Tour Edge EXS Driver Review [Top Quality At A Great Price]

Our Tour Edge EXS Driver review covers all the details of what makes this driver stand out.

rock bottom golf equipment for faster ball speeds and straighter shots

Tour Edge decided to up their game on a whole new level in 2018 when they released the original Exotics line. It created waves in the market because the model was beautiful. By offering their Exotics EXS, a high functioning driver, it became a hit at a much lower price.

However, the twist was that they were among the initial companies to drive the premium club market and sold a $500 3-wood not too long ago. They were also the first to use exotic materials and processes that went their club prices much higher than their competitors. The clubs have always performed well, but they came at a price.

So, in 2018 when they released the Exotic EXS, Tour Edge set a new standard by offering golfers the chance to a brand new Tour Edge driver at a lower price. This shift in the price caught everyone’s attention.

Now we know what you might be thinking, low prices, lower technology, right? It is where Tour Edge has left everyone shocked. They refused to compromise on technology at all costs. The EXS driver is one of the most innovative and high tech drivers in Tour Edge’s history. They did not remove any exotic material or design from their driver, but they simply reduced the price.

But What Was the Goal?

Tour Edge intended to provide as many performance-boosting features into one set as possible while keeping their prices so that it could be within reach of many golfers so that all have an incredible golfing experience.

We genuinely believe that finding an advanced driver at this value is going to be almost impossible. 

Let’s get started!
tour edge exotics driver

Features of Tour Edge EXS Driver

What blows our mind is that Tour Edge chose not to compromise on anything with the Exotics driver. They have built a complete driver capable of competing with any other driver in the market, making it one of a kind.

Let’s take a look at all the commendable features:

Flight Tuning System

It allows the adjustable sole weight to be relocated to two alternate Flight Tuning System settings.

Superior Adjustability

It is the most all-around driver on the market as the adjustable hosel permits the 9.5-degree EXS driver to adjust from 7.5 degrees to 11.5 degrees. And the 10.5-degree EXS can adjust from 8.5 degrees to 12.5 degrees.

deeper face technology with excellent launch conditions to maximize total distance

Dual Carbon Tech

Pairing the light Carbon Fiber Crown with the superior TSP 910 Beta Titanium face and added Carbon Fiber which is located on the toe of the clubhead, Tour Edge has shifted the weight lower and graver in the head for an ideal spin and to create a higher MOI.

Rollface Tech

The new rollface technology includes improved bulge and roll on the toe to make shots hit off the toe straighter than before. Since this is where the main miss-hits are made, it improves forgiveness significantly.

Variable Face Thickness

For a more significant spring-like effect, the titanium face has been made slimmer and much lighter than the previous exotic driver models. The variable face thickness delivers an all-out arch which increases the sweet spot of the driver. It makes the EXS Tour Edge’s most forgiving driver ever.

Shaft Tech

Mitsubishi Chemical’s exceptional Tensei CK Blue 2G shaft is used for the EXS. It is lightweight yet stable throughout. It had advanced materials such as Carbon Fiber.

This set of unique features make the Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver a popular choice among golfers.

The Striking Appearance of Tour Edge EXS Driver

All Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver reviews rave about its premium looks. So, there is not a chance that we will miss talking about the looks in our Tour Edge EXS driver review.

We indeed agree that it looks the part of a first-class driver. Once you stand over the ball, you can instantly see the carbon fiber crown. The carbon fiber crown is left faintly visible to highlight the tech and the deep gloss finish features. The subtle blue metal flakes are more visible once in the sunlight. Tour Edge’s EXS driver’s crown is simple black carbon fiber with the Exotics E logo for the alignment aid – this adds more character to the club while maintaining the exclusive look.

tour edge exotics is one of the best drivers

Once you flip the club over, you can see the signature SlipStream Soles standing out with the new wider channels to improve the aerodynamics. These result in more speed. There’s additional carbon fiber, and you get your first preview at the Flight Tuning System.

The Muted Sound And Steady Feel of Tour Edge EXS

Brace yourself for the sound of the EXS driver, and it is sure to catch you by surprise. Due to its large and triangular head, most people expect it to give off a loud, almost explosive sound. But that’s not the case with Tour Edge EXS driver at all.

Instead, the Tour Edge’s EXS driver gives off a very muted yet profound and solid impact. Something you’d expect from a small driver. The sound lasts for a brief duration, unlike the echo or ringing in other drivers. It has a very different sound than what most people expect.

Don’t be deceived by all the carbon fiber on Tour Edge’s EXS driver. In reality, it feels substantial in your hands. By utilizing a TSP 910, Beta Titanium face plate featuring variable thickness paired with an 8-1-1 Titanium chassis, the Tour Edge EXS driver is steady and light with an overall solid feel. The advantage of a lighter, thinner face allows you to create more ball speed which ultimately means more distance.

All-Star Performance of Tour Edge EXS Driver


The aerodynamics is one of the main traits of the Tour Edge Exotic driver. They adopted this by utilizing a slanted crown, a slimmer head profile for less effort and widening the channels of the SlipStream Sole.

Consistent Speed

The consistent ball speed makes it stand out further. The combination of the thin Beta Titanium face and high MOI, along with the fiber in the crown and toe, allow you to get to the edges of the face to see the ball speed slope considerably.


The Tour Edge Exotic driver offers a great deal of customization. You can easily tune the loft up or down two degrees at the hosel. Thanks to the Flight Tuning System, you can place a 9 gram and a 3-gram weight to create a neutral or somewhat biased CoG. These weights will help you turn a straight ball into a minor draw.

Mitsubishi Tensei Blue

Tour Edge should be applauded for their stock shaft choice. The Mitsubishi Tensei Blue 2G is a mild launch profile that many golfers will be at ease with, and it is very stable. The smooth feel and transition while swinging allows reasonable control and keeps the spin at an optimal rate.

Final Thoughts

We conclude our Tour Edge Exotic review by acknowledging that a Tour Edge Exotic driver is indeed the latest technology at an affordable price for every player. If you’re in the market for a new driver with the newest technology and an excellent performer, the Tour Edge Exotic driver is the one for you.

We guarantee you won’t find a better deal in the market for a while. After all, question yourself, why pay extra money for a driver when you can get a driver at a much reasonable price that does the same job better?

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