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Golf is a sport that requires precision, accuracy, and technique. One of the most crucial aspects of golf is choosing the right club for each shot. Golfers need to know the average distance they can hit each club in their bag, including the 2 iron. The 2 iron is a long iron golf club with a loft angle of 18 degrees, typically used for long shots off the tee or from the fairway. The average 2 iron distance can vary depending on the golfer’s swing speed, skill level, and other factors.

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For most golfers, the 2 iron is one of the most challenging clubs to hit consistently. It has a very small sweet spot and requires a fast swing speed to maximize distance. Golfers who hit a 2 iron properly can achieve a low ball flight and a penetrating ball flight, which is ideal for playing golf in windy conditions. However, hitting a 2 iron is an extremely difficult shot that only a few golfers, such as Tiger Woods and other professional golfers, can consistently hit.

When deciding whether to include a 2 iron in their golf bag, golfers need to consider their skill level, swing speed, and the golf course they will be playing. Lower handicap golfers and long hitters may benefit from adding a 2 iron to their bag, while high handicappers and slower swinging players may struggle to hit it properly. Overall, the 2 iron can be a deciding factor in achieving long distance and more control on the golf course, but it requires skill and technique to hit it consistently.

What is the Average 2 Iron Distance?

The 2 iron is a golf club that is often used by experienced golfers who want to hit long, low shots from the tee or the fairway. However, the average distance that golfers hit a 2 iron can vary depending on several factors and will fall in a range of 150-220 yards

Factors Affecting the Average 2 Iron Distance

One of the main factors that affects the average 2 iron distance is the swing speed of the golfer. Golfers with faster swing speeds can hit the ball farther with a 2 iron than golfers with slower swing speeds. Additionally, the loft angle of the club can affect the distance that the ball travels. A 2 iron typically has a lower loft angle than other clubs, which can result in a lower ball flight and less distance.

The type of golf ball being used can also affect the average 2 iron distance. A golf ball with a low compression rating can help golfers achieve more distance with their shots. The club head and shaft material can also play a role in the distance that a golfer can achieve with a 2 iron. Graphite shafts are typically lighter than steel shafts, which can help golfers achieve more distance with their shots.

Who Can Hit a 2 Iron?

Not all golfers can hit a 2 iron effectively. Golfers with slower swing speeds or who struggle to hit long irons may find it difficult to hit a 2 iron. On the other hand, experienced golfers with faster swing speeds and a lower handicap may be able to hit a 2 iron with ease.

Why Hit a 2 Iron?

Golfers may choose to hit a 2 iron when they want to achieve a long, low shot that travels a far distance. A 2 iron can be particularly useful when hitting into a strong headwind or when trying to keep the ball low to avoid obstacles like trees or other hazards on the golf course.

2 Iron vs Other Clubs

When deciding whether to hit a 2 iron or another club, golfers should consider their skill level, swing speed, and the conditions on the golf course. For example, golfers with slower swing speeds may find that a hybrid club or fairway wood is easier to hit than a 2 iron. Additionally, golfers who struggle to hit long irons may prefer to use a driving iron instead of a 2 iron.

PGA tour players like Tiger Woods and low handicappers may choose to hit a 2 iron because it allows them to achieve a long, penetrating ball flight. However, high handicappers and average golfers may find that a fairway wood or hybrid club is more forgiving and easier to hit consistently.

How to Hit a 2 Iron

Techniques for Hitting a 2 Iron

When hitting a 2 iron, it’s important to have the right technique. The player should start with a strong grip and a square stance with the ball positioned slightly back in the stance. The player should also focus on keeping their left heel on the ground throughout the swing to ensure proper weight transfer. The wrist cock should be minimal, and the player should focus on a smooth, sweeping motion through the ball.

Common Mistakes When Hitting a 2 Iron

One common mistake when hitting a 2 iron is trying to swing too hard, which can result in inconsistent shots and mis-hits. Another mistake is choosing the wrong tee box or hitting from the rough, which can make it difficult to get the ball airborne. It’s also important to avoid hitting low shots, which can result in a loss of distance and accuracy.

Tips for Hitting a 2 Iron

To maximize distance and accuracy when hitting a 2 iron, players should focus on hitting the ball straighter and with more control. This can be achieved by choosing the right tee box, hitting from the fairway, and using a forgiving club with a larger sweet spot. Players should also focus on hitting the ball with a softer landing and a penetrating ball flight, which can help to minimize the effects of wind and other environmental factors.

PGA Tour players like Tiger Woods have demonstrated the ability to hit a 2 iron with great accuracy and distance. However, hitting a 2 iron can be extremely difficult for most golfers, especially those with a higher handicap or slower swinging players. In these cases, it may be more beneficial to use a fairway wood or hybrid club instead.


The average 2 iron distance can vary depending on several factors, such as swing speed, loft angle, and skill level. While some golfers may prefer to carry a 2 iron for its ability to produce a low ball flight and more control, others may opt for fairway woods or hybrids for more forgiveness and distance.

PGA Tour players such as Tiger Woods have been known to hit a 2 iron with accuracy and power, but for the average golfer, it may be an extremely difficult club to hit consistently. Mid hitters and short hitters may struggle to hit a 2 iron with enough distance, while long hitters may benefit from its penetrating ball flight.

Ultimately, the decision to carry a 2 iron golf club depends on the player’s skill level and preference. For those who can consistently hit a 2 iron properly, it can be a valuable tool for maximizing distance and controlling ball flight. However, for those who struggle with low shots or have a slower swing speed, fairway woods or hybrids may be a better option.

It is important for golfers to experiment with different clubs and find what works best for their game. Whether it is a 2 iron, long irons, or fairway woods, finding the right club can make all the difference on the golf course. With practice and patience, golfers can improve their skill level and ultimately hit their desired distances with more accuracy and consistency.

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