How To Play Golf With Your Kids

Summer is the part of the year when children have a lot of downtime. The days are longer, the schools are closed, and the children love to be outdoors doing fun activities. Golfing with kids can be a fun activity for the entire family at that time. A golf course with its water bodies, grassy roughs and sand bunkers is a wonderful place to spend quality time together in the lap of nature and make memories. It will give your kids a great opportunity to swap their screen time for a healthy quality time spent outdoors, learn a new sport, make friends, and gain new skills and burn off energy.

Practice First

Children tend to lose interest in an activity when it ceases to be engaging or fun so involve your children, asking them whether they would like to practice driving balls or putting. Allow their young minds to explore the sport and answer their queries. It is also a great time to encourage and cheer their game, making their confidence and comfort level grow.

Invent Games

Conjure up games of your own. Set up a bucket or crate or a mug in your backyard and practice with plastic balls. See if they can hit the ball nearby or straight into the bucket.

Visit the driving range or practice green

Look up the practice greens and driving ranges available in your locality, and let your kids see others practicing just as they are.

Enrol kids for lessons, golf camps, or junior programs

It is great fun for the kids to make friends and play the sport together. It would also benefit them a great deal to see other kids of their age and their skill level, playing golf. Instructions from golf professionals can guide them in improving their game. Since PGA encourages golfing with kids, you may find assistance including lessons and summer camps, through their association.

Different types of golf

Apart from the 18 hole courses, there are various other types where you can have loads of fun with your kids. It could be a miniature golf or putt-putt course, a Par 3 course, or even Top Golf- an interactive driving range with large holes to hit the balls in for points. They offer a variety of games you and your kids can play. You and your children can also binge on the food and drinks there to make your outing a celebration

Taking your kids to the golf course

Be prepared

Prepare all of the equipment, snacks, and drinks the night before to avoid forgetting anything, or getting stressed​​ out by the preparation.

Family golfing

Shorten the hole distance

Keeping pace with the technology and strength of today’s players, golf courses have grown in size. So, instead of hitting from the tee box, your child can tee the ball up from 50 to 100 yards from the hole in the fairway allowing them to play the hole without hitting it over and over again, to keep up the pace. Hit the ball from the same spot as your child and they will watch and learn from you. Children are visual learners, and they will learn a lot from this bonding experience.

Shorten the number of holes you play

You can play 6, 9, 12,or 18 holes, or any number that lets you have the best experience with your child.

Throw the rules out of the window

Forget the rules, when you start golfing with your kids, allowing them to enjoy their experience without worrying about the rules. Let them hit the ball a few times and pick the best ball to use.

No scorecard

At this point in time, your objective is not to decide who won or lost. However, If your older children want to keep the score nevertheless you can just keep track of good and bad shots by giving a plus or minus sign.

Use Pinpoint Golf

As your kids become better, Pinpoint Golf can enhance their experience. With Pinpoint golf stats tracker and GPS you can input their shots with GPS tracker and measure their performance against any skill level, from PGA Tour pros to 20 handicaps. This will increase their thrill of competing and comparing with the champions from their corner of the world. Tracking each shot accurately and reliably with GPS fine-tuning for their tee shots, approach shots, short game, and putting, “Strokes gained” measures the details of each shot precisely, and then compares the performance of different players across all aspects of the game.

Enjoy the golf cart

Children love riding around on the golf cart and viewing the scenic golf course from it. Enjoy your golf cart ride with your kids but not before giving them safety instructions and ensuring that they follow them.

It’s all about them

Forget about yourself or your game when you take your kids out golfing. Focus all of your attention on them so that they can enjoy the game as much as you do. Their excitement for new things can make a big difference. Small gifts like ball markers, tees, and the occasional sleeve of balls you buy will increase their love for the game.

Pick the Right Hours

Non-peak times are highly recommended for the consideration of fellow golfers and your own sanity. To avoid crowds and disappointment, book tee times in the late afternoons or early evenings. This will give you more time to enjoy the moments and the practice without feeling rushed through your game, or like you are holding others up.

Teaching them Golf Etiquette

Use the relatively empty course to give your kids a basic sense of respect for the course and other players, like waiting for their turn and refrain from using the golf clubs for purposes other than hitting the ball! And yet ensuring that they have their share of the fun.

So golfing with your kids is not only your opportunity to bond with them, and spend some great quality time together outdoors in pristine surroundings but also getting them started on a success path in their lives ahead which they will have much to thank you for. So that one day they are able to play with their own children, their colleagues and friends and maybe end up as PGA Tour pros, for all you know!

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