What is Half Cart in Golf?

Half cart is a term used in golf to describe a situation where two golfers share a golf cart instead of each having their own cart. This is a common practice in many golf courses around the world where carts are limited in number or where golfers prefer to share a cart to save money. Half cart is also known as a shared cart or a double cart.

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Golf carts are an essential part of playing golf, especially for those who prefer not to walk the course. Most golf courses charge a cart fee, which is an additional fee on top of the green fee, for the use of golf carts. The cart fee varies from course to course and can be a flat rate or based on the number of holes being played. Some golf courses also offer the option of walking the course, which typically does not require a cart fee.

What is Half Cart in Golf?


A half cart in golf is a type of golf cart that is designed to carry only one golfer and his or her golf bag. It is called a “half cart” because it is half the size of a regular golf cart, which can carry two golfers and their bags. Half carts are also known as “single rider carts,” “solo carts,” or “personal golf carts.”

Benefits of Using Half Cart

There are several benefits to using a half cart in golf. First, it allows golfers to ride instead of walk, which can be especially helpful for those who have difficulty walking long distances or standing for extended periods of time. Second, it can save time on the course by allowing golfers to move more quickly between shots. Third, it can be more fun to ride in a half cart than to walk, especially on hot or humid days.

Using a half cart can also be more cost-effective than renting a full-size golf cart, as many golf courses charge a per-person fee for riding in a full cart. Additionally, half carts are often available for rent at a lower cost than full carts.

How to Rent a Half Cart

To rent a half cart, golfers should contact the pro shop at their local golf course. Many courses offer half carts for rent, but availability may be limited. Golfers should also be prepared to pay a rental fee for the half cart, which may vary depending on the course and the time of day.

When renting a half cart, golfers should also be aware of any rules or restrictions that may apply. For example, some courses may require golfers to be a certain age or have a valid driver’s license to rent a half cart. Additionally, golfers should be sure to follow all safety guidelines when using a half cart, such as wearing a seatbelt and driving at a safe speed.

Golf Courses and Half Cart

Cart Fees

Most golf courses charge a green fee that includes the use of a golf cart. However, some courses may charge an additional fee for the use of a half cart. The cart fee may vary depending on the type of course and the location. Municipal courses may have lower cart fees compared to resort or high-end daily fee courses.

Green Fees

A green fee is the cost of playing a round of golf on a course. The fee may include the use of a golf cart or may be an additional charge. Some courses may charge the same rate for a round of golf with or without a cart, while others may charge a different rate for walking versus riding.

Cart Paths

Cart paths are designated paths on a golf course that golf carts must follow. On “cart path only” days, golfers must keep their carts on the designated paths at all times. This is to protect the grass from concentrated cart traffic and prevent damage to the course.

There are also days where clubs will ask you to follow the 90 degree rule and minimize your time on the grass.

Push Carts vs Half Carts

Push carts, or pull carts, are manually pushed by the golfer and are designed to carry a golf bag. Half carts, on the other hand, are motorized carts that are designed to carry one person and their golf bag. Half carts are a popular option for golfers who prefer to ride but do not want to share a cart with a partner.

Riding Carts vs Half Carts

Most golf courses offer riding carts that are designed to carry two people and their golf bags. However, some courses may also offer half carts as an option for golfers who prefer to ride alone. Half carts may be more expensive than riding carts, but they offer the convenience of not having to share a cart with a partner.

Overall, the use of half carts on golf courses is becoming more popular. Golfers who prefer to ride alone or have physical limitations that make walking difficult can enjoy the game of golf with the use of a half cart. However, it is important to note that the cost of using a half cart may vary depending on the course and location.


Overall, a half cart in golf refers to the use of a single golf cart by two players. It is a common practice in some golf courses, especially when the demand for golf carts is high. Golf carts are essential in modern golf, as they allow players to move around the course with ease and carry their clubs and other equipment.

While half carts can be a convenient option for some players, they may not be suitable for everyone. Some players prefer to have their own cart to avoid distractions or to have more control over their pace of play. Additionally, some golf courses may not allow half carts, or they may charge an additional fee for their use.

It is important for golfers to familiarize themselves with the policies and regulations of the golf course they plan to play on, including the rules regarding the use of golf carts. This can help avoid any confusion or inconvenience on the day of play.

Ultimately, the decision to use a half cart or not depends on the individual player’s preferences and the policies of the golf course. Whether using a half cart or a full cart, golfers should always prioritize safety, follow the rules of the course, and respect the other players on the course.

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