How Can I Hit My Iron Shots Better?

How can I hit my iron shots better? There may be a few other things wrong with your swing, but you have a lot to win with your iron shots if you check alignment, posture, swing length, look at the ball correctly and contact. If you warm up your body first and check these 4 points, you will get solid iron shots more often. Hitting good shots with irons, long or short, is one of the main goal lines of many golfers and a weak point for most amateur players. They make some common mistakes when they approach the ball, which can be avoided to improve their iron shots.

Let’s discuss this further by explaining everything you need to know about irons!

 Irons are used for long and medium-distance shots. It is a family of golf clubs offering the widest range. You can play all kinds of strokes with the irons, usually after the face-off and before arriving on the green.

Choosing the Suitable Irons to Play a Good Golf Shot

The irons are numbered according to their degree of openness. The lower the number, the more closed the loft and the greater the distance covered. Tolerance is the ability of iron to correct the ball’s trajectory if the swing is not perfect. An iron with offset will offer more tolerance. The offset is between the shaft and the club’s head, which is set back from the latter. It will thus reduce the sliced effects.

The center of gravity allows a trade-off between power and precision. The lower the clubhead, the more it will hit hard and at the right height. Conversely, the higher it will be on the clubhead, the more it will improve the precision of the shot.

An iron with an “oversized” head, with a hitting surface larger than the average, will increase the tolerance on deviated trajectories. A smaller hitting surface offers more precision and more power for more experienced players.

It all starts with the position of the ball, slightly shifted to the right of the stance. It is necessary to keep the armament of the wrists when playing with less open irons. To use all the streaks of the club, one should keep the hands open even after impact. This gives more spin to the ball. For beginners, players should not aim for the flag at all costs but the peripheral zone within a radius of 5 or 6 meters. Besides, it is better to concentrate on the point of impact with the ground.

How Can I Hit My Iron Shots Better?

Hardly ever a player had played the same iron shot twice, not even on the practice court. Each shot has something new – a slight change in the lie, the direction of the wind, or how you feel on the ball. You’ll play a draw or fade, vary the effect, hit it high or low. This is what happens with iron, a ‘lack of consistency.’

hitting golf irons

To be a sensational player, you must know a few swing basics, but you also must add some personal instinct. Use them to improve your fundamentals and eventually develop your own.

Let’s compare the start of the swing to using a computer. If you enter the wrong data, the result will not be good. In the same way, if you “program” the backswing with a good rhythm, good mechanics and a proper sequence of movement, you will be able to “set up” a powerful downswing.

When you bring the stick back, try to keep your forearms close together. When you feel your arms joined, everything, from the waist up, moves in sync. Another trick on the backswing is fully rolling your shoulders, ensuring your arms and hands go with them.

Avoid swinging with your arms only, as many amateur players do. A coordinated back movement with your arms and shoulders will engage your hips and mid and lower body. At that point, you will be ready to go for the ball.

At the circuit, you should know how far you go with each of your irons. Grab a distance meter, go to your practice court, and pick a target that allows you to get a good reading of the distance of the ball’s flight. You will choose your clubs better and swing with more confidence.

The most important thing in the game of irons is hitting the ball down. How much you have to hit down will depend on the iron you are using and how much effect you want to apply. And the key is to do it naturally, letting the ball be in the path of the clubhead when it makes its natural arc.

There is an area about 25 cm before impact and another 25 cm after, where everything you did previously in the swing takes place and where the impact is determined. What happens in that area happens so fast that you can make no adjustments. It is more of a sensation than a literal reflection of what is happening. You want to rotate your hips and the central part of your body without slipping and bending, and you don’t want your hips to drift away from the target. Spin through, and you get a good, balanced finish.

Long Irons vs. Short Irons

There is only one difference between hitting a short iron and a long iron. The position of the ball is more focused on short irons. You have to be clear when it comes to getting on and going down.

The main mistake comes when you want to apply power. Almost all amateur players “force” their swing when hitting long irons, as if the shot required extra power. Try to generate a consistent movement; it is what will ensure a good impact. Power will come later.

how to hit golf irons

The main reason you get a good shot with the long irons is their loft. A 5 iron is about 21 degrees, a four iron about 24, and the three about 21. A “straighter” face enhances misses and deviations. Long irons make it easier to miss.

A Correct Impact

The first aspect to practice is clubface alignment at the moment of impact. Any deviation will multiply in the trajectory of the ball.

Use an alignment rod (or stick). Mark the line right in front of the ball. Place a shaft parallel to the swing line, not too far away, about 4-5 fingers above the ball. This exercise will help you square your clubface at impact. Remember that it is not about hitting hard. It is about moving the stick well.

A Consistent Movement

One of the great difficulties of golf is that you never play two strokes from the same line. Even though you train with thousands of swings on the driving range, rarely will anyone have the ball in a completely flat lie.

Amateur players try too hard from bad positions, especially with the long irons. Always keep in mind that a good hit with a long iron needs a consistent impact (something that you will not be able to get from the rough or a bad lie). On those occasions, it is better to play a hybrid.

Master the Height of the Ball

The last step with long irons is to master the trajectory of the ball. You can easily hit higher or lower shots with a simple adjustment.

The Position of the Ball

Move the ball through your stance to alter the trajectory of your shots, but just a little bit forward if you want a little more height or back for lower shots.


We hope this article answers the question, ‘how can I hit my iron shots better?’ Hitting a good shot with a long iron can be tricky unless you have enough swing power and consistent movement. It is entirely possible when you master the bases. Do not forget to share this information with your golf mates and let us know it worked for you!

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