Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver Review

Formula 1 racing is the inspiration of the Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme driver, and it certainly has the look. You get a lot of black carbon fiber with a high-tech titanium clubface and some splashy F1-like badging. That alone makes it one of the coolest looking drivers on the golf course.

The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver review of design and construction shows it incorporates that latest in computer assisted design and CNC machining to produce one of the best drivers on the planet. the combination of advanced design technology, advanced modern materials and CNC machining all help to produce a nearly perfect driver.

While the design and engineering do a lot of the work for you, the Cobra King Speedzone still leaves you with plenty of adaptability. You can adjust many of the components and essentially obtain a factory custom driver right out of the box. A wide range of choices in the materials and construction enable you to obtain the perfect driver for your golf game.

Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver review

Aerodynamic Shape

It all starts with the shape, which reduces drag, lowers the center of gravity and helps to produce a very wide and forgiving sweet spot. The Speezone drivers head greatly reduces drag on your downswing to that you can generate faster club speed without adjusting your mechanics. You get a much longer and straighter drive with better contact on the ball.

The 460cc head approaches legal limits for COR value, which generally relates to how much energy the driver transfers to the ball. An aerodynamic head shape greatly reduces drag, which increases your natural swing speed. The improved COR value and faster swing speed translates into faster ball speed and longer drives.

CNC-Milled Infinity Face

While an improved and more aerodynamic shape enables the driver to increase swing speed and ball speed, you still need a very forgiving surface to make it all work right. The Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver clubface shows a CNC-milled face gives you an exceptionally wide and forgiving sweet spot.

If you get a little too much heel or toe on the ball, the Infinity Face helps to counteract the effect. The head has an oversized profile, but the titanium Infinity face helps to turn every bit of it into a solid hitting surface that truly launches the ball at the tee.

The Speedzone drivers add distance to even a low-handicapper’s already long drives with improved technology that gives the clubhead a larger sweet spot and greater control over ball spin. The 460cc head and aerodynamic design help to give you the best swing speed. And the clubface does a great job of controlling mishits so that you push the ball and draw it far off of the fairway.

cobra king speedzone with titanium t bar speed

High MOI with Stability Zone

The driver needs to really make good contact with the ball and hit it squarely to ensure you can get the best possible results from you drives. Cobra gives the driver an internal high speed stability zone that triangulates the driver’s hitting power. The moment of inertia (MOI) determines what the ball does based on the impact from the driver. And the Speedzone Xtreme Drivers does a lot to make it work for you.

The internal stability zone and triangulation of the internal weighting system helps to spread out the sweet spot across more of the clubface. Despite a high profile, the driver has a very low center of gravity, which translates into much better contact and noticeable improvement of MOI. You end up with a clubhead that enables you to make excellent contact with the ball and send it on a faster and longer flight trajectory with greater control over horizontal movement.

Titanium Speed Chassis

A titanium chassis provides a great deal of strength while reducing the actual amount of titanium used with a new T-Bar Speed Chassis. The chassis combines the hosel, sole and clubface mount to greatly strengthen the driver’s head.

The T-Bar Speed Chassis frames it all together and gives the driver a massive amount of durability that enables it to withstand many years of solid drives on regulation golf courses. The titanium speed chassis adds stiffness and durability while maximizing COR value and MOI effect on your drives.

360 Carbon-Wrap Crown

speedzone drivers with low spin and the strength zone

The Cobra Speedzone Xtreme review of its materials shows carbon fiber accounts for half of its mass. A newly designed 360 carbon-wrap crown gives the 460cc head a massive amount of strength while reducing the crown’s weight. With carbon fiber accounting for half of the mass in the crown, the driver’s center of gravity is much lower than prior Cobra drivers. That helps to greatly enhance the COR value and MOI effect.

Cobra says the carbon-wrap crown contains 10 percent more carbon fiber than prior Cobra drivers. More carbon fiber greatly increases the stiffness within the driver’s head and helps to give is a much larger sweet spot. The 50 percent coverage on the crown with the lighter and much stronger carbon fiber greatly reduces the weighted mass up high and naturally lowers the center of gravity.

Speedback Weighting Lowers Center of Gravity

One of the coolest features is the speed back weighting system that places 69 grams of weight as low as it can go in the sole and helps to spread its impact across nearly the entire face. The low center of gravity and widened effect that greatly reduces the potential for bad hits. The speed back weighting also greatly improved the COR value to deliver truly astounding drives.

The speed back weighting system virtually eliminates the heel and toe. They still are there, but bad hits will not put as much draw or fade on the ball as you might with your current driver. When mated to the Infinity Face, you get exceptional ball and spin control that helps to straighten out your drives and counteract the natural fade that most golfers place on their drives.

Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme Driver Specs:

Volume: 460cc
Lie: 57.5, 58.5 or 59.5 degrees
Loft: 9, 105 or 12 degrees
Length: 45.5 inches
Swing Weight: Your choice of a D1 through D4

Customization Capability Abounds

The notion of a “factory custom” comes from the auto industry and happens when a carmaker takes a generally popular model and creates a special edition with lots of options to “customize” it for the owner. Cobra does virtually the same thing with the Speedzone Xtreme driver.

While the driver’s head is relatively standardized, you get a wide range of swing weights. shafts and grips to give you the perfect driver. Swing weights range from a D1 to a D4, which you can change as you wish to adapt to your game. You can buy the Cobra King Speedzone Xtreme with one weight and swap it out later if you need to adjust for fade or draw bias.

A variety of first-rate shafts let you pick the perfect stiffness and weight for your drive. The shaft choices include:

  • UST Helium 4,5 black, which is light and gives golfers better feel and stability.
  • MCA Tensei CK AV Blue 65, which adds an aluminum vapor-coated fiber to the butt to enhance stiffness with a less torque.
  • Project X HRDUS Smoke Yellow 60, which gives you a more counterbalanced driver that supports the oversized profile of the Speedzone Xtreme.
  • Aldila Rogue Silver 60, which has a stiffened tip section that gives the driver more mid and low launch characteristics with less spin.

You also can adjust the loft settings on the clubface and obtain the ideal draw or fade bias or stick with a standard face that is more square to the ball. With a low to mid launch trajectory, the driver will send the ball farther down the fairway and add more roll. You can reduce spin and obtain more control of the roll or add a higher launch trajectory to gain the best combination for your game.

Why Should I Buy a Cobra Speedzone Xtreme Driver?

The King Speedzone Xtreme review of its inner workings shows you get a very high-tech driver that really maximizes COR value and forgiveness.

Those who want a driver that gives them more ball spin and roll on the fairway can reposition the mass and obtain the desired effect. You can adjust the mass to reduce ball spin, create a more forgiving clubface or go for maximum distance with maximized COR value.

A 9-degree loft is the lowest offered on the Speedzone, but that is perfect for low-handicappers. You can get a relatively low and flat trajectory that gives the ball greater flight distance off of the tee. A lower trajectory also helps to deal with windy conditions and prevent the ball from hanging in the wind and traveling where you do not want it to go. You can get up to a 12.5-degree loft and then adjust even more to give the prefect draw or fade bias for your particular swing.

Possibly the best part about the Cobra Speedzone Xtreme is the price. It is much more affordable than many competing brands that produce similarly high-tech drivers. You get longer and straighter drivers with a very cool driver that holds its own against any others.

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