How Do I Stop Being Frustrated in Golf?

We all know that golf isn’t the easiest of games. No matter how good you are at the game, there come a few times when things aren’t going your way, which leads to frustration and anger issues. This might drive you to wonder “how do i stop being frustrated in golf?”

In today’s article, we’ll help you curb your frustration by providing you with some of the best tips and methods that were found to work! Let’s dive right in!

1. Remember That the Best Players Make Mistakes

Let’s start by reminding you that golf is a pretty challenging sport, and even the best players in the world have bad days and make errors and mistakes.

If you’re frustrated about your miss-hit or low distance shot, remember that even players like Ben Hogan, who used to hit anywhere between 700 to 800 balls every single day, had his bad days too!

So, statistically speaking, for amateurs and enthusiasts, it’s perfectly natural that they have some mistakes and errors here and there.

2. Ignore the Scoreboard

Scoreboards are meant for pro players and those who play competitively and in tournaments, so you don’t have to stress it out.

frustrated golfer

In fact, players who are too fixated on their scores tend to take aggressive shots that only lead them to make more errors, and therefore, worsen their scores even more.

Of course, ditching the scoreboard can be challenging for those who put wagers on them, so try to avoid this habit and try to enjoy the fresh air and play golf without taking things seriously.

3. Consider Taking Some Time Off the Game

A lot of people reach an extremely high level of frustration that they consider quitting golf for good.

Sometimes, taking some time off the game can actually help you relax and return with a recharged will to lower your scores.

Instead of quitting the game, you can take a few days or weeks off, depending on how frequently you play the game.

It’s also recommended that you avoid playing golf seriously if you have some unresolved personal or work issues.

4. Turn the Situation into Motivation

Frank Sinatra’s “That’s Life” is a perfect example of how temporary your frustration in golf can be.

If you’re a beginner who’s stressed about not scoring birdies and pars, you should take your relatively higher score as a motivation to “pick yourself up and get back in the race”!

5. Shoot Your Drive As Hard As You Can

Some people like to vent out their anger immediately to feel better. However, such a behavior can be offensive to others and create an extremely negative environment on the course.

But what if there’s a way to vent out your anger without stirring up trouble? One way that some people vent out in golf is by squeezing on the golf ball.

Alternatively, you can try the remedy of shooting your drive as hard as you can. What’s great about this technique is that you might happen to hit a sweet spot and land a perfect shot with ultra high distance and speed, which would definitely lift up your mood.

However, if you’ve failed to deliver a perfect shot, at least you’ve successfully vented out in an inoffensive way!

6. Hit the Driving Range for Practice

golf anger management

Practice is always the key to improving your game and lowering your score. Improvements on the course can be slow due to the lengthy times between the shots.

Instead, you can head to your local driving ranges to hit more balls, which will help you figure out your weak spots and allow you to work on them.

7. Switch to Solo or Play with a Different Group

Although golf is supposed to be a fun and social game, playing it with the wrong group of people might not be ideal for you.

It’s okay to have a slightly competitive nature. However, if the friendly weekend game turns into serious competition, such an environment might not be healthy for you.

If you’ve noticed that you perform better while playing golf solo, you can treat yourself to a few rounds every now and then.

You can also consider switching to a different group of players who are focused on having a good time rather than competing heavily against each other in a negative environment that brings you down.

8. Set Realistic Scores

One of the biggest problems that golf players face is comparing their goals with pros who play golf for a living.

As previously mentioned, nothing is wrong with pushing yourself to improve. However, you should always do that within a healthy and realistic range so you’re able to meet them without pressuring yourself.

It’s perfectly okay if you even analyze your technique issues and try to work on them in a practice round.

If scoreboards matter to you that much, you can always pick a small local course near you where you can focus on a specific aspect of your game and try to improve it.

9. Take Things Lightly and Laugh It Off

Last but not least, always remember that golf is supposed to be fun, as most of those who are on the course don’t have the skill or the time to become professional golfers.

The best way to deal with frustration and errors in your shot is to take things lightly and laugh it off with your friends.

Remember that everyone can have a bad day in golf and in a few days, weeks, or months, you’ll probably forget about that round.  And that good golfers feel just as much frustration as bad golfers, its more about how they handle it that separate them from others.

If you’re focused on keeping your golf game fun, both good and bad shots will be part of your “good times enjoying the game you like”.

How Do I Stop Being Frustrated In Golf Final Thoughts

With that said, this guide comes to an end. Always remember to be kinder to yourself and remember that nobody is perfect and it takes years of dedicated practice for elite players to reach their status.

Never lose the spirit of enjoying your time while playing and avoid stressing yourself out over your performance.

If you have any special methods that you like to follow in order to stop being frustrated in golf, make sure to let us know in the comments!

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