Best Online Golf Instruction To Improve Your Game

So, you’re thinking about investing in an online golf instructor?

Great choice! Online golf instruction can be a very convenient option for those who don’t have access to an in-person coach.

This lack of access could be for a number of reasons.

Maybe you live in a rural area. Perhaps you simply prefer to learn at your own pace. Possibly, the steep rates charged by many club professionals are simply not in your budget.

Or – God forbid – you’re required to distance yourself from others due to a global pandemic.

Regardless of your reasons, there are now dozens of fantastic online golf instructional resources.

From videos to blog posts to online golf academies, it’s possible to learn the ins and outs of the game from almost anywhere in the world (well, anywhere with an internet connection at least).

In this post, I’ll share some of the best online golf instruction resources I’ve found for golfers of all skill levels.

I’ll also highlight a few things to look for so you can find the golf coach or training program that fits your game perfectly.

Let’s get started!

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Can You Learn Golf Online?

In the last decade, the number of things you can do online has skyrocketed.

You can pay your bills. You can buy food. You can order just about any product you can imagine.

And, yes, you can even learn to play golf online.

There are a few different ways you can approach learning golf online.

You can choose to take advantage of millions of hours of free online golf instruction videos available on Youtube. Here are a few of my favorite golf Youtubers:

Or, you can get plenty of free tips and recommendations from one of the thousands of golf blogs out there.

Other great golf blogs include The Left Rough, Golf Week, and Hitting in Solid.

And last – but certainly not least – you can choose to take golf lessons online.

Usually, this works in one of two ways. You either purchase an online course with step-by-step instructions and video tutorials designed to take your game to the next level.

Or, you can hire an online golf coach for a direct line of communication with the instructor to help you work through any issues you might be having with your game.

The option you choose will depend on what you’re looking for. Here are a few of the types of golfers who would benefit from a do-it-yourself digital online golf training program:

  • Beginners trying to develop the fundamentals.
  • Mid-handicappers looking to round out lagging skills.
  • Anyone who wants a comprehensive guide to the golf swing presented in an easy-to-understand format (instead of sifting through hundreds of videos from different instructors on Youtube).

On the other hand, here’s the type of player who might benefit from 1-on-1 online golf coaching and swing analysis:

  • Advanced players who need the trained eye of a professional to pinpoint small swing faults that are holding them back.
  • Players who have a hard time conceptualizing the golf swing and need someone to walk them through each drill.
  • Individuals who struggle to stay committed to a practice plan and could use the guidance that comes with 1-on-1 coaching.

Should You Take Online Golf Lessons?

Are online golf lessons worth it? Or, would you be better served purchasing a lesson package from your local club professional?

This is a question that many new players ask themselves.

And the answer is…it depends.

It depends on what your goals are.

For example, if you’re only getting into golf because it’s a way to get outside on the weekend and have a few drinks with your buddies, online golf lessons might not be for you.

After all, the money you spend on lessons could buy a lot of cold drinks!

However, if it’s important to you that you play well, and that you continue improving every year, then online golf lessons are probably worth it.

How To Choose The Right Online Golf Instructor

Before you jump the gun and choose any old online golf instructor, it’s important to make sure that they’re the right fit.

There are always a few boxes you should check to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth from your online golf instructor.

Do They Have Positive Reviews From Other Players?

These days, nearly anyone can throw together a decent-looking website, film a few videos on the golf course, and charge money for people to purchase this content.

However, just because someone is charging money for it doesn’t mean that they’re providing quality information.

That’s why you should always first check to see if the instructor or training program you’re going to buy has positive reviews from other golfers like you. This will give you some great insights into whether or not it will be worth your money.

Does The Instructor’s Style Match Your Current Playing Abilities?

In order to differentiate themselves from the masses, many online golf coaches specialize their services towards a particular niche.

For example, here are a few popular online golf instruction niches:

  • Seniors.
  • Women.
  • Beginners.
  • Juniors.

This is nice because each different group needs to be approached in a unique way.

For example, beginners and junior golfers might lack the motor patterns to deliver a consistent strike.

On the other hand, women and seniors might lack the clubhead speed required to achieve the distance they’re hoping for.

Keep in mind, the niche isn’t always determined by the type of student. Some golf instructors differentiate themselves by the type of skills they teach.

There are instructors that focus on golf fitness, short game, power, and several other areas of the game.

You might want to choose an instructor based on the area of your game that’s lagging.

How Will The Online Golf Lesson Be Delivered?

As mentioned earlier, some people prefer to learn things through reading while others prefer video content.

I personally fall into the former category.

I feel like the golf swing is so technical that you almost need to see a physical demonstration to understand what the coach is talking about. But to each their own.

Whichever method you choose to go with (text or video), make sure you check out other free resources from the instructor before purchasing anything.

For example, if they’re offering a video course, go check out their Youtube channel.

If it’s a text course or ebook they’re selling, see if they have a blog.

This will help you see if the instructor’s teaching style resonates with you.

What Additional Resources Are Included With The Course/Training Program/Lessons?

Not all online golf lessons are created equal. For example, some offer follow-ups with the instructor. This might include email support, monthly swing analysis, or regular calls to discuss how you’re progressing.

If you’re someone who needs constant feedback, then this option is for you.

Other online golf lessons are simply a do-it-yourself type of deal. You pay for a course and you’re granted access to a selection of lessons to choose from.

From there, you simply choose the one that is most relevant to you at any given time. For example, if you’re struggling with a slice, there will most likely be a lesson to help with that.

The nice thing about this option is that you get access to dozens of different lessons. When a problem arises in your golf swing, you can just log into your account, find the appropriate lesson, and get to work on the range!

There’s no need to book a time with an online instructor or wait for them to reply to your emails.

It’s kind of like having your own Butch Harmon or Hank Haney following you around the course, ready to jump in and help when you start having swing problems!

Best Online Golf Instruction And Training Programs

Based on metrics like the number of Youtube subscribers/views, selection of courses available, and online reviews, the 4 best online golf instructors are:

  1. Me and My Golf (Piers Ward and Andy Proudman)
  2. Wisdom in Golf (Shawn Clement)
  3. Rotary Swing (Chuck Quinton)
  4. Chris Ryan

I didn’t want to list just one because, as I mentioned earlier, every player is different and the best instructor for one person might not be the best for another.

I would recommend checking out each one (I’ve included links to each of their websites below) to see which is the best fit for you.

1. Me and My Golf

Me and My Golf is made up of a team of two phenomenal coaches – Piers Ward and Andy Proudman.

With 700,000+ Youtube subscribers and a staggering 150+ million views, Me and My Golf has perhaps the largest online following out of any of the golf coaches mentioned in this article.

Most online golf instruction businesses are built around a single figurehead.

Not Me and My Golf. Nope, what I believe makes them truly unique is the back and forth interaction from two excellent online coaches.

For example, both Piers and Andy will appear in lessons together – one will usually explain swing faults and corrective drills while the other provides a demonstration.

Their upbeat energy and complete knowledge of the golf swing make them (in my opinion) the frontrunners when it comes to online golf instruction.

Coaching Philosophy/Service

Piers Ward and Andy Proudman stand by the philosophy that every golfer is different and, therefore, every swing should be treated accordingly.

This means that they don’t try to push a single system on all of their students.

Rather, they provide training fundamentals that serve as the base on which you can build your own unique swing. This is huge – everyone’s body is different so why should we all swing the same?

They also offer the largest selection of courses out of any online golf instructor. In fact, combined, their course library contains more than 1,000 videos!

The best part about their courses is that they’re categorized based on playing level. This makes it easy to find the right lessons for you based on where your game is at.

Let’s take a closer look at the courses offered to each level of golfer:


How To Play Golf – The Basics – a 4-week course teaching everything you need to know about developing the fundamentals and striking the golf ball consistently. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to properly grip the golf club.
  • Ideal stance and golf posture.
  • How to produce a consistent strike.

Break 100 – a 6-week course designed to help beginners break past the 100-stroke barrier. This course will teach you to…

  • Get into the proper setup position for both driver and irons.
  • Develop strategies and techniques to stop miss-hitting short game shots.
  • How to play from downhill, uphill, and other tough lies.


Secrets To Lower Scores – a 5-week course designed for mid-handicappers to help take their game to the next level. This course includes:

  • Advice on how to stop making the simple mistakes that are holding you back.
  • Valuable insight into the mental game and how to calm your nerves on the golf course.
  • Tips and strategies for playing shots from slopes and uneven lies.


Break 80 – pretty self-explanatory. If you’re an advanced golfer looking to break 80, this one’s for you! Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • How to create perfect balance in the swing for solid contact
  • How to control and straighten your ball flight.
  • How To optimize your launch and spin for longer drives

Other Courses From Me and My Golf

In addition to their courses designed specifically for beginner, intermediate, and advanced golfers, they also offer several courses that are helpful to any type of player, including:

  • Winter Golf Plan
  • Home Swing Guide
  • How To Play Golf – The Long Game
  • Complete Putting
  • Complete Chipping
  • Ultimate Irons
  • Flexible in 15
  • Several more…

I also like how they provide a 7-day free trial for every single one of their courses. That way you can test out each course to see which one is the right fit for you!

2. Wisdom in Golf (Shawn Clement)

This golf academy was started by Shawn Clement – the director of development at Royal Québec Golf Club and Academy. He has more than 30 years of experience helping players of all levels improve their game, from beginners to pros.

Shawn was the most popular golf instructor on Youtube from 2007-2012 (now sits in the top 5) and has more than 120,000 subscribers and his videos have been viewed nearly 50 million times!

Coaching Philosophy/Services

One of the things I really like about Shawn’s coaching philosophy is that his lessons consider the individual anatomy of each player.

Other coaches try and force their students to contort their bodies into the “proper” swing positions.

The problem is, the model for these so-called proper swing positions is typically a pro golfer.

The average golfer simply doesn’t have the same flexibility, athleticism, speed, or power to get into these positions.

Shawn understands this and he helps each student craft a golf swing that maximizes efficiency for them.

I also love the holistic approach the WIsdom in Golf team takes to the game. There’s a whole lot more to golf than just swinging the club. That’s why they offer golf-specific fitness programs to help improve flexibility, mobility, strength, and speed.

As far as online golf services go, here’s what Shawn and his team have to offer:

Online Golf Lessons – send in two clips of your swing (one from a down-the-line angle and the other face-on). After Shawn has some time to look at your swings, you’ll book a 30-minute call on Skype or Facetime. This is where he’ll explain exactly what you need to work on!

Golf Swing Analysis – send in two clips of your swing and Shawn will get back to you with a 5-minute audio file explaining what you should work on and a list of videos you should watch to implement the changes you learned.

Golf Fitness Programs – the Wisdom in Golf team offers 3 different golf-specific fitness programs – a beginner module, an intermediate module, and an advanced module.

How To Get Golf Lessons From Shawn Clement

If you are interested in learning more about online golf lessons and golf fitness programs provided by Shawn and the rest of the Wisdom in Golf team, you can check out their website here.

3. Rotary Swing

Rotary Swing was established in 2004 by Chuck Quinton and has since helped nearly half a million golfers improve their game!

They also have a very popular Youtube channel that regularly posts free golf tips. To this date, they have more than 115,000 subscribers and millions of views!

Coaching Philosophy/Services

Chuck Quinton and the gang at Rotary Swing emphasize facts over fads. They do this by helping students understand proper golf swing physics, how the body was designed to move (and how it wasn’t), and using strategies to help your brain ingrain the swing changes you’ve made.

I find one of the most attractive things about the Rotary Swing method is that it’s backed by scientific research. By that I mean it’s not just one guy and his ideas about the golf swing. Their team features a biomechanist, orthopedic surgeons, and neurosurgeons.

With smart people like this, you know they carefully consider how the body is supposed to move in the golf swing and implement this knowledge into their training protocols.

Players can take advantage of the following services offered by Rotary Swing:

Personal Online Golf Swing Analysis – the Rotary Swing team has provided over 70,000 swing reviews over the years. During your personal swing review, they’ll provide a 5-10 minute on-screen analysis of your golf swing, explaining the source of your problems and how to fix them.

One thing I really like about their swing reviews is that they’ll also compare (using a split screen) your swing to a model swing. This helps you physically see what your swing should look like instead of just imagining it.

Live Online Golf Lessons – if you prefer the back-and-forth exchange during a golf lesson instead of a simple review, Rotary Swing has you covered there as well.

Using Zoom, Chuck Quinton or one of his instructors will take you through a live, 30-minute lesson. The lesson usually starts with a brief conversation about what’s going on with your swing and the problems you’re having.

From there, Chuck or one of his instructors will explain why you’re struggling and demo a few drills for you to try out next time you’re on the course!

If you want to see an example of a live Zoom lesson from Chuck, you can check it out here.

Training Aids – you can also purchase helpful training aids from the Rotary Swing website. These include things like impact bags, launch monitors, and more. Check out Rotary Swing training aids here.

4. Chris Ryan

Chris currently holds the position of Director of Coaching at HIT golf academy. If you’ve ever searched up golf swing tips on Youtube, it’s almost guaranteed that you’ve come across one of his videos.

He currently has 250,000+ subscribers and his instructional videos have been watched more than 50 million times!

My favorite thing about Chris’s online golf coaching is that he’ll often overlay graphics over his videos to help you visualize what you need to change with your golf swing.

For example, in the video screenshot below, he uses a diagonal line to help illustrate the proper swing plane:

If you’re like me and sometimes struggle to conceptualize the changes you’re making to your swing, this is very helpful!

Coaching Philosophy/Services

Online Golf Coaching – Chris offers online video golf swing analysis. You can send in a video of your swing and he’ll help you solve any problems you’re having.

The level of assistance you’ll receive will depend on which option you purchase. For example, here are three of the different options:

Option #1: includes a voice-over golf swing analysis of your swing.

Option #2: includes a voice-over golf swing analysis and a personalized video from Chris.

Option #3: Includes a voice-over golf swing analysis, a personalized video, one lesson a month for a year, and email support.

You can find prices for these packages on this page of Chris’s website.

Digital Courses – rather than sifting through all the mismatched content on Youtube, Chris’s courses provide a structured approach to improving specific areas of your game. Here’s a list of the digital golf instruction course he offers:

  • Boost Your Clubhead Speed
  • The Slicer Fix Series
  • The Golf Skill Code
  • The Ultimate Ball Striker Series

One of the things I really like about Chris’s courses is that they allow you to work at your own pace instead of having to arrange a time to meet with a coach every week.

To learn more about how he can help your game, you can visit his website here.

The Takeaway – Online Golf Lessons For Beginners

Along with other resources like blogs and Youtube, online golf lessons can be a great way for proactive players to improve their game.

Whether or not online golf instruction will be worth it for you depends on your reasons for playing golf.

If it’s important to you that you continue to improve month after month, online golf lessons are a fantastic investment!

If it isn’t, you’re better off spending your money on an ice-cold 6-pack to share with your buddies on the course.

For those who want to take their game to the next level, here are 4 of the best online golf instruction websites that I would recommend:

It’s important to choose the online golf instructor that makes the most sense for you. Just as every player has their own preference when it comes to clubs, every player looks for different things in an instructor.

The best coach for one player might not be the best for another.

Hopefully, this post sheds some light on the question of whether or not online golf lessons are worth it for you.

Here’s hoping you hit it straight, far, and stay far away from the hazards! Until next time.

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