Tommy Armour TA1 Driver Review

If you are looking for a driver to add to your golf bag, then you might be interested in checking out our Tommy Armour TA1 Driver Review. Finding a golf driver that is perfect for you and performs better than your previous drivers depends more on the fit rather than on technology or new features. You may look for the best golf drivers for the year, and yet when you purchase them, you realize that they are not suited for you.

Using a golf driver is a lot like buying clothes; it has to fit you to perform well. After all, buying a golf driver is a huge investment to make. So you want to make sure that you are buying the right driver for yourself. That means if you are someone who hits between the 70s or 80s regularly, then getting a more expensive driver with the latest features could help improve your goal trajectory or fix your slice.

However, if you own a driver before and it has lost its pop due to a cracked head, it makes sense to purchase a new one. In that case, Tommy Armor may be a brand to check out for their TA1 driver that is designed in partnership with Designworks –A BMW Group of Companies.

Let’s look at the features that this driver offers.

TA1 Driver Features

The Tommy Armor TA1 driver is described as a golf club that offers not just the most distance but also more forgiveness, and here is why it is:

  • It consists of a premium, D.A.T. 55g Titanium Cup Face construction to raise the ball speeds across the face.
  • It has a lightweight carbon fiber crown with pre-installed surface disruptors
  • It comes with a cast of 8-1-1 Titanium body construction to increase stability
  • It has a sleek, contrasting crown with alignment cues that enables a high level of accuracy
  • The adjustable loft sleeve enables loft and lies angle to be altered as per the needs
  • Lamkin UTx Grip enables optimal grip security in every type of conditions
  • It is available in two lengths that are 9 and 10.5 loft options.
  • There are also three flex options; senior, regular, and stiff
  • The Mitsubishi Kuro Kage Silver TiNi Graphite Shaft Premium elastic Titanium Nickel (TiNi) wire will allow energy to load and unload with higher efficiency
  • The extra strength in the tip section allows for tighter shots to be dispersed, even for players that have higher swing speeds.
  • Low Resin Content (L.R.C.) Prepreg has to up to 15% more carbon fiber and 13% less resin than traditional prepregs
  • The L.R.C. creates a higher density of carbon fibers without adding weight for added strength and enhanced feel
  • The Variable Torque System (V.T.S.) optimizes performance by targeting shaft torque and frequency for a fine-tuned conditioning

TA1 Driver Review: Let’s Get Cracking on this Driver!

So here is a detailed review of Tommy Armour’s TA1 driver curated to give you longer and higher swings.

Physical Appearance

The first thing that you might notice about this golf driver is the carbon fiber which makes up the crown and gives it a lightweight feature. While on the backside, it has these speed fins that give it a raised appearance. These bumps, also known as surface disruptors, make sure that if the golf ball were to move past it then it would enable the ball speed to be slowed down as if it is pulling it back almost. 

Surprisingly this is one of the trending designs in golf clubs of cutting through the air itself. So by making the crown out of carbon composite, what they have done is kept the weight really light here so they can put it on the backside. So the rear of the golf driver features 10 grams of tungsten weight. This will also enable to hear a proper sound of the D.A.T. 55G cup face which is the Japanese titanium alloy.

So, in other words, this golf club does not fall into golf club designs. In fact, the team at Tommy Armour specifically opted for a non-traditional design which is where BMW Designworks’s role comes in. They are the team behind the aerodynamic shape of the TA1 driver. Even the matte red finish of the driver is a result of the partnership between BMW Designworks and Tommy Armour, among other things such as small wings features on the carbon crown.

The 9 and 10.5-inch loft sizes have 58 degrees of lie angle, 460cc volume, and a 45.5 club length. This means you have to be careful in knowing what lie angle you select since it is the basis of a club-fitting session. So have a 58-degree lie angle is a standard expected to have from the driver. However, this driver is designed to range closer to short irons, which usually start from a 59-degree lie angle.


The TA1 driver comes with three options of flex. The senior flex allows you as a golf player to launch the ball easily into the air. It should only be your top pick if you hit at 180 to 200 yards with your driver.

The second is a regular flex meant for amateur or beginner golf players who are usually hitting at speeds of 85 to 90mph. This flex option also applies if you are hitting your driver between 200 to 240 yards.

The stiff flex is for those players who inject more force into their golf swing (higher swing speed above 105mph) and require stiff flex for the shaft. When you swing at fast speeds, a stiff flex will allow you more control so that you can deliver better golf shots.


This budget-friendly driver gives the same performance and the most forgiveness, similar to how major expensive drivers would give in the range. The forgiveness is driven by a moment of 5400 grams centimeters squared, making it one of the highest among all drivers currently in the market. Hence, the D.A.T. 55G cup face allows greater flexibility across a larger area, making it unique. 

The unique aspect comes due to the use of titanium alloy, which apparently only Tommy Armour has been doing, allowing them to cast it quite thin.

The performance of the driver can be adjusted with its six settings to produce different draw-flight biases. The standard-setting can be a little strong for some players. However, usually, players keep it at low or standard and the change in setting levels is by 2 degrees. 

For example, when you lower the setting you may change from a 9 degree setting to a 7-degree setting. This allows you to customize the TA1 driver’s performance using different combinations of loft and settings to see which one suits you. The wide head is a great choice for beginners.

Tommy Armour TA1 Driver Review: Wrapping Up

Tommy Armour TA1 driver review would not be complete without our final thoughts about the golf driver. It delivers a power-packed performance with the most forgiveness and distance. 

It is safe to say that the driver has won hearts after the brand launched it to compete with the bigger brands. At an affordable price point, it is a great bargain and gives unbelievable value. The brand has not been stingy with stability for an extra yard or two on the club’s face, making them value their users more than the price point.

The Tommy Armour golf company has been in the golf sports industry for over a century, and they were famous in the 1980s era for their 1845 irons. This new TA1 driver is an attempt to regain back the glory of the 80s while being priced at a considerably lower point than other major manufacturers.

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