual handicappers for practical details.

Golfers playing on different courses have to keep notes about the slopes, hidden spots, hazards to avoid and any other information that may help them get a good hold of their game. To do this, they carry their personal books, or notes, which they take out during the game and note down the attribute or any important information specific to that course.

pro golfers write distances on the golf course

Sometimes, the players like to carry some emotionally attached items, or they believe as their lucky charms, during competitions. Or they may carry sunscreen, not necessarily in their back pocket but they keep it close to them for repeated use.

Objects like tees, a pin sheet (if not carrying the yardage book), chapstick, divot tool, ball marker, golf ball and other items are usually in the front pockets. However, it is not a rule, and a golfer can carry these items in the front or back pockets according to their comfort.

We hope the information above has answered the question: what do golfers keep in their back pocket? Next time you see a golfer approaching his back pocket in the middle of the game and take out something to write, you’ll remind yourself of the scorecard or the yardage book.

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