What is The Proper Trailer Size for A Golf Cart?

So you’re thinking of picking up a shiny new golf cart but aren’t sure how to haul it back home after the purchase? You can’t exactly toss it up on top of your car, so you are going to need a trailer.

But what size trailer will work best for hauling a golf cart?

The best size for a golf cart trailer is 5×10 (measured in feet). This will give you enough room to easily fit the golf cart without worries of scratching it or causing any damage from too tight of a fit.

Given that, there are plenty of other trailer sizes that can potentially work for traveling with your golf cart. In this article we will be taking a look at a few different sizes, and what each excels at. Let’s dive in and see which golf cart trailer is right for you!

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Golf Cart Trailer Size Considerations

Not all golf carts are created equal. Here are a few of the different things you’ll need to take into account when selecting the right trailer size for your golf cart:

How Big is Your Golf Cart?

The average two-seater golf cart comes in at about 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. The height is normally around six feet from the top of the roof to the ground. While different brands will have small variations on these numbers, they will still be close to the default measurements.

But what about four-seater golf carts?

By adding that second row of seats the overall measurements do increase. The width of a four-seater isn’t going to change very much, but the length is going to increase to around 9 and a half feet. This can go even greater if it is a “stretch” model.

If you are going to go with the specialty carts such as a 6 seater or above stretch model, the length is going to go well past 10 feet. This means you are going to need a much larger trailer than a normal cart would require. However, these carts are very niche, and anyone buying one of them should realize just how large of a haul it is.

How Much Does a Golf Cart Weigh?

Golf carts can weigh anywhere from under 700 pounds up to well over 1,500! So make sure you research your golf cart to know its exact weight before going shopping for a new trailer. 

Not all trailers are built for excessive weight, so underestimating the weight of your cart is not something you want to do. Make sure you get proper measurements for the weight of the cart and how much the trailer can haul. A miscalculation here could be catastrophic.

What About a Lifted or Modified Cart?

Since these mods are not standard, you will need to ask the dealer for measurements or go take them yourself. The key is to make sure the length and width fit. Height isn’t as big of a deal unless you are buying an enclosed trailer.

If you already own a golf cart and are looking to lift it or put aftermarket rims on, just make sure that you double-check your measurements to make sure it will still fit on the trailer.

There is a good chance that if your modification is too extreme and you have a smaller trailer you will need to go up to a larger size to continue hauling your golf cart.

Golf Cart Trailer Size Options

Now it’s time for the part you’ve been waiting for! Here are a few different sized trailers that your golf cart can fit on:

5’x10’ – The Perfect Match

Ah yes, the holy grail of golf cart trailers.

The 5×10 is the perfect trailer size to fit a variety of two-seater, and even most four seater carts. Hauling a cart in a trailer of this size is also the perfect balance between spaciousness and towing power. There is also going to be room to fit some extras like gas cans and accessories on a trailer this size, so that is a huge plus.

If there is one singular trailer size to recommend for most consumers to haul their golf cart in, it is the 5×10. It gives you just enough room on the sides to feel comfortable loading and unloading while giving even the longest cart enough room length-wise. 

There isn’t a downside to the 5×10. It checks off all the boxes for hauling a golf cart. The only minor con would be if you plan on buying a very long, stretch model, you may run into trouble with the length, especially if you go beyond four seats.

5’x8’ – The Little Trailer That Could

The majority of normal-sized golf carts will fit on a 5×8 trailer. While you won’t have as much wiggle room, it will still get the job done. Don’t expect to carry anything else on the trailer with the golf cart, because it is going to be a super tight fit.

The major plus of using this size trailer is the smaller footprint and weight. It will allow even the most novice drivers to haul without causing many problems. Even cars with smaller towing capacity could probably get away with pulling a cart on a trailer this size. Check your car user manual to see!

This size trailer is not going to be able to pull anything over a normal two-seater golf cart. The length is just going to be too much for it. But as long as you realize the shortcomings, pun intended, you should have no issues. If you are the owner of a two-seat, standard golf cart, we have no problem recommending the 5×8 to you.

6’x10’ – The Big Boy

If you are the kind of person who prefers to have a bit of extra room, the 6×10 is the trailer for you. The extra width you get with a 6×10 gives you even more room to put extras on the trailer. So load up the golf cart, cooler, and anything else you need to take with you.

One of the downfalls of buying a bigger trailer is the act of hauling it. The larger the size of a trailer, the more it weighs and harder it is to pull. Driving with a large trailer is not for an inexperienced driver, so make sure you have some practice before going this route.

The other downside with going with a larger trailer is the cost. The more material that is needed to manufacture plus the extra time needed to build it equates to a higher overall price. While it generally won’t be a huge increase from the 5’x10’, know that you will be paying a bit more.

Finally, when using a large trailer, it’s even more important that your golf cart is fastened in place with straps so it will not move around on the larger surface. 

Enclosed Trailer – Keeping It Safe

What better way to keep your golf cart safe than by hauling it in an enclosed trailer. An enclosed trailer has walls and a roof, completely sealing your golf cart inside from the weather. If you want the most protection for your golf cart, this is the way to go.

The one major downfall of an enclosed trailer is the price. You are going to pay quite a bit more for an enclosed trailer than an open trailer, so be prepared to break open your wallet and hand a large sum over for one of these. If money is no object for you, this is a great choice.

For an enclosed trailer, we suggest picking up a 6×10 size. The walls and all the extras that come with an enclosed trailer will make it a bit more cumbersome than a normal trailer. Just make sure you research the interior dimensions of the enclosed trailer in comparison to your golf cart to make sure you get one that will fit the best.

Truck Bed – The Free Alternative to a Golf Cart Trailer

If you are the owner of a large pickup truck, there is a good chance you can load your standard size golf cart directly in the back. This has the potential to save you a ton of money, as buying a golf cart trailer is no longer needed.

You need a few things for this to work:

  • A truck capable of carrying a load greater than the weight of your golf cart.
  • A truck with a bed wide enough to fit your golf cart.
  • Ramps to get the golf cart into the bed of the truck.
  • Tie-down straps and bungee cords to make sure everything is safe and secure.

If you have all of the above, you are ready to load your golf cart up and take it on your next golf trip or family vacation! Just don’t forget to double-check your safety measures (straps, cords, brakes).

***Note: Don’t just measure the width of your truck’s box, but make sure there’s enough space in between your wheel wells as these can sometimes pose a problem. 

The Takeaway – What is The Proper Trailer Size For A Golf Cart?

Each solution listed above has its pros and cons. You need to weigh them all before making your final decision. While you could technically go with any of them for a normal size golf cart, there is one that does stand tall above the rest.

Do yourself a favor and buy a 5’x10’ trailer. It is the most useful of them all and gives you the option of upgrading your golf cart with bigger tires or added bling in the future. It is also one of the few capable of towing a four-seater golf cart, so you leave all options open with these trailers.

Versatility is the key here, and no trailer on this entire list is more versatile than the mighty 5×10. It is our final recommendation, and one we believe will serve you and your golf cart for years to come.

Hope this was helpful and safe hauling!

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