The Number of Golf Courses In Canada (By Province, City, and Per-Capita)

Despite what many people think, Canada is actually a fantastic golf destination. Yes, some areas of the country have long, cold winters, however, the summers can be very beautiful and provide great conditions for golfing! 

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the most common questions about golf in Canada. Let’s get started!

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How many golf courses are in Canada?

There is a total of 2,298 golf courses in Canada. Of these, 2,068 are public and 230 are private.

Golf Courses in Canada By Province (Total Number)

ProvincePublic CoursesPrivate CoursesTotal
British Columbia28117304
New Brunswick50454
Newfoundland and Labrador22022
Northwest Territories404
Nova Scotia71475
Prince Edward Island25025

Golf Courses in Canada By Province (Per Capita)

Province# of CoursesPopulationCourses per Capita (100,000 people)
British Columbia3045,147,7125.91
New Brunswick54781,4766.91
Newfoundland and Labrador22522,1034.21
Northwest Territories445,1618.86
Nova Scotia75979,3517.66
Prince Edward Island25159,62515.66

*All population data was gathered from Statistics Canada and all golf course information was acquired from Golf Canada.

But what if you’re wondering which Canadian city has the most golf courses? Let’s take a look!

Canadian Cities With The Most Golf Courses

Starting in the West and heading East, here’s a look at the Canadian cities with the most golf courses.

City# of Golf Courses (Within 20 Miles)

*Data provided by Golflink.

Golf in Canada FAQ

Yes, golf is very popular in Canada. According to one report from the National Allied Golf Association, Canadians played an estimated 57 million rounds in 2019. Combined, these golfers spent approximately $19.3 Billion on the sport! This amounts to an average of $1,795 per golfer. 

In fact, Canada accounts for nearly seven percent of the total number of golf facilities in the world!

At last count, there are 2,298 golf facilities operating across Canada. 

Which Canadian Province Has The Most Golf Courses?

Ontario has the most golf courses out of any Canadian province (805 total), however, Saskatchewan has the most golf courses per capita (17.48 golf courses per 100,000 people).

What is the most expensive golf course in Canada?

The two most expensive golf courses in Canada are Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs, which are both located just off the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia. A round at Cabot Links and Cabot Cliffs will cost you $265 and $320, respectively.

What is the toughest golf course in Canada?

Based on a course rating of 77.5, the toughest golf course in Canada is The Legends Course at Lionhead Golf & Country Club in Brampton, Ontario. Players have described it as a tough course that rewards accuracy and penalizes any lapse in concentration.

Is GolfPass available in Canada?

Yes, GolfPass is available to Americans and Canadians. 

What is Canada Golf Card?

Canada Golf Card is a discount card you can buy from It allows you to access several discounts at more than 800 golf courses across Canada. 

These discounts include:

  • 2 for 1 greens fees
  • Food and beverage discounts
  • Pro shop discounts
  • And more.

How to use your Canada Golf Card:

  1. Purchase your Canada Golf Card.
  2. Browse the course listings on to find the course you’d like to play.
  3. Call the course, book a tee time, and mention your Canada Golf Card.
  4. Present your Canada Golf Card or mobile phone app when you pay for your round. 

Is golf free in Canada?

Unfortunately, no. Golf is not free in Canada and you will need to pay for greens fees just as you would anywhere else in the world. However, greens fees at most Canadian golf courses tend to be very affordable and you can save even more by using discount cards like the Canada Golf Card mentioned above.

The Takeaway – How Many Golf Courses are In Canada?

To summarize, there are 2,298 golf courses in Canada. Only the USA and Japan have more golf courses than Canada. Per capita, there are 6.11 golf courses per 100,000 Canadian citizens. 

Ontario has the most golf courses at 805. However, Saskatchewan has the most golf courses per capita with 17.48 courses per 100,000 people. 

Hamilton and Toronto are the two Canadian cities with the most golf courses, each with more than 100 golf courses within a 20-mile radius. 

Canadians played an estimated 57 million rounds in 2019. Combined, these golfers spent approximately $19.3 Billion on golf. This amounts to an average of $1,795 per golfer. 

Hopefully, this article has helped you learn a little bit more about the number of golf courses in Canada!

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