Best Driver for Fast Swing Speed | Srixon ZX5 Driver Review

Srixon is a well-established brand that competes well with premium brands with high-tech equipment that does not necessarily carry an astonishing price tag, too. The Srixon ZX5 driver review of its capabilities shows you get a highly adjustable driver that has the ability to become an astonishingly effective and highly customized driver that perfectly fits your game. Perfect as the best driver for fast swing speed players.

Best Driver for Fast Swing Speed

In many ways, the ZX5 delivers much more than a solid driver. It has a generous sweet spot and 460cc of head volume to deliver a solid punch at the tee. Instead of a metal crown, you get a special carbon fiber weave that makes the crown 15 percent larger and enables the center of gravity to go lower in the head.

With more mass located lower, deeper and around the driver’s perimeter, the head produces gives a much more effective moment of impact (MOI) rating while making the sweet spot more forgiving. A flatter shape and bigger footprint also benefits from a sole weight placed very low and deeply inside the head to give it a high launch trajectory and better carry distance downrange.

Rebound Frame Delivers Explosive Punch

A ZX5 driver review of its construction shows a very interesting take on rebound technology and its use in making the ball travel further. Srixon intends its newly devised Rebound Frame to maximize the MOI by delivering the best energy transfer when the driver smacks the ball on the tee. Srixon refers to the rebounding effect as a “spring within a spring” and says it makes your drives downright explosive.

The Rebound Frame gives you a very flexible sweet spot with a rigid frame surrounding it, followed by more alternating flexible and rigid zones within the club head. That makes it possible to convert the energy created on the downswing and transfer as much as possible to the ball at the MOI.


  • Rebound Frame adds punch at the MOI.
  • Massively adjustable and adaptable.
  • Very forgiving sweet spot.


  • Definitely takes time to dial in the driver.
  • Cost will deter some potential buyers.

The new and larger carbon fiber crown helps to add to the rigidity of the Rebound Frame while reducing clubhead weight. You get a faster downswing, better MOI from the Rebound Frame and longer and straighter drives downrange. All of that new tech helps to send the ball farther and faster with a straighter trajectory.

Larger and Flatter Head Shape

The ZX5 driver review of the club head’s design shows that it is lower, flatter and straighter to inspire confidence in highly skilled golfers. A triangular rear shape and a shorter skirt help to enhance speed and maximize MOI at 5,000+, which really helps you to deliver plenty of energy with a strong wallop.

The head gives you a high-launch trajectory while the Rebound Frame helps to maximize the MOI and make the ball travel much faster off of the tee. Many current owners comment on the very satisfying sound the driver makes when contacting the ball on the tee. Current owners also say they are getting longer and straighter drives thanks to a larger sweet spot and the Rebound Framing tech inside.

Imminently Adjustable Tech Included

The Srixon ZX5 driver review of its design shows the driver has many great technological features that make it a solid driver from the start. But that only is a start on what you can do to make it the perfect driver for your golf game.

Adaptability is a big part of the ZX5 and enables you to adjust the swing weight, hosel and face to produce the exact effects that you from the driver. The hosel in particular is especially adjustable so that you can change the club face position and the lie to give you the desired effect.

You can adjust the lie, loft and face position to counteract any natural swing bias that you might have. When properly dialed in, the ZX5 gives you a very large and forgiving sweet spot and longer and straighter drives that counteract any natural fade or draw tendencies that your swing might cause when hitting the ball.

Srixon ZX5 Driver Review of Specs

Volume: 460cc
Loft: 9.5 and 10.5 degrees
Length: 45.25 inches
Lie: 59 degrees
Swing Weight: D2
Shaft: Project X Evenflow Riptide 50/60 or Project X HZDRUS Smoke Black 60
Grip: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360

Face Positioning Adjustments

The ZX5 comes with a straight face orientation that is standard with virtually all drivers. But the hosel adjustments let you add or subtract up to 2 degrees of angle to change the orientation of the face. If you want a more closed face, you can to that in half-degree increments using the included torx head torque wrench. You also can open the clubface in half-degree increments with a total of + or – 2 degrees of angle adjustment.

Loft and Lie Adjustments

The hosel sleeve also has adjustments that affect the lie and loft angle of the clubface. A dozen preset position adjustments affect the loft angle by adjusting it from a standard to plus or minus a loft trajectory. You can dial in a standard flat loft or add or subtract a full degree of the angle to change the loft for low, medium or higher trajectories.

The hosel also lets you change the lie angle with + or – up to 2 degrees of adjustment. The standard lie is 59 degrees, but you can adjust it to a moderate flat or a flat lie with the hosel adjustments enabling the changes in half-degree increments. You literally can dial in the ideal loft and lie angles and get the best results from the Srixon ZX5 driver.

Three Adjustable Weights Change Swing Effects

The ZX5 driver comes standard with a single 8 gram weight deep inside the sole to deliver the best MOI on your drives. If you do not like the results of the stock setup, you can remove the stock weight and install lighter or heavier ones to change the club head dynamics and effect on the swing weight and ball. Srixon offers additional weights ranging from as light as 4 grams to as heavy as 12 grams.

A 4 gram weight in the sole will reduce the swing weight by 2 points, while installing a 12 gram weight would increase the swing weight by 2 points. Srixon also provides 6- and 10-gram weights for more finely tuned swing weight adjustments that have very definite effects on the MOI and ball trajectory.

Finding out what works best will require some time at the driving range, but that can add to the fun of owning the Srixon driver and fine tuning it to make it the perfect driver for your golf game.

Toe and Heel Weight Adjustments

You also can change the weights in the toe and the heel of the driver’s head to create either a draw or a fade bias. Many golfers have a natural fade bias that shows on longer drives – like those that you can get while using the ZX5.  

Srixon enables you to adjust the weights in the toe and heel to counteract your natural swing bias and straighten out your drives. That means more fairways and greens in regulation and more distance from your drives while enabling you to avoid hazards better.

Choose Your Shaft for Best Results

The ZX5 offers your choice of two excellent shafts with differing flex values to match your preference. You can choose a Project X Evenflow Riptide 50/60 that weighs either 53 grams or 64 grams and has mid launch and mid spin characteristics on the ball.

A Project X HZRDUS Smoke Black 60 that weights about 60 grams and has low launch and low spin effects also is available. Either shaft gives you a good range of flex options and measures 45.25 inches, which should be good for most golfers. A Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 grip completes the setup with a 58 round inside diameter and weighing 52 grams.

The grip and shaft options provide golfers with excellent feel and a confidence-inspiring grip with your choice of flex to give you the desired effect at the tee. While many competitors offer just one shaft that usually is a very good one, Srixon gives you two exceptionally good options with a fantastic grip to top it all off.

Why Should I Buy a Srixon ZX5 Driver?

The Srixon ZX5 driver review of its construction and features shows that it is one incredibly useful driver that you can adapt perfectly to your game. The massively adjustable hosel and internal weights make it possible for the driver to become a perfect companion for your golf game.

You can adjust the lie, loft and clubface to produce the desired effect on the ball while the Rebound Frame provide added punch with an MOI rating that exceeds 5,000. Just what a 5,000 MOI rating really means is something you can learn by taking the Srixon ZX5 to the driving range and enjoying all that it provides while having fun tailoring it to your game.

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