52 Vs 50 Degree Wedge: Which Is Better?

52 Vs 50 Degree Wedge: Which Is Better?

If you’re searching for a gap wedge, you are most likely looking for something with a loft of 50 or 52 degrees, depending on your preference. The majority of casual golfers use two wedges, so selecting the appropriate ones is critical to having a successful game. So, should you pack a 50 wedge or a … Read more

52 vs 54 Wedge

52 vs 54 wedge

Picking the right set of wedges for your game can sometimes be tricky, as many sets come with standard wedge configurations, usually pitching wedge, a sand wedge, and a lob wedge. The 52 degree wedge is considered a gap wedge, and the 54 degree is in the sand wedge category, so there are some distinct … Read more

58 vs 60 Degree Wedge

58 vs 60 wedge

The lob wedge. To some, it’s a mysterious unicorn golf club of the wedge family, unusual and challenging to swing correctly. To others, it’s an essential part of their wedge configuration and their go-to club for shots around the green. Both of these wedges (58 vs 60 degree wedge) are considered a lob wedge, and … Read more

Wedge Distances | The Ultimate Guide

Wedge distances

A golfer’s dream is to pick out the perfect golf wedge that complements their style and skill and see instant improvements on the golf course when chipping, pitching, and hitting out of sand bunkers. A wedge distance chart provides you with an outline of how far a specific wedge can travel on average when you … Read more