Taylormade M6 Driver Review [Long and Straight]

The TaylorMade brand is renowned for its advanced golfing technology and generally great performance, which is why many pro golfers choose to play with TaylorMade. The TaylorMade M6 Driver Review represents a significant leap forward in golf club driver technology with an emphasis on controlling ball spin. You get 21st century materials, design and construction that truly are industry-leading.

TaylorMade M6 Driver Review

While TaylorMade has a well-deserved reputation for making some of the best golfing tools on the market, its new advancements in driver technology are making the brand even more prestigious. The combination of build quality and exceptional performance makes the TaylorMade M6 driver a truly cutting-edge tool for lowering your golf scores and improving your game.

A TaylorMade M6 Driver review of features shows it greatly improves upon the prior M4 driver with better spin control and performance that pushes the golfing envelope. The more you can control the ball spin off the tee, the straighter and longer your average distance with the M6 driver which is great for high handicap players.

That is the theory, anyway, and TaylorMade puts a lot of science behind it to make it happen. The big advancement is the COR optimization that TaylorMade uses to make the M6 an significant advancement over prior TaylorMade drivers.

COR Tech Explained

A Taylormade M6 review of the driver’s features shows it goes to the absolute legal limit of COR technology in drivers. The COR is an acronym for coefficient of restitution, which is a really fancy way of saying how fast the ball travels after you hit it versus how fast you swung the driver.

There even is an algebraic formula in which the remainder of the ball speed after impact minus the club speed after impact is divided by the club speed before impact. The product of all that is the COR value, and the R&A and USGA regulate the maximum amount. So it clearly matters.

maximum ball speed with aerodynamic shape

The COR matters so much that prior to the TaylorMade M6 driver, makers of drivers always included a small margin of error to ensure all of their products are legal for tournament play. That margin of error means even the best drivers prior to the M6 drive the ball about 2 mph slower than their maximum legal potential.


  • Maximum energy transfer.
  • Faster and longer ball flight for more distance.
  • Spin control helps to keep the ball straight.
  • Available in low, middle, and high trajectory launch angles.


  • Definitely cost-prohibitive.
  • Requires extra precaution to thwart theft due to slight draw bias.

General Design and Look

The M6 has a clearly more aerodynamic head design than its predecessors but provides the same generous 460cc striking surface with your choice of 9, 10.5 or 12 degrees of loft. That will help you to more consistently hit low, middle or high trajectories while teeing off. You can choose your preferred loft for longer drives off of the tee, higher trajectories and more consistent play.

The Project X Evenflow shaft material gives you a regular amount of flex that is forgiving and helps you to make more consistent contact with the ball and club face. The M6 is available for right- and left-handed golfers with a shaft length measuring 45.75 inches. That length help you to generate good head speed and make better contact with the ball for more forgiveness.

Some golfers will find the longer shaft too much for their respective games. TaylorMade does provide a service that shortens the shaft length if you find shorter ones to be more comfortable. The M6 driver also has 54 percent more carbon than the prior M4 driver. The additional carbon fiber enables more weight added to the inertia generator that transfers the club’s energy to the ball.

Speed Injection for Cutting-Edge Performance

The TaylorMade M6 review of its design shows that speed injection makes it possible to push the driver to the maximum legal limit and gain that extra 2 mph in ball speed from your drive. That extra speed adds up to extra distance and shorter approach shots to the green.

TaylorMade uses an injection molding system that precisely reduces the flex on every M6 driver produced so that it delivers the maximum legal COR value. Less flex means a better energy transfer for faster and longer drives, and TaylorMade pushes it to the absolutely legal limit on every M6 driver that it produces.

taylormade driver with adjustable weights

TaylorMade measures the face of every M6 driver and injects up to 2 grams of resin into two separate pockets located directly behind two red screws near the bottom of the clubface. TaylorMade applies a proprietary algorithm to determine the exact among of resin that each M6 driver needs to deliver the maximum allowable COR value for R&A and USGA tournaments. The reduced flexibility produces better results on your long drives.

Twist Face Tech Included

The TaylorMade M6 Driver review of features shows the M6 is equipped with TaylorMade’s new Twist Face technology. The Twist Face angle gives the M6 driver a new curvature on the face of the 460cc head to better control spin and deliver consistently straighter drives. The twist face angle shaft technology enables a much more controlled swing and flight path for the ball.

That round and dimpled golf ball does a lot when it starts spinning around upon being driven off the tee. Most drivers give golfers relatively little control over ball spin, which can lead to errant shots and more strokes per hole. The TaylorMade M6 driver’s twist face design is a key feature that takes care of the problem so that you can hit much better and straighter shots from the tee.

the more aerodynamic shape and adjustable weights means maximum forgiveness and solid clubhead speed

Instead of a traditionally flat club face that has a somewhat smaller sweet spot, the TaylorMade M6 driver has uses a speed injected twisted face that helps to better control ball spin and prevent draw or fade. That means you get less effect from the wind and ball spin that often cause drives to travel where you do not intend. So long as you use a good and consistent swing on your drivers, the twist face technology should help you to set up better approach shots to the green and avoid more hazards.

Aerodynamic Carbon Sole

You need to generate good head speed to strike the ball properly, and the TaylorMade aerodynamic carbon sole lets you do just that. It is stronger and lighter than traditional club heads with the added benefit of computer-assisted aerodynamic design that reduces drag and lets you swing through the ball while making good contact.

The resulting increased head speed enables you to hit longer drives and lower your golf score. You can choose the club face with your preferred launch angle while the aerodynamically designed carbon sole makes it easier to produce quality swings and great drives to the fairway.

Inertia Generator for Better Energy Transfer

The physics of golf is no more apparent than when the club face strikes the ball. Inertia plays a big role in how the clubface affects the ball and how far it will travel on the hole. TaylorMade incorporates a new inertia generator that makes this TaylorMade M6 driver much more aerodynamic and transfers energy more efficiently. The inertia generator makes the sole more aerodynamic while putting the maximum amount of energy on the sweet spot. A good, clean drive will produce some of your best drives you ever made from the tee.

The ball truly leaps off of the clubface with the maximum amount of COR value making everything perfectly legal for tournament play. Reduced spin and straighter shots give you much more control of your drives and better approach shots throughout each round of golf that you play. You get more club head speed, straighter drivers and lower scores.

M6 D Adds Draw-Biased Design

If you have issues with ball placement and want a club that gives you more of a draw bias, you could opt for the M6 D. The draw-biased design helps to prevent pushing the ball over to the right side of the hole.

average swing speeds with this golf driver still result in high ball speeds even for senior golfers

It is especially good for fighting cross winds and when the hole turns left at a dogleg or other obstacle. The draw-biased design is one that many skilled golfers find useful and professionals can keep in their bags when they want to put some more English on the ball for a more precise placement.

Why Should I buy a TaylorMade M6 Driver?

The TaylorMade M6 review of its features shows this is one very advanced driver that really could improve your game if added to your golf bag. You get a lot of very advanced, 21st century technology that helps to transform the centuries-old golf game into an entirely new thrill with an improved golf game.

TaylorMade ensures the M6 driver has the kind of advanced tech that you need to legally send the ball farther and with more confidence while teeing off.

You cannot shoot lower scores if you do not drive the ball more consistently. The TaylorMade M6 driver takes the best of modern golfing technology and production techniques and improves them to give you a tournament-legal driver that can help you to greatly improve your drives and lower your golf score.

While the cost to buy one will scare off many prospective buyers, serious golfers and professionals will appreciate the improvement that they see in their game.

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