Sim Max Driver Review [Best In Class?]

TaylorMade rightfully carries a well-deserved reputation for cutting-edge golfing technology that goes into its exceptional line of golf clubs and other golfing equipment. The newest iteration of TaylorMade’s recent efforts to perfect the driver is the SIM Max driver. The TaylorMade SIM Max driver review of components shows SIM is an acronym for “shape in motion” and refers to the ability to adjust the SIM Max drivers to deliver the best driving experience for owners.

Sim Max Driver Review shows maximum forgiveness with speed injected twist face on this sim line driver

TaylorMade packs a lot of acronyms into the SIM Max driver, like COR and MOI technologies that are really fancy ways of saying – We put a lot of tech into our clubs so that you can hit the ball straighter and farther than ever before. The Taylormade SIM Max driver really does pack a lot of technology into its design, construction and final package to give you the best possible results from your swing.

What Are Those Fancy Terms?

You already know SIM is short for swing in motion, which refers to the general design of the Max driver and its effect on the ball speed. The SIM design takes the kinetic energy created by the swing and transfers the maximum amount to the ball with a stiffer clubface and better spin control. That adds up to about 2 mph faster ball travel and longer, straighter drives.

MOI is short for moment of inertia and refers to the moment the clubface meets the ball and how physics determines the result. In simple terms, MOI refers to the twisting impact on the ball as the clubface makes contact and travels through the point of impact.

After all, you are swinging the relatively flat clubface in a fast, circular motion with the object being to drive a round ball in on a relatively straight path to your target – unless you intend to put some draw or fade on the ball. When the clubface impacts the ball, inertia makes the clubface twist a bit, which transfers spin to the ball. That spin affects the flight, often with negative results.


  • Maximum energy transfer for faster ball speeds.
  • Penetrating ball flight.
  • Better control during downswing.
  • Available in multiple launch angles.


  • High cost.
  • Shaft is too long for many golfers.

A ball with a lot of spin that you did not intend might draw or fade and certainly will travel a shorter distance than one that puts more of the transferred energy into sending the ball exactly where you want it to go. A club that has a high MOI factor will twist less upon impact. That means straighter shots and longer flights. A club with a low MOI factor is less forgiving and will result in more errant drives due to the increased twisting motion at the point of impact.

slightly higher launch conditions for off center strikes with a stiff shaft from the sim family

The COR value refers to the coefficient of restitution, which is how fast the ball travels after the club hits it versus how fast you swung the club. Prior to TaylorMade’s recent COR innovations, all makers of drivers factored in a small margin of error to ensure their drivers qualify for R&A and USGA tournaments. The regulatory bodies allow a maximum COR value, which has a definite effect on ball travel and distance.

What it all adds up to is TaylorMade put a heck of a lot of high tech and science into developing the Max. It has the maximum allowable COR value to deliver the maximum impact and effect on the ball. The result is a larger sweet spot that puts less spin on the ball and sends it on a longer and straighter flight path. TaylorMade pushes the absolute allowable limit on all SIM drivers in the SIM driver family so that you get the maximum effect and about 2 mph faster ball travel than when using other drivers.

Taylormade SIM Max Driver Review of Features

The Max drivers really takes high tech to a new level. While the SIM refers to the swing in motion aspect of the driver, the Max in part refers to an 8 percent larger face size compared to the SIM driver. Both driver heads are 460cc in size, but the larger face size on the SIM Max means you have a bigger sweet spot with which to contact the ball. That means fewer missed shots, better approach shots and lower scores on your favorite regulation golf courses.

sim max gave previous models the sliding weight technology and inverted cone technology

If the SIM Max still does not straighten out your game, you could opt for the SIM Max D, which has an even larger face than the SIM and SIM Max. The Max D gives you an 18 percent larger face than the SIM so that you can hit the ball exactly the way you want it. Three identical head size and weights with your choice of the progressive face options enable you to obtain exactly the right TaylorMade driver to improve your golf game.

Speed-Injected and Twist Face Technology

Most manufacturers make golf drivers with a small amount of flexibility built in that ensures they are legal for R&A and USGA tournaments. Both golf regulatory bodies ensure golfers cannot simply show up with superior equipment that makes up for flawed games. When it comes to drivers, they want the club face to reflect a certain COR value or less, which affects the ball speed.

Most manufacturers play it safe and design their drivers with enough give to qualify for tournament play. TaylorMade pushes it to the limit with its proprietary speed-injection system that maximizes ball speed and flight while remaining legal for tournament play. Every driver undergoes a computer scan to determine its optimal COR value for the maximum legal performance.

Once the correct numbers are reached, TaylorMade very specifically applies up to 2 grams of resin and configures it to give you the best possible driving surface with the maximum allowable COR value. What it all means is that you can get about 2 mph more out of your drives and hit the ball farther and straighter than ever before. And you still are legal for tournament play.

A TaylorMade SIM Max review shows it includes the new twist face technology that enables you to control the ball spin much better. The Twist Face improves upon the traditionally flat design of the golf club head. It gives the face a bit of a twist so that you have less spin and better control over the ball’s flight path when you hit it properly. The speed injected twist face technology gives you a bigger sweet spot and maximum forgiveness on the club face so that you can focus more on your swing dynamics to improve your drives and overall game.

Asymmetric Sole

Nothing goes untouched in the all-new SIM Max, including the sole. TaylorMade designed the sole to deliver the best possible swing speed during the club swing. There is no excessive drag while enabling your club head to travel at higher speeds and deliver the energy exactly where you want it. The nearly 46 inches of shaft length help to accelerate the driver through the ball and deliver consistently good drives with maximum club speed and distance.

Inertia Generator

The physics that go into the new SIM driver is most apparent with the inertia generator, which TaylorMade says will help you to transfer the maximum legal amount of energy to the ball. The inertia generator strategically places weight at the very back of the head and at a strategic angle to reduce drag, increase speed and deliver longer drives. You get less drag on the downswing and a much better follow through that you can feel when you strike the ball.

Sliding Weight and Speed Pocket

An adjustable weight and speed pocket technology let you customize your SIM Max for your particular needs, You get up to 20 grams of adjustable weight that enables you to deliver the kind of impactful hits that you need to put the ball exactly where you want it. You can adjust the weight for draw or fade characteristics for more consistent drives. That will help you to send the ball exactly where you want it to go with consistent drives and good swings.

Why Should I Buy a TaylorMade SIM Max ?

The TaylorMade SIM Max Driver review of all that the out-of-this-world driver does shows you are getting a truly 21st century driver. Whether you want a SIM driver, a SIM Max or a SIM Max D, each one is optimized for the maximum legal effect when you tee off. You are driving the ball a longer distance and with the kind of carry characteristics that you want due to better spin control.

TaylorMade gave the SIM Max a complete redesign and has produced a truly cutting-edge driver that can improve your golf game. A relatively high purchase price will discourage many golfers, and those who only play casually once or twice a month likely will not need such an exceptional golfing tool. You can check out the Taylormade M6 as a slightly lower cost option sticking with the Taylormade name.  

The SIM Max driver is intended for serious golfers and professionals who truly want to shoot their best scores every round.

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